Reviews for More Than a Picture
Catty chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
This is gorgeous, purely gorgeous. Well written, beautiful emotion that is true to the heart, and now I know this little moment is coming I'm even more impatient to see this ep, let alone Series 7.

afrozenheart412 chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
This is much more than an episodic one shot, it explains why and what Danny was thinking when he would kiss this picture of his family. The one person that brought him and Lindsay back together and made them work hard to get back on track. LOVELY! There are so many good points and lines where it reached into my chest and squeezed my heart. Danny has come a long way from that hot head we used to see in season one, but he still has more miles to go.

There is one part that hurt though. "Sometimes he still wondered what he had done to deserve Lindsay taking a second chance on him but he was sure he wasn't going to do anything to risk not getting a third shot." He showed her what a good man he was underneath all of that bravado, self destruction to the dorkiness that she could love and appreciate. :) That question will never be a one word answer or even clear, but he has to believe he is a good man for both his girls. He is a superhero, the best kind, one who tries and tries and never gives up. You did a marvelous job with this! You should do more of these!

Favorite lines

"She must not have seen the camera in hand before the picture was taken because it wasn't the patented Messer "cheese" grin as Lindsay called it. He had taken offense the first time Lindsay had called it that until she produced photo after photo of both him and Lucy when they knew the camera was turned on them and in all of them they had the same wide almost comical smiles on their faces. His little Lucy was as much of a ham as he was and he couldn't deny it. This was her real grin, the one that reminded him of Lindsay when she was taken by happy surprise by something. His little girl, the person who had him wrapped around her tiny finger and who had stolen his heart from the moment he first felt her kick inside her mother's womb."

I love the thought of Lindsay producing photo after photo of evidence of her and her dad's cheesy grin, you got to love that woman!

"But Lucy was pure perfection and he had had a hand in creating her. If he, in all his imperfection, had manage to co-create such an amazing little girl, perhaps he had it in him to do other great feats of greatness. He had promised Lindsay on the day he married her that he wanted to be the man she needed him to be. Now with Lucy in his life, that promise had never seemed more important. Failure to be the daddy she deserved was not an option."

"Crime couldn't pay because of the cost it would mean to his little angel. He couldn't wrap her in a plastic bubble to protect her from all the darkness that existed in the world but he could work to make it a safer place by taking the criminal element off the streets one criminal at the time. Every time he made an arrest, it was one more criminal who could not impact his daughter's life. That made every long shift, every moment he couldn't spend with his family worth it.

But most of all, staring at that little square of colored pixels that recreated his daughter's image was the reminder that he was his little girl's hero. He was the one in her life that could slay the imaginary monsters who hid in her closet threatening her sleep at night. He was the one who could read her favorite stories with the funny little voices that made her laugh. He was the one who could fix chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast using twice as many chocolate chips than Lindsay would ever approve of. He was the one that could fix the toilet and clean up the mess before Mommy came home and discovered that Lucy had accidentally flushed her favorite bounce ball to see if it would "come back" like she'd seen in a cartoon. He might not wear a costume or a cape, but in his little girl's world, he was the only superhero that she needed or wanted.

Yep, this was more than just a picture. It was a snapshot of all that was important and necessary in his life. He gave the photograph a little kiss and slipped it beneath the Kevlar into his shirt pocket, right above his heart. He gave it a little pat knowing he had Lucy right where she belonged."
MesserTurnerBates chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
Whoa wonderful wtitten for just a few seconds of screen time you have done great job expanded it
bookworm chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
Beautifully written!
rhymenocerous chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
What a great short story. I love it! You've really captured all of the meaning behind Danny's actions, going all the way back to Point of No Return and skipping forward to the present. Wonderful!
laurzz chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
This was really something.

I absolutely loved the thought process you took Danny on, surrounding solely on his little girl. It seems to me that you managed to put into words what a simple few seconds conveyed on screen. This is what all of us ultimately want to hear/see, and in words, it's just as good... if not better because you really got into Danny's character which I loved.

It was just heart warming when he pulled the picture out (I went and missed it the first time round, so I had to watch the episode again! Typical). And I think that heart-warming feeling carries across into your story here. Loved it.

I really think you were dead on with everything you said about him, and what made it even more powerful that there was only a single line of dialogue which was brilliant. I thought that really impacted the story and really brought it home.

Brilliant. Lovely. Loved it.