Reviews for Corrupted Priest & the Mysterious Youkai
Tamie123 chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
I think most people get the idea that Goku can't be killed from the Journey to the West novel when the gods attempt to execute Sun Wukong, but fail. Yes in the Journey to the West the gods in heaven did kill unlike in this anime/manga. Though I think that is irrelevant because Goku in the Saiyuki anime/manga is the many incarnations of the legendary Sun Wukong and not the legendary monkey himself, and secondly the events from the anime/manga differ from the Journey to the West novel, however I agree with you that immortality means that you cannot killed it just means that you can grow old and dies, but doesn't make a person invincible so yes I agree with you about the immortality part. Also youkai aren't neccessarily demons. Some youkai can be demons, but not all demons are youkai. Youkai are monster. I read this manga call RosarioVampire and this vampire, werewolf, and succubus considered themselves to be youkai although they were part of Japanese although neither is Saiyuki when is taking from Chinese Mythology, however that is a Chinese word for youkai, called yaoguai. The only one Japanese monster protagonist in the group was the Yuki-Onna (Snowwoman). Any way I look foward to seeing the next chapter.