Reviews for Lights in the Darkness
ZeldaMoogle chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
You want an opinion on your work?

Epic. All of it. You are one of the few authors I've found on this site whose works I will consistently read and enjoy time and time again. Even when you change genres, haha. ;P

I think you've come out of this with yet another excellence work under your belt. The way you held out the suspense was just enough that we wondered if they would get out, or what had happened or would happen, but deep down we knew they would get out. Just, not "how" or "when", which is the important part in horror writing.

I will admit I laughed once or twice, though. Particularly at "as our wizard friend would say, when in doubt, follow your nose." I was like "LOTR reference FTW!" xD But that just made me want to keep reading. x3 (The scene where they came upon Majacen fighting the Moorwen too was another LOTR reference, at least to me. Even if it wasn't intentional. I'm kinda odd like that, though. xP)

Finally, I propose a toast and three cheers for the Master of All Things LoZ: Daevin Sunrider! *raises glass and grins*

Looking forward to your next piece/installment. Chau!

Valid User Name chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
Lord of the Ring reference to the win. And as for the ending I didn't see that coming.
HoKaze chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
It's good to see the characters from The Hero of Lightning again, however briefly. Well written as always and considering that this entry of a more horror/suspense nature isn't your usual style it was still done quite well.

There was more action and progression than the standard of this genre but it worked well, especially considering that this group isn't the sort to stay still in the dark shaking in fear. The balance between the suspense and progression felt "right" for this story and neither element seemed to overpower the other.

If I had to criticise this at all, I'd say that the sense of powerlessness and fear isn't anywhere nearly as strong as with the average "monster story" but this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it works well here and doing it the standard way simply wouldn't work without it feeling OOC for the trio.

All in all in felt like an appetiser for more to come more than anything, a taste on the lips, questions on the tip of the tongue: just enough exposure to the creatures to leave us desiring more but not enough to ruin the mystery behind them. Of course, I assume that when they make their appearance in The Secret War some of these questions will be answered.

In the meantime, I look forward to your next update. I've been meaning to make another account here (forgot what my old one was) and review your work for a while now but I barely have the time to squeeze in some reading these days. Keep up the good work.
ZeldaMoogle chapter 1 . 5/13/2011
Ah! A new story? What? O_O *reads* And epically awesome, AS usual. :D I canNOT wait to see how this turns out (yaaaaay! xD); the Moorwen sounds TOTALLY. EPIC. xD

I hope we can see more of these three in the future! If not very soon, then sometime after Secret War is finished. I'm sure you've got a whole slew of short stories you can put into these "Three Wanderers Chronicles". ;D