Reviews for Of Guilt and Responsibilities
wotumba1 chapter 7 . 12/15/2011
poor steve! how much worse can it get here?
wotumba1 chapter 6 . 12/15/2011
LOL sure, go ahead
wotumba1 chapter 5 . 12/15/2011
intense! *still crying*
wotumba1 chapter 4 . 12/15/2011
wo fat, is he really dead?

and what about steve?
wotumba1 chapter 3 . 12/15/2011
seems like danny's finally coming to his senses! hope it's not too late already
wotumba1 chapter 2 . 12/15/2011
poor gracie, having to witness all that happened.

so glad she's not mad at her uncle steve
wotumba1 chapter 1 . 12/15/2011
how can danny even think to react like that?
wcfan chapter 18 . 11/23/2011
I don't care how many liberties you took with the two boys to get them to talk, I love it.

We always like it when these strong silent type open up. And for something as heavy as what Steve has been carrying around, a few liberties are fine.
Cissyaliza chapter 18 . 11/20/2011
Comme je sais que tu comprends le français je peux me permettre de commenter dans cette langue, ce qui est nettement plus confortable pour moi.

Il y a environ deux heures je me suis dit que j'allais lire deux ou trois chapitres et que, quand j'aurais un peu plus de temps, je reviendrai, petit à petit, lire le reste. Total, j'ai tout dévoré du début à la fin.

C'est une histoire passionnante qui contient tout ce que j'aime: des sentiments, du suspense, des blessures et du réconfort, des liens très forts entre les personnages. Tu n'as vraiment pas épargné ce pauvre Steve... et j'adore ça en fait! J'ai bien souvent tremblé pour lui mais j'espérais que ça se terminerait bien, la dernière condition pour que j'adore une histoire: le happy end!

Alors merci pour cette magnifique fiction en espérant que tu récidiveras très vite.
Mononoke-hime x sukai kurora chapter 18 . 11/20/2011
Thank you for writing this story. "Of Guilt and Responsibilities" was amazingly heart-wrentching. I look foward to hearing from you again.
ras0629 chapter 16 . 11/18/2011
omg i absolutely LOVED! this story! poor steve he had a rough go in this one. :) you did an amazing job with this i felt incredibly angry when danny did and sad when he thought he was gonna lose his best friend and happy when rachel apologized for being the ice queen. i never could understand y she wanted to take grace away from danny in the show hes a great father and so overprotective im always surprised when the little girl comes out and shes not covered in bubble wrap :P thanks for sharing :)
GreenEyes09 chapter 18 . 11/16/2011
I loved the ending, the banter was great. I also loved the previews for next week, can't wait!
Nilah chapter 18 . 11/16/2011
Wow! Loved it. Long wait but well worth it. Loved the tying up scene and your colloquialisms (did I spell that right?). And I tatally agree with your assessment of Monday's ep.
PaulaXan chapter 18 . 11/16/2011
Loved it! Bravo! Loved the Lennie connection and how everything worked out. Happy sigh.
FlamMabel chapter 18 . 11/16/2011
No flak jacket needed. That was a great and heartfelt ending chapter to your story, and I was glad to have been able to read it.

And you're right.. next episode looks awesome, maybe even a little Steve whumpish. :)
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