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UncrewedCandy29 chapter 17 . 8/24
Arghhhhhh a cliffhanger! Y u do dis?! Anyway I hope you can update soon. This story is too beautiful to be abandoned
katherina44 chapter 1 . 7/15
Omg, this fanfiction is like so good! Please you have to continue this!
kkzezo chapter 1 . 6/19
This is literally one of the beast fanfiction I have read! It is so gidd, you have to update it!
kia53 chapter 17 . 5/27
There was a tiny glitch in here you've simply dismissed as "not acceptable because it's not traditional" and that's a surrogate. The entire time (until you're "explained" it at some point) I kept talking to the characters in my head: Surrogate! Surrogate you morons! SU-RRO-GATE!
And when you just tossed the option to the curb as if was silly, I went: AAAAAAAaaaahhhhhh! Are you fucking kidding me?!

I'm much more dramatic in my head than I appear, I apologize. :3

I know this is me being even more of a selfish brat by making this request, but, if it doesn't go against what you've planned out, when you resolve the story, please bring in a nice lady who will be their incubator. :3

Thank you for writing.
kia53 chapter 15 . 5/27
I'll admit, I'm a spoiled little shit. I came here for SasuHina and SasuHina was delivered sublimely. But in between the parts of the plot pertaining to their families and them, we have all these characters and relationships I really don't give a shit about. Every time I read the word Gaara, Temari, or Karin I skipped a passage.

I tried reading your story once before because I LOVE your writing style, I love how skillfully you draw the reader in, yet trim all the fat in your writing, how smoothly you developed the psyche of each character (ones I payed attention to anyway), how IN-character they are, how rich the language you use is... Perfect.

But being the spoiled little shit I am, I couldn't go trough your story without skipping trough half of it. Maybe you failed to draw me in as a writer in terms of plot (beyond SasuHina drama), but I can't possibly accuse you when I didn't put effort into reading, now can I? ;)

Now I'm on chapter 15 and I love your POVs especially. I love how you can deliver a story with so little dialogue, yet keep it as rich as it is. Sasuke talking to himself right here... I melted. Effin adorable! . And you complain about dialogue being tough. Heh, when I write my story, ALL I do is dialogue. XD It must be a tendency innate in each writer and we ought to practice what we lack. Though I should note I also enjoyed your dialogue. The language seems a bit official/too polite/pretentious in parts when I'd expect people to speak much more plainly (even if they are rich heirs, or whatnot), but this is very minimum and it doesn't take away from the story like it does with some other stories I've seen. You're not far up your own ass is what I mean to say. xD

I'll continue to part read and part skim trough your story. Please forgive my brattyness. I really do appreciate your work. I hope you do more SasuHina stories. :)
Guest chapter 17 . 5/23
Please don't tell me ur gonna take a year or two to update... I really hope not because this story is amazing and deserves to be written. Update soon please.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/14
This is sooooooo good! Update update update!
Guest chapter 17 . 5/14
I really hate it when they're stubborn and won't just be with the people they know they love and want to be with... Update soon please!
colecionodesafetos chapter 17 . 3/27
Please, do not keep us waiting for much longer!
Choco07 chapter 17 . 3/15
Love it so much! What is Gaara going to do?
Hinatta chapter 1 . 3/14
I put your story in my Hinata Community!
Look for it here:

If you know any other good ones like this PM me to be staff and Keep updating!

winterkaguya chapter 17 . 3/14
Oh finally you've updated! Hahaha! So happy to see that they finally meet again after some years. But Sasuke certainly kept up with the deception only that, how is he going to get Hinata to play along? It seemed that he had plans with Neji to do something right? But what is it? For them to plan a coup? That would be interesting. Stripping off the Elders their power and in order to do that, it takes more than a coup. I sure hope Sasuke's plan works.

Too bad for Gaara. I had high hopes for him to sweet Hinata off. But it seemed that fate loves playing this love game. Hope to see what will happen next. And I think Hinata has suffered enough as it is but that is not entirely up to me. Looking forward to your next chapter!
XxeverythingnothingxX chapter 17 . 2/28
This is the first time logging on to this site after about half a year. And when I logged on the one fanfic that came to mind, the one fanfic I desperately wanted to be updated was this one. I was so excited that this story was three chapter longer then the last time I read it. I then re-read the whole story and fell in love with it all over again. You say that no matter what you will finish this story, and I hope you keep that promise! I don't know when you'll update next but I'll be looking forward to it.
rockyourlove chapter 17 . 2/26
I'm lost and torn. How they're going to 'fix' their relationship and clan and this that is just something I can't really guess. They really need to get down and talk. my mind is all muddled reading 17 chapters straight but I just have to say before things don't make sense: I keep being surprised by how you bring more depth/insights into sasuke's character (him talking to figment!hinata and all the stalking of his wife after he ffound her (yes!) shows so much love and longing - I could almost touch it.

I must say that I didn't approve hinata's approach of handling their issues (running away and all).. I still could understand sort of and I'm really glad to see her rediscovering herself and it was interesting to see how you put it across. (The 2 years later shocked me a bit)

I feel really sad for sasu, he deserves happiness and hinata is his happiness. /cheesy/ but go sasuhina!
rockyourlove chapter 9 . 2/26
When there's 17 chapters to read, I almost never stop and review just to be supportive. I'm reviewing cause /clutchesheart

sasuke' pov in chapter 9 is absolutely heartbreaking, I was teary reading it. T-T sasu doesn't deserve to be abandoned /sobs/

All of ssasuke's pov are my fav. To me, he isn't OOC at all, you captured his personality/mind well as accordance to this AU, I love it. The words that conveys his feelings and emotions indirectly is beautiful. Sasuhina isjust precious TT

I'm so blessed to have 8 more chapters already uploaded.

Thanks for writing this, much love x
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