Reviews for Torture Chamber
PaulieJuice chapter 5 . 6/24/2012
Next chapter!
The Cretin chapter 5 . 6/4/2011
First, I really like the story. I find it entertaining, enjoyable, and interesting. Second, I'm sorry about the last review, I didn't exactly know what you meant. I guess I feel rather bad about Nicole's decisions. Its sad that she gives up alot over beauty. She's an interesting and well written character. Like I said before, I think it'll come back to haunt her. Hotpink, you've written a great story and I eagerly await the next update. Good luck
Gretchen123 chapter 5 . 6/4/2011
Wow. Intense. And I can't help but pity nicole. The fact that she would give up everything for beauty is sad. That says that she must think that her looks is the only thing that is roght about her. And to have that one thing that makes you feel special taken away must had made her snap. Well that's how I saw it! I'm probably wrong, like always!
The Cretin chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
I liked this chap. About Nicole's obsession with beauty...I'm guessing she's rather vain and narcissistic. It gives her character basis and gives her character depth. Alot of character and story plot development can come of it. I think that was an excellent move on your part. In my experience, people obsessed with beauty usually are one of three things 1) So full of themselves that nothing compares to them and they often lose sight of important things or goals. 2) They are beautiful but its still not enough. No matter what they see in the mirror, its NEVER ENOUGH. That can lead to bad consequences. I know an example if you ever want to hear about it. 3). They always have something about them, some flaw that they cannot get over no matter what. Be it a birthmark, a burn, a scar, the shape of their nose, etc. Just something. This one thing rules their lives and often leads them to make terrible mistakes. I'm gonna read back over this to see which one Nicole fits into. I'd say her obsession with beauty will be her downfall. Whether she is extremely vain or she hates has a warped hatred of beauty, she could become obsessed to the point where it interferes with her thinking. How do you see reacting to other girls that she might compare herself to? Whatever the case, I'm sure what you come up with next will be well worth the wait. This story has been immensely enjoyable to me. Hope everything's going good with you and I hope to read more soon.
shadow terra chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
i really love this story so far its gripping and exiting i hope you update soon
Gretchen123 chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
Duuuuuuude, thatvwas intense!
notinthislifetime chapter 3 . 5/28/2011
my gaga, plz update
The Cretin chapter 3 . 5/20/2011
Hey, how's it goin. Good I hope. I like this chap. It gives us some insight into Nicole. She's a looney and a half. I think she's a pretty good OC. She seems very unpredictable and those can be among the scariest psychos. Also, if the pairing is going to be bb/t and then bb/rae, I think it'll be interesting. If you use both it'll give you a chance to try out some ideas and develope flexibility. Versatile writers are some of the best ones and I think you have alot of potential for versatility. I will say take your time, plan it out to your liking. This is your story. Don't break your back trying to update. We'll always be here or at least I'll be. I hope to read more. Good luck
The Cretin chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
Ic, forgive me about the double review, but in that one sentence I meant to say its "harder to write Terra when she has to come back to the Titans after trying so hard to start over with a clean slate." and scratch where I said BBRae would be harder. That was a typo. Also, you write good dialogue, and I think you structured this chap very well. Once again, write this however you decide to. It's been enjoyable nonetheless. May life be good to you.
The Cretin chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
Well, I'm a BB fan first and foremost. To each shipper their own and I don't want you to change anything if you don't want to but as for pairings I think it should be a BB/R. I'm a fan of the original comics and the cartoon so I know both ships well. Terra was an important event in BB's life but what many today still ask themselves is did she really love him? In the cartoon I think she had burgeoning feelings for him but she let Slade influence her. In the comics, she was rotten from the start. With Raven though, its a whole different story. I think Rae has a stronger will, as does BB. While they are the poster couple for opposites attract, they are also actually quite similiar. They both have a lot of pain, they just hide through different means. BB's puts on a facade and Rae's withdrawn. In a way, he gives her peace and she gives him confidence. So in a way I think they can heal each other. I guess it could be argued they share similiar interests. Alot of fans go for Rae's love of literature, poetry, and those arts. It was never in the cartoon but Beast Boy also had a career as an actor and I believe it was mentioned that he studied stage and drama in school. Also, it appears in the Tokyo movie he can sing, dance, and play guitar? Who knows what the guy can do, he's always keeping secrets. So I can see them having similiar and opposite tastes. The main thing about them, I guess, is that they are full of so many possibilities. I've never seen a pairing that has unleashed as much creativity. They are both opposites and similiar. I've read alot BBRae fics. Some are good enough that I would recommend them to DC as story arcs. Others have me worrying about the intelligence of future generations. I've read BB/T that are excellent and I've read ones that had me looking for bleach for my eyes. It all depends on the author and you are a good author. There's very few pairings that I'll quit reading a story over. BB/T is NOT one of them. I will say this, if you decide this is a BB/T, I wouldn't pair Rae with Robin. Besides the fact that I HATE Robin, I've seen too many BB/T writers use that as device to get Raven out of the way. Alot of fans don't realize that Rae is one of those types of characters who are fine not being shipped at all, (ironic) plus it leaves Star out in the wind. Also think about the time frame. It may be easier if Terra is still with the Titans, plus it gives Slade a chance to observe his future apprentice in action as they come to rescue BB. It's harderIf you decide to make this BBRae, well as I said the possibilities are endless and much more varied. BB has chemistry with both. Ultimately, while I hope this turns out to be BBRae, the choice is yours and all I ask is that you write from the heart. I've taken too much space already and I hope I haven't got on your nerves. You've written a good story that I've enjoyed so far and I hope you'll allow me the honor to continue. Good Luck.
crazynerd chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
Poor bb. Personally I'm a bbrae fan but it kinda sounds like Nicole is a very crazy terra. A bbnicole pairing would be a little weird considering that she tortured him.
Gretchen123 chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
One,that was really good. Two, I have an argument for bbrae. Beast Boy did love terra, but she betrayed him. Not saying that she didn't make up for it but he really can't go back to her after that. Beast Boy is someone that will annoy raven and force her to open up, though she wont want to. Though they're constantly fighting they're really good friends who even each other out. I had a better argument but I'm tired and going to sleep. Really good though! Can't wait for more!
Gretchen123 chapter 1 . 5/11/2011
I think this is good! I like it :) and should be bbrae because I like bbrae stories... update please!
The Cretin chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
I think it starts out pretty strong and clear. I'm interested to see how the plotline develops. I'm a BBRae fan just to get that out of the way but hey this is your story, write the way you want. I hope you continue and I hope you update soon. This story looks both promising and interesting. May life be good to you.