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AndurilofTolkien chapter 29 . 4/2
great job :)
AndurilofTolkien chapter 3 . 4/2
like this
AndurilofTolkien chapter 1 . 4/2
great job
crmagic chapter 29 . 2/6/2015
Wow!... Beautiful...Poignant... Perfect...

Thank you for such a well-written story.
Diego Souza chapter 7 . 1/6/2015
OMG! I'm writing this right before starting this part only to tell miss Sadie that I've never read something as quickly as I'm doing now. Even before the end of this fic, I have to congratulate you on it for I am in love with it. Thanks for such a fine tale.
TheHouseWitch chapter 29 . 3/27/2013
What an impressive work of fiction. I really, truly enjoyed reading this and admittedly spent almost an entire day reading the whole thing through. Thankfully I'm on my Easter break so it's excusable.
I have to be honest that I was a bit apprehensive when I began to read the story. The reason is merely that I've encountered many stories that have the interesting but a bit tiring habit of falling into what I like to call bedside stories. That is when one of the characters get injured and spend most of the story by said characters bedside. Although it does sometimes have its dramatic appeal, I for one am a tad tired of that same mantra, no offense to those who write such stories but they do get a bit tiring. Much to my surprise and glee I realized that this was far from being one of those stories. Instead I was dragged into a very intriguing world of mystery and drama that had all the right elements of an exciting adventure with a hint angst.

Since I'm reviewing the story as a whole it's a bit hard to keep this review in context but I'll try my best. Forgive me if I get carried away.
Now I really liked the overall plot of the story. I found the whole connection to Túrin incredibly intriguing and the connection between him and Elrohir. Though there was one aspect of the sword storyline that left me with mixed feelings. Personally I found the jurisdiction on Elrond a bit too harsh and his reaction rash and uncharacteristically drastic. I do understand what you were trying to achieve and in some aspects I think it worked. I think you did a fantastic job with the drama and Elrohir's feelings on the matter. I also liked that Elrond would sacrifice himself for his son but I found it hard to believe that after every deed he had done that the circumstances wouldn't have been considered and that his punishment was a bit too drastic for such a relatively small thing. I do see that the views are of course different than us in modern times would view, that by violating this law the punishment was much more severe than we would, in modern times, give. That was the only fault I found but then again I think it served a certain purpose I will adress later.

I really loved your characterization of everyone, except that one issue with Elrond and how he dealt with the sentence, as if he kind of gave up on everything without finding some logical solution to the problem.
I enjoyed the twins a lot. I like that you have a rather different view on them than many have. Some like to write them as pranksters but I like that you kept them a bit more reserved and serious. I also love the idea that Elrohir was a bit untamed while Elladan was the obedient one. I also truly admire how you managed to balance their childishness and still show that they are growing into mature elves. They're exactly on the crossroads between childhood and adulthood and I loved that aspect. Glorfindel and Erestor were also very well molded into the likeable characters I imagine them to be. Celebrían was such a nice surprise. So motherly and tender yet a fierce and protective elf. I adored the moments between her and Elrond. There really isn't enough of fics including them together, especially one that isn't about her terrible ordeal. I have to say that Elrond didn't become 'Elrond' to me until he started to chase Elrohir and then I saw the character I imagine him to be. I have a very specific vision of him so forgive me if I'm rude. I loved the idea that he marched after him and tried in his very power to retrieve his son.
It truly showed his parental side but also his great strength. I really enjoyed the Círdan moments too, he's a great character and you showed his authority and strength.

Even though I wasn't quite sure of the route you set Elrond on and the banishment from Rivendell I realized that after reading the whole story that it did serve a purpose. In the end I felt that this story was about family. Families make sacrifices and sometimes we make decisions that lack sense because we love and allow our instincts to overpower reason. Elrohir ran away because he tried to make amends for what he did. He didn't want to hurt his family but by leaving he caused more pain than he thought possible. Elrond chased him because he was afraid for his son and in that fear he dropped away all protocol and dignity because in the end family is all that matters.
So when the whole family got together and realized how much they meant to each other their status. All that matters is family.
So even though I found Elrond's behavior sometimes uncharacteristically drastic I understand that you were showing his vulnerable side. In the end he is a father, and sometimes fathers make mistakes too even though we find it hard to believe. The same goes with Celebrían. In the end they were trying to make the right decisions in a horrible situation and sometimes they made the wrong choices but sometimes also the right ones and that is what made this story very real to me. You didn't make them into those unbreakable, wise beings that never do anything wrong. You made them, for a lack of better word, human, or humane and that is what's so strong in your story.
Although I do doubt that the Lord and Lady of the golden woods would have allowed their daughter and grandchildren to live in a simple Edain village. But I found it sweet that in the end they didn't care about their status but for their family.

The emotional journey was wonderfully done. I liked that Elrohir didn't heal immediately from his emotional wounds. Truly one so small couldn't have overcome such emotional trauma and I found that so very well done. It's so rare to see such a palpable range of emotions in a fanficiton story and I think you did an amazing job in showing different perspectives and views that gave the story a deeper and more profound tone. I understood the motive behind every character. It's so refreshing to see such a realistic take on pain and trauma. For example when the twins made a pact of silence. It showed so many things without trying too hard. I also like that in the end Elrohir wasn't completely healed but you show that in time he would be whole again and that was truly beautiful.

I found this story very well written and fresh. I love your original ideas and characterization. Of course there were a few faults but of course nothing is perfect and ones opinion can differ from another. I loved the adventure and drama. It truly had me hooked through the entire thing.
I truly applaud you for writing such a good quality fiction with such understanding of emotional depth, flow and style.
Great job.
Pity-be chapter 29 . 3/23/2013
The best end ever.
Gwedhiel chapter 29 . 2/18/2013
And finally, the ending is meet. :) Though I'm guessing that sigh of relief won't last for long as I imagine you'll soon be translating your next story. The break was good while it lasted. lol.

I think the overall thing I liked about this finale was that it wasn't the typical "and they lived happily ever after" ending. Some things in life wound you, in more ways than one and, more often than not, emotionally and mentally. And while wounds can heal over a definite amount of time, wounds often leave scars, and the scars remain as a brand on our memory of what happened, and that transforms our attitude and actions carried out in the present day. In many ways, this chapter proves this with the twins - they are finally letting go of the past, but it can't be forgotten. They are both scarred in their own way, Elrohir more so, and while life will never be as it was before, it does go on. Like Rafiki said in the Lion King: "Yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either live with it or learn from it." And I think here the twins are doing both. :)

But enough of this psych analysis. Let's get on to the chapter. I just wanted to say thank you for not making it the dry, shallow, predictable, annoying and boring happy ending, as if everything that happened in the story was but a dream. I imagine that Elrohir still has some self-lessons to get through, such as how to control his anger, not the other way around. But then, he's still a child and still has some growing up to do. Haha, I loved Glorfindel's thought of how Elrohir must be very brave ("Astalder") to be showing such intransigence in front of him. When I read that, I thought, "either very brave or very foolish". Maybe both. :)

I knew this would be the chapter where the twins finally speak again. And I think the opening quote was perfect introduction in reflection of Celebrian's reaction to Elrohir speaking. But I'm a little confused as to why they started speaking again. I mean, I understand that instinct got the better of Elrohir in face of his mother's distress (and I personally love that idea, for how often are we ourselves foiled by our own instincts?), but, I don't know, was it just a spontaneous decision (with the help of instinct) to finally let it go? Considering what a large juxaposition in the plot this whole vow of silence has been (and I've loved every moment of it), the reintroduction of their dialogue seemed almost anti-climatic, not in the writing itself, but in the setup, the motivation behind it. But maybe that's just me. :) Maybe I was building up my anticipation to something overrated. But Celebrian's reaction (as well as the others') was so vastly appropriate that it felt to be a climatic point in itself.

And I personally can't imagine how emotionally charging it was to be called "Nana" again. For all she and the others knew, she may have never been called "nana" again, a name bestowed on her and gifted to her only by and through her children. Without her babies, that name is nonexistent. Same for Elrond. Hearing their children call them their parental names again must have been like healing a rent in the heart. I personally can't blame Celebrian for crying. :) I'm betting that this vow of silence has made both Elrond and his lady, along with everyone else close to the family, appreciate just how precious their sons' voices are, how cherishable those initial moments were of being newborns and finally starting to speak the most basic words. As I've always believed: you never truly realize what you have until you've lost it.

So, even though this whole sacred-sword-adventure thing caused turmoil within the family, I do believe, in the end, it has/will have made them stronger for it. It saddens me that both Elrohir and Elladan have lost a considerable amount of their innocence in this, but it's one of the scars that must be borne. And least, hopefully, it will offer them wisdom that few others have. And at least they'll be able to use it to tell their future sister not to do anything stupid. lol.

I still think Elrohir was a daredevil challenging Glorfindel like that. :D But hey, Glorfindel had it right that Celeborn had "epessëd" him correctly. But I also enjoyed the little chat Glorfindel had with the youngster, a sort of continuation out of the next chapter, and it bore so much truth. The effectiveness of a military unit is proven through, not friendship (though it does help), but camaraderie. I think Elrohir had a small eye-opener there, to let go of the bitterness that will hurt not only him but many people around him in the long run.

I also enjoyed Glorfindel little snitchet of foresight concerning the twins, provoked by Erestor's words. Now, I don't agree with the idea that many Elves were born with the gift of foresight, as that goes against what Tolkien implied based on my studies, but I fully believe Glorfindel was one of those gifted with the sense of foreboding. After all, he's as close to a Maia as any Elf can get. :) But now it's driving me nuts wondering what exactly it was that he saw, that he felt, and it's like "Blast you! Don't leave me hanging!"

I think one of my favorite lines was the "If fate didn't separate them, they would be a force like few in the past" or something like that. That was such a powerful statement that was prophetic and symbolic of so much, I was just like "Yes! You tell 'em!" Glorfindel made a lot of good points, now that I think about it. Through the story, he's just been a really stickler of wisdom, of showing logic that actually makes sense. The little bantering between Glorfindel and Erestor made me laugh too. I have to admit that Erestor's zinger at him was a really good one and not easy to retort with a comeback.

But the conclusion of the story was refreshing, in that they "leveled up" even if they must undergo a bit more training in preparation for it. You really got my interest piqued on why Glorfindel specifically wanted Elladan and Elrohir to be in ownership of swords crafted with sapphire and ruby, respectively. I love it, of course, but might I ask why you did that? That is just a really curious and unique thing and it kind of caught me off guard (so kudos for that). But I'm just curious as to why.

Suffice it to say that this was a very satisfying final chapter. I feel like I'm missing something in this review, but that's okay. I curious to know what you have coming next, so long, as I said, it doesn't contain the dreaded Mary-sue! lol. But overall, I personally think you achieved, not an "awesomey kool!" story, but a rich one. Though it certainly does help, length nor action nor number of characters make a story good for me: depth does. And this fic provided a lot of depth, character-wise, plot-wise, Tolkien-wise, and then the suspension of disbelief and drama involved. So yes, this was a very rich story in more ways than one. So thank you for not only writing it, but translating it. :) It certainly proved reading it time well spent. Until later!

SivanShemesh chapter 29 . 2/5/2013
LOL... love the scenes with Erestor at the end, and then the teasing between Erestor and Glorfindel... priceless.

Glad that Celebrian managed the boy to speak, priceless as well.

Thank you sweetie for writing this masterpiece, I enjoyed every chapter.

Looking forward to read your next fic.

*Hugs & Kisses*

Have a great day/night and keep smiling,

Sivan Shemesh
DreamingIn2Eternity chapter 29 . 2/5/2013
Amazing! This story is fantastic! Congrats on finishing it!
Marchwriter chapter 29 . 2/4/2013
Though I've been pressed for time lately-real life, alas, allows little time for other, far more pleasant diversions, I have not forgotten you; I hope you'll forgive the lateness of my reply. :) While I frantically try to finish up my next chapter, I did take a glance at this, and boy, I was not disappointed. Though I usually hesitate over little elfling fics (they tend to be a bit too sugary and conflict-less for my comfort), but the details evoked in the brothers', the nuances of personality (loved Elrohir's "Go play with someone else, Glorfindel. The things you say aren't very funny."), the little moments make your story come to life. In this chapter, particularly, Glorfindel's line: "They all will be at your command, under your protection, at the mercy of your decisions, honored by your friendship ...I want to believe in the warrior you will become. I want to believe in this because I know that sometimes all may depend on your lucidity, Elrohir. All may depend on your experience, your caution, your good will toward them. So, you stubborn boy, wish your friends well, love them all as your brothers and get ready, because, often, it is only the friendship that you have with others that will unite you, that will save you from the worst life has to offer."

Gave me the shivers.

Congratulations on your completion of this epic! And congratulations on the telling of a rollicking good story.


Idril Anarion chapter 29 . 2/4/2013
I didn't post a review this fanfic before, but i read the portuguese version, and it was perfect! I'd love all the texts from the autor, and i'm sure you did a great job translating that. I just wanted to say that it's a wonderful story! Well done! kiss, Idril.
melissamed chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
They speak :-) such a beautiful ending. A really great story, you should be very proud. I hope we can get another story from you about the twins. I love how you write them especially after reading the dialogue with the twins in this chapter.
world-classgeek chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
What a perfect ending! everyone is happy! I love this story!
Lia Whyteleafe chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
They're speaking. Oh my gosh, they're speaking!

Elrohir speaks first - the first word he ever said as a baby. He seems to be saying to his brother: "We can let it go now, it's OK. We can talk."

Elrohir's stubbornness hasn't gone away! As soon as he starts talking, he starts talking back. 'If his master wanted to see the stars awaken, he would give him more than that. Glorfindel could stay here until the sun came back to shine its veil of light on them.' - That was just fantastic!

'Elrohir was, without a doubt, his most troublesome pupil' - I can see that!

"Why don't you go play with someone else, Glorfindel? The things you are saying aren't very funny." - Oh, boy. I don't think anyone other than Glorfindel would put up with that.

And he's right. Those young elves will one day look to the twins as Glorfindel's warriors look to him, as every elf in Rivendell look to Elrond.

If fate does not separate them, they will really be a force like few have seen in the past. - Yes. They will.

...But they're still edgy around Glorfindel. It's like his approval matters to them more than anyone else's. I find that interesting.

'Glorfindel sighed deeply; he had not told the boys which sword belonged to each of them, but, surprisingly, each one picked up the weapon that he should have. In secret, Glorfindel wanted to give Elrohir the same stone as that in Cirdan's ring and Elladan, the one that was in Elrond's.' - That's intriguing. May I ask why you did that?

I love Glorfindel provoking Elrohir! Some people are just so easy to wind up.

And the twins will always have each other, no matter what.

A perfect ending to a lovely story. I really loved it. Thank you so much for writing it!
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