Reviews for What Shadow Lies Beneath?
Chocoomba chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
I can't help but feel like I should be feeling guilty for enjoying this as much as I did, but that's part of what I think makes this fic so great.

I'm not aboard the Laguna/Squall ship AT ALL and I can't see Laguna actually doing this because I don't see him as a "evil" person either, and yet I actually read this story twice.

To be honest badly written non-con, only added in order to have an overly dominant vs overly submissive sex scene, disgusts me. But when it's well-written and especially if it acknowledges the surrounding complications, moral dilemmas and consequences, I'm quite intrigued by it.

This is one of those intriguing stories.

The fact that Laguna is constantly aware of the fact that what he's doing is immoral yet, despite meager attempts, can't compel his body to stop and keep switching between acting as a father and a lover to keep up the facade is what makes this story so interesting to me.

I think this is beautifully written, it's perfectly paced, flows nicely all the way through and ends where it should.
Me chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
It's beautifully written and captures the exact emotions I really am begging you to write another chapter to detail squall's response and rinoa's too just too know how the two cope wow listen to me rambling! Anyway beautiful story and please consider my plea! ;) thankyou.
DainaLi chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
So good! But so sad all at the same time X3

i know what you meant by the psychological condition, especially if they didn't know one another for basically their entire lives. they wouldn't have had any knowledge that they were related, so that wouldn't stop the attraction from forming as it would if they knew that they were family. i don't recall what it's called either but i know what you're talking about. i guess it is hard to judge that, especially in certain cases.

the story was so well written. i almost wished that there could have been some part at the end that did end up describing Squall's response, but the ending was still great :3 I'm always just curious about how it would have turned out. great fic!