Reviews for Donner un Bisou
qwerty chapter 1 . 9/18/2012

I liked the Mindy, Jazz, Lex pairing. (Lol, proving guy stereotypes true since 1996. Too much of a sucker for yuri xD) But the thing is, Lex/Lia's pairing is believable, (I can honestly see this happening) while the other two were more adorable than believable.

Really liked the Jay and Jesse pairing, too. Gotta love Jesse.
Drachegirl14 chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
OKAY I'mma give a rundown More review for you :P

1) Bickershipping: DOMINANT CHAZZ HOT . . . I can actually see this happening; the two argue and bicker and I can honestly see the sparks building until they explode in passion . . . Probably my second favorite shipping, overall; and that weird White Chazz made me wonder . . . But I do think that it is something that's possible :P

2) Comfortshipping: It made me go aww, but it's not really something I can see. Even after Syrus gained his steel, I feel as though Syrus is a little brother to Lia, and find it hard to believe they'd kiss (although if it were meant in humor and hilarity and chaos ensued, I'd claim the right to laugh my ass off).

3)Fashionshipping: I think this is definitely not one of my favorites; I have nothing against yuri, mind you, but as a reader, I don't think the yuri fits into the story . . . still, as a little one shot it was alright.

4) Jauneshipping: I have no idea where jaune came from . . . but I do think they'd be cute together. HOWEVER *hogs Hassleberry* I loves Hassleberry :P MINE LIA! MINE! *coughs* Ahem; it was still very cute and I want to see some truth or dare just because it would be hilarious no matter what happened lolz

5) GOLDSHIPPING: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PAIR. SERIOUSLY. I know it probably won't happen, but outright my favorite pairing. The shot itself is probably how their first kiss would go (because Jaden, even a mature-forced-to-grow-up-Jaden, is a bit hopeless in the romance department). I personally enjoyed this one the most and I am routing for these two - but you're the authoress, so who am I to speak?

6) Bittershipping: Honestly, I've never given this pairing a thought, but the shot itself was adorable :D

7)Sparkshipping: This, hmmm . . . My feelings echo the fashionshipping, but I will admit this one was somewhat realistic; something that would make me go BWAAAAAHHHH but still realistic in the world you've set up

8)Hurtshipping: DOMINANT ZANE HOT . . . Now then, it wouldn't surprise me if Zane pulled something like this, especially given his reasoning of hurting Aster, but if it did become about Lia, that would be somthing interesting :D My fourth favorite pairing

9) Photoshipping: Not quite sure where the name came from, but Jesse made me squee if only because he was soooooo cute in this little snippet, and Lia was super adorable as well. The nod to Spiritshipping WAS cute . . . but I still hold Goldshipping in my heart, and so regretably, I must defer to that . . . but it was still cute. ~_

10) Academicshipping: Made me cry. I went from the warm fuzzies of Jesse/Lia to the coldness of Bastian/Lia and I wanted to bawl because it was so SAD . . .

11) Flirt/Protectionshipping: THIS is another one I can see. To see that darker sexual side of Atticus, after the lighthearted sexual one, is so damn AROUSING and I can understand Lia's rasp at the end of it - I was feeling it and I wasn't even the one being kissed!

12) Lossshipping: This is probably the only yuri I can see happening; Aexis and Lia are close as it is and although unhealthy, it is still something that I could honestly see happening (although out of guilt than anything else)

13) Slapshipping: Probably my second favorite shipping; which is a good thing considering the turn Year Two has taken. The shot itself was a wonderful read and probably something that may happen? But Lia is young yet, so we'll see . . .

Overall, the whole thing was a marvelous read and got my plot bunnies moving; I almost wanted to try my hand at it but the disaster that may pop out is enough to stay my hand. :D

Individually, each of the shots were well written and great reads, making me want to read more of each ship . . . still, I understand that the romance is not the main part of the story, so I'll take this and be quiet :D

Well done, as always :D And merry christmas too!
Mugiwara-Kaizokudan chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
I have to list off what surely got my attention xD. First and foremost:

Bickershipping; I'm not a huge fan of them together, but the sheer amount of dominance in that scene was like "hoshiiit" xD

Fashionshipping; because of how Mindy is, she just made that extremely adorable lmao.

Jauneshipping; Truth or Dare? Where? Please say there'll be a game of this somewhere! Like, even a side story, or a bit in the story for humour purposes . baha. Hassleberry is so charming, bless his soul xD

Goldshipping; I think I've said enough about my opinion on this in other reviews! My absolute fave :P just wish there had of been more romantic interaction *cough* damn shipping tendencies. I am sticking to agreeing about romance in this story not being an important thing, but I can't help but squeal every time these 2 are mentioned. :3

Sparkshipping; merely because that is how most girls get their first kiss - experimenting with friends (girls in particular). The fact they can do that (since Jasmine and Lia weren't fond of one another at the beginning of the story) and be comfortable about it is just saying how much their friendship has developed over time. I love it :D

Hurtshipping; again with the dominance thing. Noice! xD

Photoshipping; too adorable xD love Lia taking charge of the situation bless her. Again I see your Spiritshipping tendencies hinted in there xD

Flirt/Protectionshipping; homomma! Atticus, the pure embodiment of all sexual desires, and Lia, adorable bute kittennish personailty rolled into one. Homnahhomnah xD I really like how you've made him bisexual, it feels so natural.

Lossshiping; because of how close Alexis and Lia are, it sounds like that would be perfectly natural without the romantic feelings. I feel as if you've just opened how close they are on a whole new level to the readers just to show how good they are as friends.

Anywho that's about it. I would personally die happy if you wrote something romantic about Goldshipping but it's fine, I like reading into the lines xD
Nightshade07 chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
Wow this was amazing! My favorite was with Lia and Atticus, I can see this pairing and I would love it if they would get together! It's interesting that even though Lia and Nightshroud have never met she can see the differences between Atticus and Nightshroud. I'd really like to see Lia meeting Nightshroud,and what Nightshroud would do if he met Lia! Lia and Atticus forever! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Pounce11 chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
Loves~ cause I'm a shippingwhore too ;D and you just made Atticus seem about three times more sexy than I originally thought.
Aimlessly Unknown chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
As much as I love Goldshipping/Flirtshipping I liked every one of these :) They were all wonderful on their own, showing - what I think - would be Lia's sensitive side as well as her defensive bitch side (which I LOVE) depending on the person. But still, these were AMAZING. :D

Aimlessly Unknown