Reviews for Redemption
Manxkid chapter 20 . 2/5
What a great story to have discovered! Thank you
ironman7110 chapter 9 . 10/16/2016
I usually support Rick due to the was he was portrayed in the show but in this His grown daughter moved across country and had trouble "adapting" and he dumps his love and all his friends and takes off! And no contact? No. He should never have been allowed back in her life. Espo and Ryan should have pounded his ass when he showed back up and her Dad should have thrown him out! As a father I would have...
FanzelForever chapter 20 . 12/6/2015
Agh. I love this. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Fantastic job! It was the perfect balance of angst and sweetness and conflict and resolution, and I just loved it. Thanks for sharing this!
manuxinhace chapter 15 . 9/25/2015
Oooh. Sexy time.
Awww. Ok, we didn't get THE sex scene but that was really sweet.
I REALLY wanna encourage you to to an extra M rated chapter with that sex scene cause it could be So bittersweet and wonderful and get us all teary eyed

I love that post coital bliss
Seriously, their after sex is always so sweet that I just can't help but sigh
And this was no exception
The shower offer is just the cherry on top

This chapter has me all over the place
I don't know when to bee,sad or happy or frustrated.
It is truly a damn rollercoaster
But it's good. So bittersweetly good

And their whole goodbye but not quite has my heart in shambles

Really, this fic is playing with my emotions and I just love it
manuxinhace chapter 14 . 9/25/2015
Both their girls are putting themselves in danger's way to save Tessa. And I really hope they get out of there fast. And safe

Oh shiiit. Will told her to say her goodbyes. That is never good
I can't wait to see how that's gonna unfold. I'm so nervous already !
manuxinhace chapter 13 . 9/25/2015
Even Will is back?
She really can't catch a break

That Beckett sandwich brought really dirrty images to my head
Gotta focus on being serious about the case again

Oh. He meant Tessa's room
When Will said the little girl's room, I thought he meant the bathroom

I'm stupid, I know

Oh man. Jordan and Ted.
That hurt
She's so amazing. To see her broken is just wrong.

I like it when Will gets put in his place

I hope that sonofabitch hasn't done anything to Tessa

Do you mind me meddling in your beta's work ?
It a just a few tiny things.
I feel bad for pointing it out but seems even worse not to

at would take them too the Shaw's apartment.
he'd be here for the other womanAgent, now.
FBI agentJordan moved her head
the fewcouple of times
manuxinhace chapter 12 . 9/24/2015
That was a heavy heavy chapter.
The rollercoaster kind

And I hope you don't mind this but I have been editing college papers all day so when I saw these tiny little things , I just had to point them out. I hope,it doesn't offend you. :$
Proper review right after

Turn off on the lights

her across him and holdingpulling her as close as he possibly could

I do think you got it straightright.

I know that you and I can't be apartwill be together,

laidaid side by side, ."

I wish I could make itthat stop."

a fewhis tears finally making their way down his face.

Oh Shit Shit Shit Shit. Fuuuck.
For a second I thought it was gonna be Jordan. That he would take her. Then I thought it could be Alexis, then Castle would hate her. Never talk again. Yadda yadda

But thiiiis
I have this awful look on my face right now
Poor Jordan
Oh God.
That's gonna be horrible !
And for them to face this case
Oh shitty shitty fuck

And everything was going so great and sweet and even a bit cheesy but in such a wonderful, perfect manner

Daaamn. They really can't catch a break
manuxinhace chapter 11 . 9/24/2015
I feel stupid but I truly did giggle with the whole Jordan apparition thing

Oh. It just hit me
Since Alexis knows and castle and Beckett are in a good place for a month now
That means she can actually go and sleep there
Be at Casa Castle for the night. Or even the week. Or how ever long til they catch the bastard

I'm glad he brings her that sense of security. And even the slightly jealous because Jordan was the one to comfort her thing is really great to watch

*happy sigh*
I love Shawn

And I got a good laugh with the angry birds comment.

I got it right !

She's gon,a stay with him !

Also, that was easy, to convince her.
And again, I'm glad Alexis helped here
manuxinhace chapter 10 . 9/24/2015
I almost don't hate Alexis right now
Which is a huge deal for me cause I really can't stand her.

And I'm glad she told Kate about it. Not only that she was in an almost similar situation. But that she had a good reason for keeping her dad around.
She could've come back sooner. Or right away. But still. I'm happy they got to talk
And that Alexis wasn't hostile with Kate.

I mean, I had an inkling of a thought that espo could be calling about her attacker after seeing her reaction. And I knew for sure after the way she reacted to Castle but daaamn
She really can't catch a break, huh ?

I hope castle gets to be around her 24/7 this time. Give her the support she needs.
manuxinhace chapter 9 . 9/24/2015
Oooh. I forgot about that. It was mentioned before and I forgot to comment. So glad you for Lanie and Javi together for real.

Damn. Kate's gonna give her dad a hard time about already knowing Castle, isn't she ?
So happy he gets to go with her.

I believe it's pretty much impossible to hold in a smile when Beckett gets to play baby Beckett. I love watching her with her dad.

You must have some British roots with all your tea. :P
I didn't know cornmeal cake was a BraZilian thing. To me it's just ...cake.
But it was nice learning that tidbit

In moments like this I'm glad it was due to the fact that he was a father that he went away
Makes it easier for some people to accept it. Specially Jim.
The air around the 3 of them was good. And we got to see more of baby Beckett and papa Beckett.
manuxinhace chapter 7 . 9/24/2015
"I can still feel him sometimes. Touching me." she whispered
Oh go's. That part and the small voice she was using all through it just nearly killed me. I had to stop a couple of times during this bit. Wow.
She's so strong.
And she was alone for most of it.
Thank God for Lanie . Again.
She's quite the hero in this story.

That hug was so comforting, and a bit awkward , that even brought ME comfort .
And I'm so glad he knows when to push. And that she took him in so well.

The amount of nervousness , awkwardness and pure cuteness on that bed scene was just so perfect.
You can feel all the weight from their previous relationship while trying to find their footing now.
And that was done beautifully

I'm a little bit addicted to this fic right now
manuxinhace chapter 6 . 9/24/2015
Oh no!
Where's Beckett?
DoD she go back to the preccint or out running at 3 in the morning?
And how can she still love in the same place she was attacked?
Or she moved and castle I knocking on the wrong door?

Wow. Only 2 weeks?
And they didn't even had sex !
Oh wow.
I can't wait to see their first time now
It's gonna be amazing. I'm sure of it

I'm kind of speechless and holding my breath for that conversation. I'm so glad of the way he's approaching her. And her reactions are just perfect.

The booze part made me laugh a bit. :P
Now I have to hurry and get to the next chapter. I've been waiting for this conversation all through class
manuxinhace chapter 5 . 9/24/2015
Awwwwn. He brought her bear claw and coffee

Ok, the bastard really knows how to grow on you
And I'm so glad hew not flirting with her or anyone else for that matter

Ha! I loved Lanie's welcome
At least someone can be hard on Castle
Ooooh Lanie just scored major brownie points with me.
That's exactly the kind of intervention I'd do and I'm glad someone finally stepped up for her

Oh God. It's her dad, isn't it? Cancer didn't go away and he's getting worse, isn't he?
Oh God.
Poor Beckett

Oh. So he did got better. And she opened up very fast about that. But in true Beckett fashion, kept the assault to herself and hasn't reached the intimacy level necessary to talk about this.
I'm glad. It's not the time or place for that conversation yet. Even her snapping was great. Good job !

Oh, he's sharp ! I'd thought it would take quite some time before he even tried to mention the subject. But he just put it out in the open.

Week, that's a conversation I'm anxious to hear about.
Oh. Wow. Alexis was actually useful. And I had such a deja vu feeling right now.
Here's hoping he doesn't screw this up
manuxinhace chapter 4 . 9/24/2015
I knew it!
I'm glad you skipped the actual rape or almost rape bit. And in a sick kind of way I'm glad she got punched. It is better than permanent scars, right?

And that bitch ! If she had allowed Beckett to call Shawn, she wouldn't have hone thought that

Again, I'm glad she did because I think we need this trauma for the story
But still

Those guys deserve a good slappingevery. Now and then, don't they ?
They knew Castle was back and didn't even mention it !

I'm kinda unsure on how I feel about her smiling around because Castle is back. Kinda feel like she shouldn't because he tore off her heart. But also glad he's already getting a chance

Everyone attributing hee smiles to him makes me kinda wanna give them the stink eye. But again, I'm happy for it cause it means she's healed just about enough to take him back

Ha! I was not expecting that reaction to Castle . I'm as surprised as Beckett. Guess I like iron gates better
But wanna see how that goes

That bastard! He knew? He knew she was targeted, kidnapped, abused and all that and he didn't even think to leave his precious daughter and come check on her ?
She was in the hospital, for fucks sake !
He didn't even call Lanie or the boys to hear about her?
I really need to slap him now

Ok, Castle asking Beckett if it was ok to follow her even after he had the go ahead was kinda really sweet
And I'm glad she had an adult response to it
I also love that the fact he grew up was mentioned again. I think it really shows what a difference her absence has made in his life
manuxinhace chapter 3 . 9/24/2015
Oh crap I reviewed chapter 2 too soon. But I was just trying to post my review for chapter better make 2 and 3 together in case I end up reviewing all chapters

Uuuughh. I've always hated Alexis but right now I just wanna bash her face against a wall.
Yeah, castle chose his daughter over a woman yadda yadda yadda
But I'm still pissed. It's still her fault for not being strong enough and going on her own. Or being even a little bit selfless and realizing she was killing her dad and destroying someone else's life
Damn little brat
Castle has some fault in it too. But I dislike her the most, so I'm gonna fume over here about what a shitty Shit she is

Chapter 3

Ok, I love it when we get the 2 points of view and is sth I usually miss a LOT when watching or reading sth
So I'm really glad you put it there

Lets hope castle doesn't screw this up again
Btw, I love that meddling old man already. I can totally see myself in the future

The tea drinking is so strange. I guess it kinda makes sense since coffee was their thing. But still, weird to see them drinking tea

Hmmm ... Not sure how I feel about this conversation. Castle was kind of an ass. Which is his usual self. But sth is just... Bugging me.
I'll wait and see what comes out of it
I'm also super duper curious about what happened to Kate. I feel Like she was raped or tortured or both and I'm dying to find that out. And even more to see Castle's reaction to it

The attack was just mentioned again and now I'm going crazy trying to find out what it was
Also, I loved the easy connection between Kate and her dad. Jim Beckett is awesome and I wish he was in the show more often. It makes me really happy he didn't just drop dead while Castle was away. And that he's connecting with his daughter. That was a very sweet scene

The kind that just forces a smile on your face
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