Reviews for Drawn To You
Ashe Corinthos chapter 11 . 1/20/2015
Whoa. I read this entire fic in one day. From the moment I started it, I was hooked. Your storytelling was so captivating it distracted me from writing my own fic! This was amazing, very well written save for the occasional extra word or misspelling. Beautiful.
hatelife chapter 11 . 3/28/2014
Heartwarmingly, beautifully dramatic fanfic
Kagamine Hikari chapter 11 . 1/9/2014
This story is sooooooooo... Indescribable by words... I'm sorry... I was taken aback by all the challenges that Rin n Len had to go through...
yuyane chapter 11 . 9/28/2013
You have just won a… from me!

Ugh, fine…Yeah, I know. I’m not funny. But hey, I get brownie points for originality, right? Now turn that frown upside down. You need to laugh at a joke when you see one, even if it’s awful!

Okay, okay, I’m serious now. Sheesh. Don’t stop reading now!

*ahem* I don’t even know if you’re even reading this, but I would like to tell you my thoughts on this story.

Believe it or not, but I’m new to the Vocaloid fandom and this is the first Vocaloid fanfic I have ever read. I’ve seen this by chance and was a little hesitant to read it because I usually read one-shots with my short attention span and all, but hey, I’m glad I did!

There is so much fluff going on. I keep melting into a puddle of goo every time they have romantic moment. Emotion overload here! The dialogue flows and the narration is consistent. The characterization seems realistic. I see connections in the story with the real Vocaloid songs. The ending was perfect. Bravo!

I was debating whether or not to give you concrit on this completed, splendid story you have here and decided that I might as well if I’m reviewing. If you don’t like criticism of any kind, I advise you not to read any further.

I find it hard to believe that the two would be so enamored with each other at first meeting. I dunno. I never really liked the ‘first love at first sight’ trope, just a minor pet peeve of mine. They hardly interacted before they are soon acting like a couple that’s pretty much forward with each other.

There were a few instances where I felt it was more like telling and not enough showing, but it wasn’t noticeable and pretty much insignificant. Other than that, the whole story was descriptive as a whole. There were a few mistakes too, but I’m assuming that it’s hard to proofread a story this long, so that can be overlooked.

I’ve noticed that you have used ‘orbs’ to describe eyes… Hehe, another pet peeve of mine, not very fond of it as a term for eyes, but it still works. And you practically killed Kaito x Miku and I’m fan of that couple, but at least Len x Rin had a happy ending. Still sad that Kaito is cold-hearted and that Miku commited suicide, guess not everything will be daisies and rainbows.

Remember, this is just solely my opinion. Huh, though I feel like I’m being too nitpicky here. Sorry about that.

Also, since this is the first Vocaloid fanfiction I read, I’m afraid that I have high expectations for other stories in this fandom. *sighs* I blame your awesome writing skills! ;)


iHasRainbows chapter 11 . 5/5/2013
iHasRainbows chapter 5 . 5/5/2013
Mmm...really Len why are u about to rape Rin :/?
iHasRainbows chapter 4 . 5/5/2013
I KNEW IT! You were doing Romeo and Cinderella, Magnet, and Canteralla!
bsinoranges chapter 11 . 1/18/2013
Bravo. This is one great fan fiction. The development was pretty good, you didnt delay much on other stuff and you added the right sweetness and bitterness. The character development was also pretty good and the way you depicted the aristocrat environment was also wonderful. If I could ask you for tips on writing that I would. The depiction was also very good, I felt the love and the hate, the happiness and the sadness. But sad to say I think you need to work on the tension a bit. Im not goo at those but I hope you will be able to improve your tension writing skills. Last but not the least, you were able to create a good fan fiction that put me on the edge of my seat without making some parts seem clichè you are one good writer!

Btw fassade is spelled as façade and I think you meant straddling instead of strattling. I just wanted to point it out in case you didnt know.

Kudos! And I hope you create more wonderful fics like this!
Darkflower123 chapter 11 . 11/24/2012
good jobQ!
Maneishy chapter 11 . 11/8/2012
I just wanted to say. I admire you, a lot. Not only u place the importance of a good holy marriage that is not only the feeling of love but the action of love. Secondly I absolutely find wonderful and praiseworthy that since the beginning of the story when rin found out she was pregnant, not once did u meantion anything abortive torwards the baby. U even refered to the pretty baby girl as a living child from the start. I was and still am truly impressed at your story. Ur writing is so different from what you normally find nowadays. Your writing is filled with true morals that literally almost left me in tears. And just so you know I'm a 16 year old girl who love shopping and makeup. I strongly believe in the constitution of marriage being of one man and one woman with God in the marriage. I am pro life. And I strongly believe that u are the most amazing author that has deep meanings in stories in this site. Basically ur the best author ever!
Juzinha89 chapter 11 . 10/8/2012
So I just read the entire story in two days and I must say that this is a beautiful piece of art.

I almost cried at some parts, and smiled like an idiot at some others. The ending was absolutely beautiful. I really don't have the words to explain how I loved this story. So full of feelings. Kind of make me drepressed thinking if I'll ever be able to have these kind of feelings Len and Rin had for each other or if that really exist...

It was completely focused on the pairing, but I think you could had used some friendship in it. I even thought that some of the servants would have more important roles becoming friends with Len or Rin and helping them to escape the hell they lived. It was kind of sad that out of them all, Rin and Len were the only "good" people in it.

Still a beautiful story and I absolute adore how you used those concepts of true love, moral values and responsibility.

So, I can only thank you forever for writing this and sharing it.

Thank you.
lizzie-rivers chapter 11 . 9/1/2012
I'm crying my heart out. That was blooming brilliant! You are such a talented author. I really couldn't predict what was gonna happen at the end and was litterally bawling buckets in the epilogue! Bravo, my friend. BRAVO!
Annie Leonhart chapter 11 . 7/16/2012
This story was incredible. It made my day. I love that they were free in the end! :D

- Ria

TheAngelOfRoses270 chapter 11 . 7/5/2012
I loved this story! You're a really good writer! I loved the plot and the ending when Len cries. It's so sweet!
hitomi65 chapter 1 . 6/26/2012
nice story
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