Reviews for Never Let This Pair of Hands Forget
Tartantrace chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I have just loved this story - so well written. I love when we hear about the past and the blanks are filled in :0) Great job. Looking forward to you next works.
TemperTemper chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I love the not-neatly-tied-up ending, and I love your Booth and Brennan with all their faults and not making a neat, clean piece with two perfect halves.

This was a gorgeous fic, thanks for sharing :)
Katniss730 chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
Excellent ending. I loved Bones' Great Dane analogy. I loved the mention of the rain as well. This line was just perfect - "He had broken parts, and she had broken parts, and together, they formed a slightly jagged whole."
Alexsmom chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I have truly loved reading this story and I thought the ending was great. I'm glad you left it open so we can possibly hear more about the asshat later if it comes up. I admire your imagination and your use of language, which I love. I love words and the ways they can be used. That's one of the main reasons I enjoy your writing so much. You nailed Booth in this one and I always feel sorry for him having to carry around so much baggage; good thing he's strong enough to do it and that he has Brennan to help him. So, thanks so much for writing - not just this, but everything you've done, or will do. I look forward to when we meet; epic times (and tattoos and tee-shirts) await! #DenverFTW
ladyfi chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I honestly can't express how brilliant this story has been. Thanks for sharing.
Frankie707 chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I think you did a wonderful job wrapping things up...for now. It's not the end, but that's the way I like things. You gave us a satisfying conclusion to this bit but we know their story goes on and they'll continue to deal with their lives together. :) A very satisfying story.
eitoph chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
Okay, let's talk about this fic. Seriously.

It's just, and I say this with the utmost respect for other authors of course, but there is no one else in fandom that writes the way you do. No one. You write like you've been getting paid millions of dollars for years and years to write books - the kind that always made me feel just a little inadequate back when I worked in my little bookstore because they were way, way above my own level of literary kudos. And you write like this consistently, throughout every fic and every little moment that THAT is why I could tell you so confidently that it was going to be fine. Because you just DO it.

The opening flashback made my heart ache. Why must he have had this life? Booth is such a smart and able kind of guy and I just want to take this little boy and hug him for all he's worth. I felt so very involved in his story and so very moved by your depiction of it all that it hurt - in the best possible way.

"His father had flown planes. Memorised skies. It had been knowledge hidden deep within a man who had obtained little education. Even the worst parents could sometimes be teachers."

This is just the most gorgeous image. Unlike anyone else, sometimes you make the most remarkable comments about the ways of the world and say them in a manner that I never even thought of before. I love that you always make me think.

"Because Booth left a note on my desk and I haven't been able to read his writing since before we stopped sleeping together. The first time." The words tumbled out and Cam closed her eyes against the awkward silence. Awkward for her, anyway. Brennan's gaze didn't leave her computer. "I have no idea why I said that."

"Booth says you sometimes talk too much when you're extremely uncomfortable."

"I suppose that's something for me to work on."

Can we pleeeeaase have this exchange on the show at some point? I think we need Brennan to be that totally offhand way you know she'd be with a comment like this, and to see Cam go from sass right down to embarrassed would just make for a slick and hilarious exchange. You still find the fun of the show, even in a darker piece like this, and drop these little moments in there for us.

"The words sounded ordinary, and she wanted them to be such. With a fervour surpassed only by the one that had taken hold on a certain Christmas Day long ago, she wished she could change the facts. Booth had many little-boy modes – Angela's term, not hers – but the vulnerability that shone through when he mixed alcohol and sadness just about unravelled her."

I know this mode of Booth's and you've just described it in the best way. It's so elegant and it just sort of stabs me right in the heart in this unerringly brilliant fashion.

And oh god, Brennan's metaphor. It was perfect, actually perfect right down to the part where she told it just a little bit wrong and kind of offended him, and the the lesson at the heart of what she was trying to say (unintentional pun). I want to know where you find these perfect little pieces of trivia. You've translated it perfectly for this purpose and for these characters.

It's just... every time I read something you write, I don't think about it in the same way I think about a lot of other things I read. This is something that just pulls me in and goes by in the most intelligent and goddamn elegant fashion - and somehow you still make it feel like anyone can read it and love it, like it's not trying to be bigger or smarter than anyone and I mean that as the highest compliment. (The only way I can properly describe it is to say that there are a couple of other authors that I find genuinely elegant and intelligent and half the time I don't actually have a fucking clue what is meant to be going on in their stories because they're so HARD. You are all these things and still so easy.)

I honestly don't mean this in any way other than face value, but I read this and I wonder what on earth you could ever see in my little fics that just do so many things wrong (mostly because I am far too lazy in this area and not nearly literature-y enough to know how to fix them) when you are just writing these pieces that have class to them that is kind of astounding. You're the kind of author who, did I not know you and have the very good fortune of being able to call a friend, I would read your fics and wouldn't be able to contemplate reviewing because I'd be so goddamned shy and I'd feel that feeling that you feel when you come across a piece of writing that you could never even try to emulate.

So there you have it. If anyone other than you reads this, they might just think I'm a creepy lunatic but I really don't care. This is for you and I'm pretty sure that we're just creepy lunatics together.

And I wouldn't have it any other way!
ProfeJMarie chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I have really enjoyed this story... wonderfully crafted and the flashbacks intermingled with current scenes do a beautiful job of evoking strong emotion and investment with these characters, even if I didn't already know and adore them so well. ;-) I know many readers really like the smut, but I think this story would be even stronger without it.

The ending is perfect, I think. If it had been any "neater" it would have been entirely unrealistic. There are no magical fixes for this situation... and Brennan's analysis of Booth is spot on. He recovers and moves on because that is what he does.

A superb flow and lyrical feel to this entire piece.
NatesMama chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
This: "Yes. Because you are only a metaphoric Great Dane and you are very much alive. Even though considering the number of near fatal situations you have been involved in, this defies probability."

"You could sound a little happier about that, Bones."

Still making me laugh. LOL

Great ending. Most of the time, life isn't wrapped up in a neat little bow. You figure out how to survive and you move on, it's sometimes not pretty. You illustrated that fact very, very well. Excellent job!
toffeeeclairs chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
Great story! And I like how things were left open ended with his dad - it works.
RositaLG chapter 7 . 11/15/2011
So I may or may not be tearing up right now, but I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of making me cry twice so Imma will the tears to go back where they came from and say that you are, without a doubt, the bestest Twitter/FF/Canadian Friend I will ever have and I don't know where I would be if I had never met you but I know that it wouldn't be nearly half as enjoyable. And sure, I may have a scarily codependent relationship with my computer now, but hey, it's entirely worth it.

This has been the best birthday present I have ever received and the fact that you got it posted before my half-birthday (my time) means that you still won the bet, so I award you 10 JPs and leave you with the only hashtags that can compete with #DenverFTW: #OccupyApocalypseHorse, #FreeWillyJumpFTW and #SlutsBeKillinMyAngstGroove.

I love you and thanks again. You're the best!
Biba79 chapter 7 . 11/15/2011
He didn't leave a note, and for his own sake, he couldn't bring himself to wake her. Because talking would mean talking and he still felt empty and exhausted. They were still unbalanced and it was because he was unbalanced, and he couldn't fix that now any more than he could have last night. It was impossible to hold a grudge when Brennan opened herself to him so completely. But last night, after his anger had cooled, there had been nothing left in him to replace it. And while he had felt the distance between them, his distance, there was a disconnection between his mind and his actions and he hadn't been able to overcome it. Not even for her.

This broke my heart for him and for her. The way he's feeling is awful, so awful that he couldn't stay for her.

"It's exactly like that. You left. We grew up. You don't get to strike up a conversation with me. Or Jared. Or Dr. Brennan, or Dr. Saroyan, or anyone else I work with. If there ever comes a point in my life when I feel like finding you, I'll do it. But the choice doesn't get to be yours. That's not how it works."

I don't blame Booth for feeling this way, after so many years, he has to be angry and upset. And he's right. It's now his turn to be the one to go looking, that is if he wants to. I feel so bad for him though. I can't imagine being in the position he is in. I wouldn't know what to do.

Cam winced. "I love that man to death, but he can be a real idiot."

Statement of the year Cam. Also, I hate what Booth did to Bren. Leaving her like that without a note or explanation. Also, being MIA all day long. Not cool Booth. Not cool!

"Their hearts become weak and enlarged and they die young," Brennan explained quickly. "The lifespan of a Great Dane rarely extends beyond seven years."

I saw a movie the other day, Seven Pounds, where they said exactly that. hehe. You are so smart Ren. Also, I love it how you connected to Booth. Awww, I love how his heart is big but sometimes it just isn't enough. That was perfect Ren. Really! PERFECT!

The ending was just perfect. Them getting drunk and running together in the rain? You are one and only Ren, this was really fantastic. I don't know what you were about saying you hated it. WTH is wrong with you? Do you not know how amazing this was? You really need a reality check, for real.

Also, I wanted to point out that there were so many times in this fic that made me think of smut, but I knew that was not where we were going. lol But still, for that I will count as half smut, just because it's you and you rock.

I loved it. So so much.

Next fic will be fluffy, I know you won't let me know. haha!
LondonLi chapter 7 . 11/15/2011
Thank you so much for sharing this birthday present with all of us! I love the complex human emotions you always portray in your stories; you really fill in the gaps from the show! And I think you did such an amazing job letting Booth deal with this situation without letting it totally suck him in. Thanks again for posting!
JMHaughey chapter 7 . 11/15/2011

He flinches when his father touches his back, but the movement is slight and he corrects it quickly. He takes his first piece of apple from the bowl still resting atop the counter and his mouth is flooded with that perfect mix of tart and sweet. It's uncooked. Cold.- I can imagine this is why he loves pie, even though there is cinnamon, the fruit is cooked. It reminds of his mother, yet it's different because the cold, the cold reminds him of his father.

I love this: So philosophical, so perfect. "A man and a woman brought you into the world, and you owed your existence to them whether you fell under the category of gift, accident, or total mistake. Maybe they didn't deserve you. Maybe you didn't deserve them. But you were tied together for eternity just the same. There would always be those who tried to teach you that you could be better. That your mind and your actions were yours to control. But that man and that woman's bones were your bones, their features were your features, and deep inside where it counted, you knew that their shortcomings were only a hair-trigger away from becoming your shortcomings. Biology couldn't be undone, it couldn't be rewritten, and the horrible, cold truth was, it was your burden to bear for a lifetime."

No matter what situation Booth is in, He ALWAYS thinks of Brennan, maybe seeking approval. Maybe it calms him. He knows her so well, her actions. Yet, he feels guilty in his time of grief and the times when he needs her the most. ALWAYS her.- "She would be awake by now; he could imagine her sitting up and looking to the nightstand for a note that wasn't there. He could imagine the puzzled furrow of her brow, and the quick change to a work-mode in which she would tuck all things concerning him firmly in the back of her mind. The vague guilt that had been hanging over his head intensified, and he swallowed against it and looked up at the sky."

CRUSHED heart. Sometimes Booth doesn't think he's worthy, it kills me." Booth's hand found the poker chip again. "If you've got regrets, they're yours to live with. You don't get to drag me into that mess just because a couple decades passed and you decided to develop a conscience."

BOOTH, always wanting to distance himself, but he can't - "It's exactly like that. You left. We grew up. You don't get to strike up a conversation with me. Or Jared. Or Dr. Brennan, or Dr. Saroyan, or anyone else I work with. If there ever comes a point in my life when I feel like finding you, I'll do it. But the choice doesn't get to be yours. That's not how it works."

It's what Booth does. "But he would. He knew he would. And he hated himself for it." Seems like he has reasons to hate himself and he shouldn't.

Booth has the quality about him I ADORE. In his darkest hours, he is selfless but the needs of Parker and Brennan before him. Even if it kills him inside, you have done a BLOODY BRILLIANT job illustrating this.

You've captured the comfortable awkwardness between Cam and Brennan."That one, Cam couldn't let go. "You do remember that I'm technically your boss, right? You could at least pretend to ask permission.""Why would I do that?" she asked distractedly. Where the hell had she put her agenda? "Go," Cam shook her head. "Let me know when you find Booth."

HAHAHAHA - "What stairs?" - "The stairs, Bones. The ones outside, with the water and the statues..."

Chuckled at this too. "Brennan would have been tempted to laugh if she wasn't furious." I can picture this.

MOTHERFUCKER - Tears, tears for this. "She shook her head, but took a slow pull from the cup regardless. A slight crinkle in her nose was her only outward protest to the burn of the hard alcohol travelling down her throat, and Booth decided that she really was goddamn close to perfect. She mixed up her idioms and pop culture went straight over her head, and she did have a bit of a knack for causing public scenes, but she could hold her liquor. She was as loyal as they came. She loved him." PERFECTION. Brennan shivered. She didn't think she could ever become complacent in the feeling of knowing another person and being known so deeply in return. She experienced the increasingly common rush of affection flooding through her being, and she cleared her throat once again in an attempt to compose herself.

I've gone off the deep end - CRYING!

THIS SLAYS ME: "You know, this girl I once knew broke my heart in the rain once. Well, it was after the rain, technically. But it counts."

"Wha- when? Who?" Brennan questioned indignantly. Then she caught his smile, and her own lips stretched upward as she figured out the game. "Really?"


"My heart was similarly crushed by a boy. I believe it was raining then as well."

"It hurt like a bitch."

It was a perfect moment smack in the middle of an imperfect situation, like so many of their moments before, and as his indulgent chuckle joined her carefree laughter, Booth began to remember what it was like to feel better.- Le Sigh.

This is going to be one of many times I read this.

Well done, my dear friend.
rhyme time chapter 6 . 11/15/2011
Brilliant story. Your writing style is beautiful. I look forward to reading more.
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