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Nene chapter 9 . 7/31/2011

Nooooo! Whyyyy? I mean, I knew it would come to this! But still! NOOOOOO! WHYYYYY?

Stop, Nene! Focus! Write something good! Review!

Okay, umm...

Oh God, Sebastian...! Your suffering is so delicious! It's so beautiful! So much feeling, so much emotion! DDD':

You have a wonderful interpretation of Sebastian's character here! The entire idea about greed and longing and avarice fits him so perfectly. And that he left Heaven because he wanted a love deeper than the one Uriel could offer? *clutches chest* I love it so much!

He only wanted to revive Ciel and now he has to realize that his efforts were not only in vain, but that he also created some sort of life-draining demon-monster is heartbreaking D:

The first part of this chapter was my favourite. It hurt so much, it was beautiful. The repition of "I love him".. so sad and obsessed and maniac, it's like Sebastian is losing his sanity in the process of having his young Master back. And not only his sanity, by that. Maniac!Obsessed!Sebastian is my favourite next to Suffering!Sebastian and Weak!Imperfect!Sebastian. And you combine them all in one fic? Instant orgasm of sadness and heartbreak and bittersweetness, all at once and it's beautiful and it hurts. SO MUCH.

I'm so going to cry. I'm SO going to cry. I'll call you on Skype and sob right in your face because of it! You shall be warned!

Nene chapter 8 . 7/31/2011
And here I go again! :'D May I tell you that the last chapter blessed me with some very interesting and entertaining dreams? x/D

Holy fuck, this is getting more and more twisted with each passing chapter Ôo

What the Hell...? Oh my God, suffer, Sebastian, suffer! I want your suffering!

...ehm, excuse me.

Again, young!Sebastian at the beginning is always such a heartbreakingly sweet pain D': He was so naive and cute and innocent in his own matter, and now he fell for the trap he had judged others for. Baalberith, too, is awesome. I don't know if you have read the "Interview with a Vampire" series, but there is a character which reminds me greatly of Baalberith. Which is beautiful 3

Though I have to admit, I like your writing style way better than Anne Rice's. Hers was beautiful and poetic, but although she tried very hard to convey her character's emotions, it seemed rather forced and overdone after a while.

Your use of the random "Kshfhhhh"-effects is so powerful and a masterpiece itself, it really adds to the atmosphere! Somehow it makes things seem even more cold and cruel in their own way, seeing that Sebastian is struggling so hard and that the cinematic record (I suppose it's a film wheel turning or some static noise) is turning and turning so mercilessly. It connects to the idea that Sebastian's attempts will be in vain because he's fighting something he cannot stop... Oh my.

William, too, with his loathing for demons, was very well written :3 Of course he wouldn't care, but somehow he does care, or am I mistaken? He seems to worry a little, too.

And NOOOO, not the Seme!Angel D: Sebby, tell him! Tell him in his face that you're not a shota anymore! Maybe he'll leave you alone?

And this shall be enough. ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER :'D
hello-cherrycaptain chapter 11 . 7/30/2011
I loved ''Diligo''! There are some aspects of it that still confuse me, but in general I thought it was brilliant. I personally loved Uriel/Ariel, and I thought you used him/her perfectly in order to provide character development. Poor Malphas. I kind of want to give him a hug, and that's not something I usually feel like doing. Most time I feel like bitch-slapping him. :P

"…there is a reason, I suppose,"[...]"that they call it Falling in love." - Favourite line. I nearly teared up. I felt the same when I read the last line.

Moony, you are a goddess of fanfic angst. 3 Please keep writing! No matter how dark your fics are, they always make my day brighter. :)
Nene chapter 7 . 7/30/2011
...Can I read it again, yes? I'll leave the other chapters for tomorrow and read this one again, okay?

*/* May I point out how much I love your sexy times? *coughs*

on another note!

...Oh God, I don't even know where to start. All this bittersweetness,... it's so beautiful!

First of all, naive, small uke!Sebastian at the beginning of this chapter was absolutely adorable! I loved that so much! To see Sebastian change so much, become so dark and... yeah, demonic over time... it's painful and I love it. Uriel/ Ariel, too, is perfectly portrayed as the good you mentioned and described in the previous chapter, with the sadness and knowing that sometimes lies have to be told to preserve happiness.. oh God, my heaaart...

Shota!Sebastian with small wings and inexperience is just lovely and sweet and adorable! And knowing that he'll become the exact opposite makes it even better~

Before I comment on the sexy times, my opinion to Baalberith.

To be honest, I was so thrilled with the entire story-element because it's exactly like the second part of the "Disturbia"-saga xD That was a pleasant surprise x3 On another note, what Baalberith said makes sense in a horrifying way D: I already thought that something like this would be the case, but I didn't want to believe it... and Sebastian tries so hard to save Ciel by offering his strength. Ciel is like a black hole, sucking out his servant's life forces D': And Sebastian knows it and lets it happen *prepares to cry juicy tears*

The "Salva me" at the end made me shiver. It really did. It send goosebumps down my spine and my eyes saddened and I was like: "Aw Hell no. D':" So powerful! Both cry out the same, but because of different reasons... Oh God, just stab me already with your awesomeness, Moony! Stab me right in my chest in my sobbing heart!

..okay, now to the delicious part.

Did I ever tell you how much I love your sexy times? Yes? Screw those, this one reminded me of Shina Himetsuka's "Ice Coffin"- and it really shows Sebastian's love and sadness and grieve and desperation. Oh God, how hard he was trying and how careful he was with Ciel as not to break him any more... that was just torture. Of course it was hot and stuff, imagining Sebastian jerking off is always nice (I hope you're enjoying chapter 25 of "Phobia", speaking of Sebastian jerking off, btw), but at the same time, I dare to say that it was more sad and bittersweet than sexy. It still made me shiver (OH YES), but it captured me more in an emotional than physical way. ...which is good. :3

The way you described him was so POWERFUL, you could really feel his desperation and longing and how he wants everything to be normal again. How much he misses Ciel, not only in a physical way, but in a way soulmates do... OUCH. MY HEART... D': IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

I don't find anything disturbing in Sebastian having his way in front/ with Ciel's lifeless body. Not at all. At least not here where it really shows that it's not about the sexual aspects, but because of the unbearable need and desire and loneliness... was the boy, wasn't it? The boy Sebastian lured away to relieve some tension :'D The boy really pissed Mako off, haha xDD I'm glad you brought him in! I really am! In your face, haters!

If not the boy, then may I say that I felt very excited about the bath-sexy-time? Oh God, bath-sexy-times are such a heavy kink of mine, I'm glad you included those!

May I tell you the more I read, the sadder I become? My ex-literature teacher once sad that in order to invoke the saddiest feelings in a reader, one must first show him the complete opposite to make him understand how much is lost. She was right. That you show us how happy they were back then, touching each other and loving each other makes things only worse.

Sebastian slowly seems to understand what he's gotten himself into, right? D': That desperate "Salva me"... from him...

Stab me. Right here and now so I can cry big fat juicy tears and then everything will be fine again, yeah? Yeah?

I'll leave it here for today and try to do something productive for my own scrips... Diligo!Sebastian is so awesome, Disturbia!Sebastian should take a leaf out of his book! ...ugh, this might take a while.

Thank you so much for this beautiful, beautiful piece of brilliance, Moony! 3 Utter, sheer brilliance in it's most epic, purest form! 3333
Nene chapter 6 . 7/30/2011
Must. Not. Like. Uriel. Noooo!

But omg Sebastian *Q*

This was epic. Seriously. Like a fight between good and evil. a more sad, deep way D':

To see Uriel still call Sebastian "Little One" makes me smile in a hurt fashion xD Shouta!Sebastian... *twitches*

But oh, that's perfectly fine. Sebastian is so awesome in this one!

Seriously, love! That dialogue! With Angels loving everyone and that it doesn't mean anything then... so powerful! So beautiful! So poetic! *Q*

It is somehow sweet of Uriel, trying to help Sebastian- or to maintain the balance between good and evil. I mean, even I can tell that this won't end well D':

It's ironic, really. Isn't Uriel trying to do the same like Sebastian? Bringing his beloved back although knowing that it isn't the way it's supposed to be?

Poor Sebastian... he's suffering so much... please continue 3

Also, I am really happy to see that he is not hesitating to continue with his mission. I thought Uriel would succeed with changing his mind at least at some aspects, but it shows so well how much Sebastian cares and how much he loves Ciel. Ahhh my heaaaart... so beautiful... 3 So much love...

Diligo!Sebastian is sexy. 'nuff said.

It's really captivating to see him try so hard.. but still knowing that it will be in vain, probably D: To watch him become more human while still denying it so much...

But I'm glad he wasn't too positively affected by Uriel's appearance. That's just the immature fangirl inside me, wanting to tell him "HAHA! No shota!Seba for you anymore, bitch!"

And on that note, I shall dash onwards, finding porn and "Phobia" shout-outs in the next chapter! :'DDD SO EXCITED CAN'T WAIT ASDFGHJKKSNCSLDBVB LOVE!
Nene chapter 6 . 7/30/2011
Did you know that I saved every single one of your "Phobia" reviews in a huge folder which I carry around with me on a USB-stick to read it over and over again when I feel like it? :'D
Nene chapter 5 . 7/30/2011
My, it's been a while, huh? :3 I tried logging in to LJ several times, but that stupid thing just wouldn't let me.

So I hope you don't mind me reviewing here! :'D

Hmm, so many nice things to comment on... where should I start?

Oh, I know! With the thing I loved most!

...Grell. Oddly. xD

I really like the way you portrayed him here. He seems less... persistent and annoying. That was one of the things that I really hated about him; he never knew when to stop and he was always annoying the Hell out of everyone, being a bitch in heat and stuff like that.

The way you write every single character in this one (or in general :3) is so much more... emotional and deeper than in other works, or in the original, for that matter. The fact that I could sympathize with GRELL of all people left me mentally scarred- in a good way. And the things he said were so true and genuine and sweet.. I really wanted to cuddle him! x3

On to Sebastian changing.

It's interesting to watch him change- Hell, it's not interesting, I'm sitting here mesmerized and totally hypnozited by it. Just imagining Sebastian becoming more human because of his love and emotions and that it affects his body as well.. It's like he's born again, only this time as a human and that he's coughing all the malice and cruelty out of his system...

A weak Sebastian has always been one of my kinks xD I adore Diligo!Sebastian so much because his shifting isn't forced or unnatural, it's sad and believable. His reaction to Grell's arguments were so desperate somehow... Agh, I'm so bad at describing, but it left so much feeling inside me D':

Okay, and now to Uriel.

...Sebastian as an Uke has always somewhat disturbed me, I'm honest. All the people pairing him up with Claude as his toy... ugh *shivers*

I thought you'd pair him with a small cute Uke-angel with Ciel-blue-eyes and stuff like that. Somehow I'm really thrilled to see I'm mistaken.

I'll give the thought of Uke!Sebastian *cries and cringes* a thought, though. To see him being dominated by an angel, of all creatures, is a very well chosen element and even I am excited to know more about their background story.

I wonder, what role will Uriel play in this game? And how will it affect Sebastian? Trying to revive his true love by killing his conspecifics only to meet his lost love again... ugh, I feel sorry for you, Sebastian.

...I love it when you make him suffer. You do it in a very elegant and still brutal way. It hurts so beautifully x3

And now I'll continue with the next chapter! :'D
hislittlerobin chapter 11 . 7/29/2011
Dark, creepy, shiver inducing and seductive. Loved this story!
Guest chapter 11 . 7/29/2011
Your writing is absolutely amazing. I am entirely in awe. Everything about this story was so intricate and brilliantly executed. It also made me cry... A lot. This was everything I could have hoped it would be, thank you for writing it.
run-for-your-life-hikari chapter 11 . 7/28/2011
Truly a powerful story. An interesting, devastating read.
aNarutoFan chapter 11 . 7/27/2011
This really should have more reviews than it does now, i was surprised to 72, it deserves more attention and affection (i guess i was expecting 200 reviews)

your writing never fails, so much nuance and depth! your writing should be studied in my English class

as for the story i won't say much, you know how it is, i know how it is ( heart-wrenching and a-better-word-than-beautiful)

so thank you for writing it all the way till the end, i enjoyed it as much as ice cream on a hot summer day (though that's an ironic comparison)
SeaDewDrops chapter 11 . 7/21/2011

I cannot exactly express how awed I am from reading such a wonderful work like the others did because of the fact that my English vocabulary is greatly lacking but still... I wanted to thank you for creating Diligo, it truly took my breath away. It's not everyday one could find an exquisitely written fic and I'm glad I did and decided to stick to it from start to finish.
JastaElf chapter 11 . 7/20/2011
Someone on Facebook sent me the URL to your tale, and I am SO glad they did. This is just brilliant. Sad, horrific, wonderfully twisted, and like the series seems to bring no happy ending to our boys... but just plain brilliant. The written sound-metrics you use to indicate the flipping of the bits of cinematic record is wonderful... the characterizations are spot-on, and the way you characterize Sebastian is fantastic. We don't get to see a lot of Ciel, of course, but what we do see is wonderful too. The background you have created for Sebastian/Malphas is also very rich, strong, and... and... wow. Just wow.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I love this and the imagery in it haunts me. I know I will come back and read it many times over. Thank you so VERY much!
candycobwebs chapter 11 . 7/19/2011
This entire story makes me want to try harder. I don't know how you came up with any of this but it's incredibly creative, twisted, and original, and your writing is so rich. Dark, angsty Kuroshitsuji fics are my very favorite. I've loved following this one.
winchestre chapter 11 . 7/19/2011
I really have no words for the sheer, shocking, brilliant, story you've written that could do it any decent form of justice.

But, I'll try anyway.

What you've written...Well, to put it plaintively, it knocks that miserable failure (although I still enjoyed it OTL)) Kuroshitsuji II on its pathetic ass. If I had nothing but free time, I'd animate it myself. You're hopelessly amazing at plots and ideas and writing feelings...good god, I watched it all play out in my head. I kind of felt sorry for Uriel when he got shanked. And Sebastian and Ciel's death...I...Well, it was better and brought more of a close than KuroII did. It was, put simply, beautifully written, with a perfect balance of emotion, phenomenal word structures, and a story that anyone, fan or not, could fall in love with. Sebastian's devotion made him that much more fantastic and the best butler anyone could ever hope to be. You portray his emotion and his death and his attempts flawlessly, and when Uriel lets slip that Sebastian is dying...well, let's just say I wanted to punch babies. :/ Or angels.

And the little bits where Sebastian killed Claude and Alois, and Ciel was Claude...Yeah, I enjoyed that.

In conclusion, kind of, I've completely fallen in love with this story and I want to see it published, put in manga form, anything. It's elegant, it flows, and it embodies everything Kuroshitsuji 1 was. Dark, romantic, beautiful, with believable add-in characters.


And, more importantly, THANK YOU FOR A BEAUTIFUL STORY!
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