Reviews for Overture
BenoitRen chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
Interesting backstory you've built up there. Especially the noble part of it, with everyone aping her. I think Maia as an amnesiac is portrayed pretty well, especially considering you're going to go with the Lena route. :P

I noticed that you referenced the Japanese script of the game through Maia's work on the flower bed. In it, a woman comments how Maia brought a flower back to life by touching it.

Finally, I'd have liked to more of what Rhys' parents think. They're only touched upon briefly. But I guess that's for the next story. ;)
augmentedfourth chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
Well, you already get bonus points from me for using both "meander" and "verdant" in the first sentence, as I love both of those words. :D

Okay, back to being serious. It's a story we all know and that many writers have tackled before, but I did enjoy your portrayal of the events leading up to the game. Maia is an appropriately sympathetic character, even with the quickly-established rivalry between her and Lena. I like how so many of the Orakians don't quite know what do with her - they seem to admire her and look down on her at the same time.

Rhys was also described well here and I liked the balance between his temper and implusiveness and his kindness towards Maia. Now I just have to pretend that I don't know where you're going with this arc so I don't get too disappointed...