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Walkazo chapter 6 . 7/23
I can't believe it's been almost two months since my last review - I was taking my time with this chapter, but didn't quite realize how much, since so much seemed to happen each time I read just a little bit.

As always, it's sweet how supportive Grov is, and how he believed Ayla's vision. I was surprised the first part came true so soon, but who knows how long it will be until the next part happens... It's also nice to see how supportive her family is, especially in lights of some other other camps' less-than-welcoming attitudes. Like Zadneetsia - nasty pig, he reminds me of Laramar *shudder*. I'm SO glad Ayla was able to break free of her programming and fight him off - and that it ended better than when she tried to stop Broud that first time. Too bad the Council of Brothers was so biased - hopefully once the hunters get back, there will be a bit more justice, but who knows. It reminds me of how people are still quick to dismiss women's claims of abuse in today's media and such: very shameful.

But at least those sorts of attitudes makes people like Seriana and Dimia all the more appreciative to have around - I hope we get to hear more about them. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seems like there's more to Dimia's story, between his almost androgynous description and the fact that his preferred nickname, Dima, happens to be more like how Sungaean female naming conventions work... I like Jondaria too - I was worried he'd be an interference at first, but I like how he and Grov are forming a nice friendship. Instead, it's just his sister who's being a pain - Ayla didn't seem to mind Janika's just for her mate (which is refreshingly mature), but I feel for Grov: people being pushy about their advances is not fun at all. But he's handling it alright so far, even managing to keep her off despite the bouza.

And finally, poor Ivagnolia. When you're lonely and hurting and desperate, you do stupid things - especially with youth and peer-pressure added to the mix. No excuse, obviously, but at least he knows it was bad now and regrets it, and hopefully he and Danie can get past it, since he's a different, better man now - and she knows it. I wonder if it really was Oda's group, tho - you'd think he'd remember that a baby died as part of their excursion, and he said he wasn't the first or last to use the woman he forced, yet Oda was only forced once. I bet it WAS Zadneetsia and his ilk that forced Oda, but hopefully not Ivan (although he'd be a less objectionable father for Ura than some boor).

Haha, a long review for a long reading time. And now, on to Chapter 7!
Midnight's Oblivion chapter 10 . 7/17
Absolutely loving this, brilliant split from the first book. And all the new characters as well! There's so much to this story, and I especially like how you fleshed out Ayla's beginning. I was always wondering who she originated with.
I hope that maybe another chapter might crop up, even a short one.
Walkazo chapter 5 . 5/31
Another great chapter! It was great to spend so much time with the Mamutoi. And sneaky move having Darnev being the injured one: readers might think that this is showing why he was dead in the actual book and get worried, but nope! At least, not in this retelling where Ayla meets the Mamutoi "ahead of schedule", as it were. It's actually a pretty good point that a camp without a healer, and just a shaman-type Mamut (or equivalent) really does live a bit precariously: Danie is right to want to have Ayla around for her birth.

I was surprised about the horse vision: I thought she had Shriek /instead/ of Whinney, but now she will actually have a whole herd of horses? And meet Jondalar AND a living Thonolan by the sounds of it? Very interesting... The dark clouds make me think of the volcano that erupted just before Rydag's death in MH - Thonolan was long dead by then, but maybe without Baby around, he actually lives through the "reckless endangerment of human life" phase of his grieving...

I'm glad Durc wants to be a good mate like Grov, although more and more, I wonder how hard it will be for his sisters to get back into the swing of Clan life. And his parents too... Anyway, looking forward to reading more!
Sakuya Miyamoto chapter 4 . 5/31
This is actually VERY well written! I can't believe you wrote this. It's actually almost as if Jean M. Auel wrote it herself! I can't believe you think it's horrible.

Also, if you want, I can finish it for you. I'm not the best at writing myself, but hey, what're you gonna do? All writers have flaws. Just don't expect as much detail from me.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/22
Thank you- hope you write more
BZee chapter 10 . 4/22
I'm currently reading your story for the second time (Do I need to say I enjoy it!). The first time you had only transferred 7 parts here so I had to search for the (unnamed) site you where transferring it from. I finally found it and read the last three parts. I cut and pasted the story into a MS Word document and used Calibre to convert it for reading on my Kindle Paperwhite so now I'll check to make sure the "NEW CHAPTER" is in my Word version. I sure hope you do see your way to continue the story.
Walkazo chapter 4 . 4/15
Sorry for taking so long to finish and review this chapter - I've been side-tracked by reading "Mammoth Hunters" too, haha.

Anyway, good chapter. I'm sad to see the Clan left behind, but the Others are an interesting enough bunch. I'm glad Ivanolia finally came to his senses and stopped being a huge asshole to his cousin and his mate. It's fun to see the Mamutoi now, too - it's interesting that Ranec's not there, but maybe that was mentioned in the book that he spent some time away? I can't remember. I'm also glad Frebec's family isn't there - it made the traveller's introduction go a lot smoother (hell, no Ranec right off the bat may have helped cut the initial drama too), and as a whole, I'm enjoying how things move a lot faster: as much as I like the books, they sure take their time.

Another thing I really like is how Ayla's conception ideas are spreading around a bit faster. I won't say much, but in the actual books (i.e. "Land of the Painted Caves"), people are a lot more skeptical, whereas here, it's more like "oh, yeah, that makes sense". Even Broud is getting in on that sorta thinking, like his "get your daughters off me" comment: if he can do it, really, no one else has any excuse not to clue in too, heehee. I also like Grov's stray thought about Broud being like a third mate - now wouldn't THAT be something! Although I'm sure Broud himself would throw a fit if he got wind of that thinking - although he's come a long way, and I was glad he understood Brun's sound reasoning for making Grov the new heir. Now I just want

Anyway, talk to you soon!
Walkazo chapter 3 . 4/5
I'm glad Broud's reformed enough to accept Oga's mixed baby: her despondent reaction to it made sense given his and the Clan's past history with mixed kids, but everyone's becoming more open-minded now. And the more mixed babies there are, the more the Clan will survive in the Others lineages, rather than only having Durc. I like that Broud and Ayla are officially siblings too: an odd couple to be sure, but it's appropriate in the context of the story where they already live together and have learned to get along, and it's certainly much better than the original pre-Death Curse plan where she'd be his second woman which was pretty squicky given what he did to her. I was surprised that Ayla's allowed to hunt with a spear now. And that some of Ura's more traditional clan members haven't up and ragequit Brun's hippie-dippie group yet, lol.

I'm having a harder time getting invested in all the Others, tho, I must confess: the story's starting to reach OC saturation, although at least they're all interesting and unique characters, and I have a feeling Laurana's pregnancy coinciding with the springtime will lead to more plot intertwining with Ayla & co. We'll see...
Walkazo chapter 2 . 4/1
Another very good set of chapters! I really like Broud's character development: he's WAY more interesting here than the hateful rape-monster of the actual book. Their little combined family is very sweet: I love how little Ora loves Broud so much - like a lion cub pawing at its big, scary ol' father and he just has to let it happen, heehee.

The Shriek development is a cool parallel to Whinney, although Red-tailed hawks are a strictly North American species - but the books themselves got most of the birds wrong too, so it's actually very accurate fanfiction, lol. Red-tailed hawks also don't vocalize much, especially not in hand (I study them, so I know - I was holding one just this past Saturday, in fact; he just stared and stared); falcons and goshawks, on the other hand - now THOSE are noisy birds. But whatever, it's still an interesting story development: I'm really glad Brun's being even more open-minded about Ayla's quirks and is letting the hawk stay.

Looking forward to seeing what happens with the two ladies of the Others, and who's baby Oga is carrying - and of course, what Brun will do about the Woman Who Hunted with a Spear, and how the rest of the clan will react to everything...
Walkazo chapter 1 . 3/24
Great story so far! I couldn't stop reading, and am definitely looking forward to reading the next few parts. I think it's really great that you've been transferring it here from wherever it came from, and I hope you continue! (At your own pace of course.) Aside from the occasional question mark coming after the "she said" part rather than the quote, spaces being skipped after some italics end (oh the quirks of the interwebz formatting), and the occasional typo, it was really well written. You do a really good job at reproducing the feel of the original material, and while Brun's clan will always be my favourite characters (even as I read through the rest of "Earth's Children", I still missed them), the newcomers seem promising. I've been poking around for "Ayla stays with the clan and Brun takes back leadership" fics, and this is the best I've seen so far.

Keep up the good work!
titpuce86 chapter 8 . 3/10
So I finally read your last chapter and it is great. Definitively worth the wait. I hope you will update the next one soon. But if you want to go to next year in only one chapter I suppose the winter is going to see a lot of time jumps or we will never see Whinney fully pregnant. Or will the story have more than 10 chapters in the end? Both would be great.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/28
Any chance of you finishing up the last 2 chapters you had done? It was a good story and kept me interested!
Yashida chapter 8 . 12/7/2014
Thank you for updating this amazing story!

Would you mind terribly to post this on AO3 (Archive of our Own) as well? Their Earth's Children's section is as of yet rather small and your story is absolutely amazing, finished or not! So I'm very sure everyone over their would enjoy it imensely as well.

Please, do post all ten threads you talk about in your A/N's! I sure would love to read them! And I'm certain other readers would be appreciating as well!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/15/2014
Well, I read the summary, but noticed that there was a two year gap between the publication date and the last update, so I assumed you had changed your mind, and read the fic skipping the author's notes until chapter 6. By that point, It was too late, I was hooked, and googled the story to find where you had the remaining 3 parts posted. Two things though. I know you have not intention of finishing this, but after chapter 10, could you post a brief outline of how you envisioned resolving the remaining plot lines. Also, you might want to re-edit the chapter where Ivan beat up Zadneetsia. Someone with two broken ribs isn't going to be able to overpower and rape women.
xxfluffyxx123 chapter 6 . 9/25/2012
write some more soon please
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