Reviews for Love Will Find A Way
Me chapter 7 . 4/27
Why is Jack so scare of his Dad, surely he had stood up to him prior to this. He acted like he was a defenseless little boy who never dare to disobey John now that Ennis is here.
This is a little out of character given his personality and the fact he has gone off to work on Brokeback the year before. He's 19 not 9.
His character in your story is a more timid, (almost fragile at times)than Jack in the movie. Ennis seems to be more in charge and sure of their relationship despite having no previous serious relationship experience whatsoever. And having denied being gay too.
lisa chapter 2 . 4/26
"Jack, she ain't the love of my life." It's now or never. He took a deep breath. "She can't be, not when you are!"
That right there made my heart ache, almost brought me to tears. Such a powerful conviction.
Elisa chapter 2 . 3/29
That is soooo sweet, surprisingly Ennis is the one to said the 3 little magic words to Jack first. Twice!
Jo chapter 16 . 3/17
"I didn't feel love till they put me up on a mountain with a blue-eyed rodeo cowboy that lassoed my heart fer good. I love ya so much, Jack. I wanna spend the rest of my life tryin' to show ya." That is the sweetest thing Ennis has ever said.
I like how you incorporated a well known line from Jack in the movie "that it would be like this, just like this, always." In a much happier context too. When Jack said it in the movie it was full of pain, so heartbreaking. This is way better.
Andy chapter 14 . 3/17
Errrrrr... so Becky found out about the planned attack, when and where and how it is going to go down. Told Ennis about it. Both knew it was not a good idea go to the bar afterwards, but here they are. Why?amnesia all of a sudden?
lisa chapter 10 . 3/17
With all this hate going around, thank god for people like Rose and Cecilia. Their love is the only support system for Jack and Ennis.
On the lighter side of things, love Ennis married name
Ennis fuckin' Twist. Pun intended of course.
lisa chapter 9 . 3/17
Makes my blood boil knowing what those 3 had plotted. How could any father think about killing his own son just for being gay.
He didn't come up with the plan but to be totally involved by driving off at midnight to bring the people back to his ranch so they can murder his own son and his lover is totally unforgivable! How can one have so much hate.
John Twist is definitely the one going straight to hell! Followed closely by Keith Beers and Joe Aguirre.
lisa chapter 7 . 3/17
Wow, good on Ennis for standing up to Jack's father. It is so good to see how protective he is of Jack. If Jack needed prove Ennis loves him, this is it. Not ashamed of what they are snd what they meant to each other. It is about time someone told John that he is a bastard.
Rose is right "the Lord never makes mistakes" these two are soulmates.
Joey chapter 7 . 3/17
A bit confused about this whole incident that led to "A bit missing down there"... what happened?
lisa chapter 6 . 3/17
First of all, I love your story so damn much it hurts.(hehehe). Honestly, I like your writing style, it keeps me wanting to read the next chapter.
Secondly, I love Cecilia, she is everything a loving sister should be, supportive and giving unconditional love to her siblings. It is nice to have people who love our boys for who they are. "We want you to be together, it's where you belong."
Jo chapter 3 . 3/17
Wow, I almost cry reading about Jack's confession about his love for Ennis. So heartbreaking to imagine how hard it was for Jack, torned between his love for Ennis and the fear of lossing him. The pain he felt must be do overwhelming.
lisa chapter 2 . 3/17
Wow, that was some intense declaration of love. Talk about pulling heartstrings.
That is it. I am officially replacing this with what actually happened in the movie.
Thank you for giving this to all who had their hearts broken by the movie.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/27/2016
This part does happen during 1963, am I right? I'm not convinced people in WYOMING would be this liberal.
Lover of gays chapter 24 . 9/16/2014
Love the whole story :)
LaNaturalBreezeOf-Books chapter 24 . 1/24/2014
It's a beautiful story. I can't believe I just watched the movie a week ago. This is the 2nd big story I've read so far on bbm and wowww. This just totally mended my broken heart. What I love about this idea is that it was such a close call. If Jack didn't see Ennis then... *sighs in relief* well I'm gonna go read yer sequel now.
(btw, amazing adaptation of speech. Makes it pleasurable to read. :)
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