Reviews for Lily's Changes
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
Omg, that ending is priceless
Guest chapter 1 . 5/13
Awesome !
Harry Malfoy9397 chapter 12 . 5/2
''Dad ripped Snape a new one. Wish I could have seen it.'' Said Neville. So do I, that would have been fun to read instead of skipping over it.
Callum Runchman chapter 26 . 3/29
Brilliant ending to a brilliant story. I love the whole idea of this and the way you had a smart Tom Riddle return to sanity and contribute in endless ways to the wizarding world
Guest chapter 3 . 3/10
Wait so she's ok with voldemort but not remus?
Baelorfan chapter 14 . 3/12
Actually, Harry's reasoning about the large Weasley family makes sense.

Arthur Weasley got his job by being a Pureblood. Who knows, his having a Black mother might have helped. He knows little about Muggles and condescends to the Grangers, parents of Hermione. He doesn't bother to or can't afford to take a month's leave, let alone a year off, to live in the Muggle world and learn about scoentific and technological changes. Being a Pureblood had been good for him. He is not an incompetent wizard, far from it. But he has very little knowledge about Muggles, like most of the Ministry.

He and Molly Weasley nee Prewitt start having children straight out of Hogwarts. They have far more children than they can afford. They get free tuition (accordibg to Rowling post book canon) so their child raising costs decrease after age eleven. But they act and behave like teenage British or American parents who end up with several children. Except that they are married, and Arthur has a decent job but he could have done better. Arthur is however NOT a Pureblood supremacist in canon, just as you say.

I don't know if Molly Weasley was set on a daughter immediately or after having two or three sons. But she stops having children after the much wanted daughter Ginny is born. So either she was determined to have a very large family or she was determined to have children until she had a daughter.

It is significant that we know of no other large families among the Wizarding families. Deaths in the war only account for part of the losses. Pureblood inbreeding or the effect of the Dark mark may account for lowered fertility. But some stories speculate that many families have Squibs and simply kill or abandon their non-Magical children. Hence, the phenomenon of one-child families among most Purebloods.

So is Molly a Pureblood supremacist? Hard to say. Nearly all her children marry halfblood or Muggleborn witches and (one) wizard. So she is not opposed to them marrying non Purebloods. She does seem to dislike them marrying foreign witches. So she is not a Pureblood supremacist but she is a witch who is convinced that all things Wizarding or Magical are better than all things Muggle. That is true of nearly all witches and wizards, though. In canon, Harry lives in the Wizarding world after Hogwarts and marries a Pureblood witch withany living relatives. For him, the Wizarding world is clearly better as well.
MissyMoeDoe chapter 25 . 3/9
While I really liked the majority of this story, I just couldn't get into? accept? be ok with? Harry and both of the girls being in a relationship. The line where Vernon says something to the effect that eventually one would get their feelings hurt over the other rings true to me.
But that's just me. The rest of the story I enjoyed immensely.
MissyMoeDoe chapter 14 . 3/8
Damn... he's talking me around in circles... and yet... it kinda all makes sense... if you squint...
geenakmom chapter 26 . 3/4
So happy to have found your story! Absolute gem!
Hetc chapter 6 . 2/28
Great chapter.
This is fun to read, & I love picturing Harry trying to coach his family to look as if they would have after that malign magic of Dumbledore's.
Thanks for writing.
Darknessdawns chapter 26 . 2/26
I honestly really enjoyed this piece. I was highly amused by Lilly's rant at the beginning and how she set her wayward son straight. I especially enjoyed seeing how much things changed between Harry's lives. It was beautiful seeing the Dursley's as loving people who had been forced to become what we see in cannon. It also really showcased how much of a hidden evil Albus Dumbledore was in this. I also really loved how Harry turned out after being raised in a loving and supportive home, with the memories of his first life at his disposal. He was such a cunning and amusing character. There was just something about how he continuously rocked Hermione's preconceived notions about the Magical world. Some of these were little manipulations on his part to make her think further about the problems or to avoid the true reasons. However I was just glad to see that he was helping lead her away from such close minded views. Anyway I enjoyed this piece and was happy to have taken the time to read it. Some of the long paragraphs were a bit daunting but overall the writing flowed well and things were well paced. Thank you for taking the time to write this and for sharing it with the community.
IdleManRPG chapter 2 . 2/21
-But don't you think that it wasn't just a bit coincidental that there just happened to be a Death Eater listening in when the prophecy was being said. Don't you think that's pushing coincidence just a little too far? Why would a Death Eater listen in on a school teacher's interview anyway? Don't you think they had better things to do with their time? And why wasn't the interview held at the school like they always are? What did he tell you, that he went to meet her because it was raining or some such rubbish? Why couldn't she have flooed directly to his office?-

"Yeah, this is very accurate. Why would they have an interview in public with a war going on? Better yet, regardless of the Death Eater listening in bit, why didn't Dumbledore at least try to make it private? The whole thing is beyond stupid and is very suspicious."

-What did he do to protect you and the rest of the school from a basilisk? Nothing! Children were getting petrified all over the place and the man did nothing. Any halfway competent headmaster would have evacuated the school right after Filch's cat was petrified, but the great Albus Dumbledore didn't seem to care at all, did he? No, he went right on letting children get petrified. They were only muggleborns after all. Who cares about them?-

"100%. If any of the parents heard what was happening, heads would be rolling. Even if they were just petrified, they could just as easily have been killed."

-Secondly, what on earth do the two of you have in common apart from Quidditch? Any type of romantic relationship needs to be between two equals, and while the girl may be moderately pretty there's no way she's even close to being your equal in any area. And furthermore..." Lily grimaced at the dejected look on Harry's face.

"Okay, I may be a bit biased against Ginny, I admit that. The thing is... there are so many things that I absolutely hate about her... for instance.. For instance... We'll come back to this, tell me — Do you like Luna?" asked Lily.

Harry was thrown by the sudden change in topic. "Sure.. I mean she's Luna... She's a really sweet girl. Came and fought with me at the Ministry and helped me deal with Sirius's death and.."

"So would you ever call her Loony Lovegood?" asked Lily. Harry's face reddened and he looked like he was about to start shouting, so Lily cut him off before he could get started.

"I take it by your reaction that you don't like it when people call her Loony. That's understandable. She is rather a sweet girl. Now do you remember when you first met her? Who was it that told you who she was?" asked Lily.

"Ginny, it was on the Hogwarts Express and Ginny and Neville were there.. but what does that... Oh bloody hell, I remember now... She referred to her as Loony, she said something like - that's just Loony Lovegood," said Harry, a moue of distaste upon his face

"So? A sweet girl like Luna, someone who Ginny has known for years, they practically grew up together and yet she has absolutely no hesitation in calling her Loony. Does that answer your question about why I don't like Ginny.-

"Once again, this is VERY true."

-Have you ever thought about why you had so few friends at school? Ron Weasley - that's why. Your meeting him on the train was engineered by Dumbledore and Molly, didn't you think it strange the way she was loudly talking about Platform 9 when you ran into them at the train station, like she hadn't been there a million times before, that whole meeting was orchestrated, and then he comes in telling you that the rest of the train was full, what utter rubbish.-

"If you look back with any ounce of logic, it is so unbelievably suspicious. Molly has been to Platform 9 14 times minimum, for Bill and or Charlie, one visit at the beginning and end of the year. Not to mention herself going as a child, and if she went during the Christmas holidays. Considering she brought Ginny there as well when Ginny couldn't go yet, the excuse that she was talking like that so Ginny knows where it is falls flat as well. People said that it was so muggleborns know where to go. Here's the thing: this is the only time both the Weasleys have done this, (coincidentally the year Harry was showing up) as they're always nearly late afterwards, and we never get a glimpse of any other families doing this. Following up, considering Harry's years is likely one of the smallest classes, considering the war a decade prior, there's no way every other compartment is full.

-Didn't you notice in 4th year, once the rest of the school thought you were a despicable cheater he dropped you thinking his job was done, then had to come crawling back as soon as you did so well on the first task and started getting popular because of that. You even let him ruin your Yule ball. And the way he attacked Hermione over her date with Krum, what kind of person would do their best to ruin a friend's evening? The boy is traitorous and disloyal and you shouldn't waste any time on him at all-

"So good. Harry's at his lowest with everyone hating him, Ron is nowhere to be found, only to return when everyone likes him again. Same with the Yule Ball. You have to be one heck of an ass to ruin the equivalent of Prom at the last second."

-Did you ever look at how she treats other people? Look at how she treated poor Fleur for example. Any decent woman would have gone out of her way to make their son's fiancée feel welcome. Did she do that? No. She let Ginny go around calling her Phlegm, put her down at every opportunity and basically treated her like dirt. The woman seemed to conveniently forget that the girl was an accomplished witch, a Triwizard Champion for Gods sake, not to mention incredibly beautiful. Any woman in her right mind would have been overjoyed for her son. Was she? She constantly belittled and insulted Sirius in his own house even though he was providing a place of refuge for her and her entire family.-

"YES! Molly is just such a horrid bitch for the littlest reasons to people who are undeserving of it. Remember that Howler she sent to Hermione in Book Four and never apologized?"

Look, whoever saying this fic is bad, did you read the books, etc, it's not like the author is making stuff up. This is information you can easily find in the books. Besides, maybe you're very much correct and those bitching about realize and are in denial.

Always love fics that use the books/canon to point stuff like this out. Whenever people come up with fics like this, they've obviously found things other haven't.
TennysonPoet chapter 26 . 2/18
delightful delve into the alternative potterverse. I really enjoyed this
The Teen That Reads chapter 26 . 2/2
This was great. The first chapter was a bit of a rant but I enjoyed how everything was played out. And the last bit with the social worker was a nice touch.
HarryPfanfic chapter 3 . 1/30
It's first chapter gave me hope and 2nd and 3rd chapter crushed those hopes..let me tell you

VOLDEMORT. IS. EVIL! you said that he became insane after making hocrux..who in their right mind searches for the darkest of magic and even follows the ritual..and as for his condition in orphanage i will give the simplest argument - "Harry was also abused..BUT he didn't become evil"
And even if his childhood was crap..even if Albus didn't gave him DADA post( which is totally logical as no one would keep a man who has made a hocrux as a teacher) why TF did he start to ally with purebloods..shouldn't he form a rebellion from the side of muggleborns and halfbloods...that makes more sense to me
And ,really, lily is literally making him become a chaser when he is natural at seeker? And she is literally telling him to side with voldemort?

I would have continued to read if instead of allying himself with voldemort he would have defeated both..but i guess i don't have interest in it anymore
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