Reviews for The Prices One Pays
Sunder the Gold chapter 2 . 7/4/2011
What beautiful shades of gray.

Who is too soft, who is too hard? Good people on both sides of an issue, forced into conflict with each other because of the rotten apples in both barrels; fruits spoiled with hatred, fear and greed.

I think that She Heard The Fairies Playing could have served as the first chapter or prologue to these chapters.
MadHattess chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
You know, in the end, I feel kind of bad for Gammel, used like he is. Of course, it's the setup for a tragedy- well, until that last time when it's gotten right. And even then, there were a lot of people that were poorly used.

Anyway, again, well done and entirely believable.

I never liked that frog...

I caught you a small mistake (repeated 'who') in this part:

You deserve to know who who is still on your side, even in the face of such accusations."
MadHattess chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
I've been meaning to read your GG fics for a while. I'd originally intended to rashly start with your early ones, but then this was right here...

Anyway, neat look into Margarita,her family and that type of town. I can really see it being just like that, given tiny clues and her general reactions in the game.

Lemon is a devious one...

I shall have to get to chapter 2- perhaps after I've gotten some sleep.
Crosswood chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
Well, your stories about this game are excellent advertising; I truly want to play these games now. Bearing in mind I haven't, the fact the entire story was imminently readable/enjoyable anyway says a lot about the inherent robustness of said story.

The characters are well developed, especially for such a short story; each person that appears has their own flavour, and personal motivations which inform their actions believably. Especially, I badly wanted to punch Mr Lemon, which is a great coup of characterisation.

Thank you for writing this - I feel bad that your first review seems to have come from someone ignorant of the game - but it was an interesting tale regardless. Sincere regards.