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jackie69 chapter 36 . 7/8
Your story was recommended by another FF writer and I really enjoyed it!
Loved all the little details of Eric's and Sookie's "fairytale" story;
the way the cluviel dor was used differently and most of all Sookie's sacrifice to save Eric and his people!
This last chapter was awesome! you left the ending open to a possible sequel...hopefully you'll find the time to write it!
Take care
pinkygirl01 chapter 36 . 4/23
finally got around to reading your last chapter for this story. And I wanted to say that you did an amazing job! thank you for your hard work and I hope that one day you will continue with a sequel. But even if you don't, that is ok too :)
Vwchick chapter 36 . 3/31
Great Winderful story! And so different from the usual Eric and Sookie story- I loved it! And trust me you are so not like CH or AB you gave us. A HEA that made sense! Thank you and this is on my favorites!
Vwchick chapter 33 . 3/30
Loving this story, it's so different from most SVM FF's out there, and so creative!
You asked about the season finale for True Blood
ok what I hated-
Bill trying to force Sookie to be "normal" she had stated over and over that wasn't who she was
Sookie killing bill- why I liked the fact he died, they way they did it was just wrong
The fact that Sookie never seemed to give Eric or Pam another thought after Bill died- She had other vamps at that party- they Still could've ended it with Sookie being with Eric
I hated the whole Alcide relationship- it was pointless, but at least she didn't end up with Sam( the books still infuriate me, we spend how many books reading the build up to their- ExS's Reationship only to have her marry Sam :P
There was more but I don't want to write a huge hige thing
Ok what I did like
Eric and Pam
Eric and Pam at the republican fundraiser
Eric finding the cure in Sara Newlins Blood
The whole New Blood thing
Their infomercial at the end was Amazing!
GINGER and ERIC's "Sex Scene" I laughed my ass off!
Oh and Eric rocking out in the car she there was a bunch of Dead Yakusi in the backseat
That's about it- I'll go back and rematch the Eric and Sookie storyline and stay way form the Billith scenes-
And just continue to Read FanFiction like this where Eric and Sookie are together- LIKE THEY SHOULD BE
WitchMitzi chapter 36 . 2/13
I'm glad that I kept track of this story until you finished it. It was amazing,great story line, emotional and epic.
bib2009 chapter 35 . 1/18
Well you said it wouldn't be easy and it wasn't... But glad you didn't sugarcoat, tho I skipped over sone of the more gruesome detail - the trial with Eric making love to Rachel was the worse I think...
bib2009 chapter 28 . 1/18
Heartbreaking. Stupid but cannot fault sookie for trying to help that little boy. Terrible but convincing chapter.
bib2009 chapter 15 . 1/18
Blind Freddie could see what's happening, that stubborn, adorable vampire king. But what's the story with pam?
bib2009 chapter 14 . 1/18
Wtf pam! Talk about unexpected -
bib2009 chapter 13 . 1/18
Enjoying the story - just when I think you'll go too far into lala land/soppy romantic mills and boon you toughen it up with something logical or down to earth eg lived it when sookie told pam that the fairy in the painting had a much bigger arse than she did! And I was wondering why for several chapters there was no discussion if why sookie wasn't panicked and trying to get home. Thank you.
litmajoronleave chapter 36 . 1/16
The last chapters and especially the last 3 chapters were so enthralling I have forgotten to pause and review.

There are several cliffies here, well not so cliffy that it is a vague ending but there's enough to capture our attention for the sequel. I wonder if that was the last we will see of Rachel? And the grey-eyed Death! I generally avoid menage a trois situation and a conflicted female protagonist is exactly that, and not looking forward to a long, sometimes tedious look at the characters' emotional upheaval of which man to be with! (Had enough of that confused Sookie in SVM).

Having said that, I find some fascination with Death guy, despite my hardore Eric fan-ness. I attribute that to your fantastic writing and imagery, that even if I am introduced to the character only the once (just 1 chapter and the 2nd to the last at that) I find myself intrigued (but still an Eric fan!).

Thank you for the wonderful story!
cros chapter 36 . 1/12
I've been looking for new Eric-Sookie stories and came across yours. I enjoyed it. Definitely not a storyline I have read before. It was an interesting concept. Thanks for writing!
litmajoronleave chapter 28 . 1/11
OMG the horror! This chapter is awesome. The first part is equal parts sad and yet hopeful. Hope - that they are going to make it despite the lack of trust right now. And that lil boy, that poor boy. (The flesh eaters description is just too darn clear that they are in my head still). I hate what happened to the humans but I think dying is like that, just numbness. I'm just thankful she didnt get to read his mind.
litmajoronleave chapter 25 . 1/11
Sensitively written, I like this chapter. One forgets that he is a fierce and brutal warrior. Love it!
litmajoronleave chapter 23 . 1/10
Those dark elves are real scary. And, really Sookie? Hehe - all those clues!
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