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Fangs a lot chapter 4 . 10/11/2013
I think i can help you with the battle but i need to think see you later!
Dequincy chapter 3 . 6/15/2013
Also, i left a review in "Beyblade Metal Revoloution" on how to write the bey battle between Ginkga and Cana.
Dequincy chapter 1 . 3/27/2013
Heres some help on how to write the bey battle between Cana and Gingka. "3! 2! 1! Let it Rip!" Gingka and Cana shouted in unison as they lounched their beys. The two beys then started circling around in front of their bladers. "Go Pegasus!" Gingka said.

"Hit em hard Pink Swan!" Cana added.

Madoka opened her laptop and Kenta looked on screen at the bey known as Pink Swan. The two watched the bey move super fast. "Whoa. I've never seen this beyblade before." Said Kenta.

"Pink Swan. It appears to be a balence tipe beyblade." Madoka said.

"You mean like Binki's Dark Bull?" Kenta asked.

"Right. Exept it rotates both right and left. And it can move much faster." Madoka answered.

"So that means that means with attack power Gingka's beyblade is..." Before Kenta could finish his sentence he and Madoka looked on at the battle that was taking place right in front of them.

Pegasus and Pink Swan were colliding with each other causing sparks to fly between the two beys.

"Look." Kenta said.

"Oh no!" Madoka said."What is it Madoka?" Kenta asked.

"Gingka's Pegasus is being pushed back, just like it was when it battled Dark Bull." Madoka answered. She then analised the the beybattle on her laptop. "I see. The balance tipe, Pink Swan gains it's massive speed and power increasing the attack strength. Wicked, huh?"

"Yeah...i think." Kenta said, a little lost by Madoka's words. He then realized what the 14 year old girl had just said. "Gingka! You cant lose!" Kenta shouted with a mouth opened smile on his face.

The two bey were still colliding with each other.

"Okay! Pegasus!" Gingka shouted.

Pink Swan then started pushing Pegasus back until Pegasus started pushing Pink Swan back.

Cana gasped at this. "Hey, you're good." She said to Gingka.

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself." Said Gingka.

Pegasus and Pink Swan then started moving on the walls, pushing each other back like it did when Gingka battled Binki. The two beys were then seperated when they came into contact with the sealing. They landed on one of the peaces of wood that was holding the building up. Pegasus then hit Pink Swan and started pushing it back again.

"Way to go, Pegasus." Gingka said as he and Cana looked up at the battle.

"Dont be impatiant. There will be a chance." Cana thought.

Pink Swan and Pegasus landed back in the stadeum and Pegasus made a charge at Pink Swan. As Pegasus made the charge at the pink bey, Cana saw that the timing was right.

"Now, a chance to win." Cana thought. "Strike Swan uppercut!" She shouted.

Pink Swan then jumped in the air and it and Pegasus collided with each other in the air. Pink Swan started pushing Pegasus back once more.

"What? Pegasus, fly!" Gingka ordered.

The blue bey the bounced off the pinck bey, causing Pink Swan to crash into the wall and leave a big hole in it.

"Man. That beyblade's strong." Gingka said.

"Thank you. I trained it myself." Cana said.

"What kind of attack was that Madoka?" Kenta asked.

"It's spin track is very strong." Madoka said as she looked in her laptop.

"Its spin track?" Kenta questioned.

"If you remember what i said when Gingka battled Binki, a bayblade has many parts." Madoka said, reminding the young 11 year old boy what she said.

"Oh yeah, thats right. I forgot." Kenta said.

"Hey, check this out." Madoka said as she looked at her laptop.

Kenta then looked on screen at the top of the pink bey. "Wow. It acually looks like a swan." He said.

Pink Swan then hit Pegasus and began to push it back again. But Pegasus jumped out of the way.

"Just what i expected from you Gingka Hagane. You're not gonna let me win that easely." Cana said.

"Go Pegasus!" Gingka shouted.

Pegasus circled around Pink Swan, making it rotate all dizzy like.

"You're good for a guy who won The Battle Bladers tornament and beyblade The World Championships. Thats why defeating you is gonna be super great." Cana said.

Pink Swan then came out of its bey and charged at Pegasus.

"Fly like the wind Pegasus!" Gingka said as Pegasus came out of its bey and charged at Pink Swan.

"Pink Swan, counter attack!" Cana shouted.

The two attacks collided with each other, causing a strong wind to blow inside the abandond building.

Pegasus and Pink Swan then charged at each other again and collided with one another. Pink Swan struck Pegasus and sent it flying in the air.

"Thats it! I win!" Cana shouted.

"Not yet." Gingka said.

"What?" Cana questioned.

"Special move: Pegasus, star blast attack!" Gingka shouted.

Pegasus then charged at Pink Swan with its attack and collided on top of it.

"Bad move, i'm afraid." Cana said.

"Huh?" Gingka said.

"Pink Swan, use mimic attack!" Cana said.

Pink Swan came out of its bey and mimic and star blast attack and used it on Pegasus. The two Star Blast attacks caused and explosion and the room was fiilled with smoke.

The smoke soon cleared and Pegasus was now seen on the floor right in front of Gingka's longer spining. While Pink Swan was still spining in the stadeom.

"Oh my Good, i won! I won!" Cana shouted in excitment.

"I...i lost? Did that just...happen?" Gingka said.

"Uhu...yeah." Cana said before she caught her bey when it flew into her hand.

"I dont believe it. Did i just see that?" Kenta said.

"I know. I dont believe it either. Either Gingka lost, or i need glasses." Madoka said.

Gingka picked up Pegasus off the floor. "You did well my friend.'' He said to his bey. He then turned his attention to Cana. "Oh man. That was so much fun." He said.

"I know! I cant believe i won against THE Gingka Hagane! The people back home are never gonna believe this!" Cana said.

"We're right here and we dont believe it." Kenta added.

"You're an awsome blader, Cana." Gingka said.

"Thanks. But not as awsome as you Gingka Hagane." Cana said.

"So you're Gingka Hagane." Came a young male voice.

The four kids then looked at the exit door and saw a young 12 year old boy. He had long black shaggy hair like the mane of a male lion, blue eyes, and he looked exacally like Mokuba Kaiba from Yugioh.

"At last. I finally found you." Said the boy, refering to Gingka.

"And you are?" Gingka asked.

"The names Leo...Leo Tategami." The boy said.

There you have it. Your beyblade battle. Leo is Kyoya's little brother, who came to Metal Bey City to settle the score with Gingka for beating his older brother twice at beyblading. The name of his bey is Simba. Any way, i hope i've helped. God Bless you and have a blessed day.
Dequincy chapter 3 . 3/22/2013
Nice story. Heres some edvise on how to write the beyblade battles: "They launched their bey's into the stadium. Pegasus and Cana's beys collided with each other. Gingka calls out one of Pegasus's attacks. Pegasus hits Cana's bey and sends it flying back a few inches. Cana's then calls out one of her bey's attacks and Pegasus dodges it." I hope this helps. I'm looking forward to the next chapter and i pray that it's soon. God bless you and have a blessed day.
Darknessrules chapter 4 . 7/28/2012
i just read the entire story and im not good at writing beyblade battles so i cant help you with that. but good story and please update as soon as possible.
EmeraldRDragon chapter 4 . 7/21/2012
I can do it I love action! I wound love it if you picked me!
petar chapter 1 . 4/7/2012
Allycat chapter 3 . 3/26/2012
Update please i want to read more of the story.
Allycat chapter 3 . 3/17/2012
Please update soon, i like this story and want to see were it goes.
BishiHunter101 chapter 3 . 2/16/2012
Is it just me, or does Mr. Gingka sound wrong?
Petalwhisker chapter 2 . 6/10/2011
I really like it :D I hope you continue! I wanna see what happens next! This sounds like a great idea!
AoiTori10 chapter 2 . 5/28/2011
It's me again! This first chapter is so exciting and interesting! Can't wait for more, keep up the good work. Oh, also congrats on graduating! (_)
AoiTori10 chapter 1 . 5/26/2011
I've been waiting for a fanfiction like this! Please continue, pretty please? :3