Reviews for The Deconstruction of Haruhi Suzumiya
YoungKidStories chapter 2 . 4/2
Whoa. I just spent the last few hours reading this, and it was amazingly awesome. Hell, it could even be an actually entry in the series. I give this story a 10/10, and I give you a good old thumbs up. Keep up the awesome work, you might become a proper author.

P.S. I know that you write to express yourself and to provide yourself with a form of therapy, but I honestly think that you have the potential to become a full-blown writer.
Alfonso Ling chapter 2 . 4/1
I really liked this story. At first I thought it was annoying as hell but I'm glad I hung in there. I see now that this annoyance was shared by everyone in the SOS Brigade, especially Haruhi. Great execution of the whole Memento theme.
lepolemicist chapter 2 . 3/31
Solid characterization as always. Excellent technical handling of both retrograde and anterograde amnesia.

Don't give up on writing Insight - as authors, it's sometimes easy to be overly critical of one's writing, but I sincerely feel that Ephemeral is one of the best stories I've read. It is a rare talent to be able to portray emotions in a subtle way - to show and not merely tell readers about the characters' emotions - and to capture that mix of uncertainty and passion that real emotions are made of.

I look forward to your the next update!
Renascent chapter 2 . 3/30
I forgotten this was a rewrite as I read it throughout the day, so I had treated this as I would any other story.

Anyway... Amnesia? Not the most original centerpiece of a story's premise ever but it doesn't mean it could be has to be as inconsequential as every other time it's employed.
Reading it through, I thought the style was very... convincing in it's attempt to replicate that of the light novels, as I can recall them. When Kyon was not experiencing immediate grief or sadness, his aloof attitude was usually present.

As it turns out, the amnesia use was stellar. You managed to capture both the frustration of both Kyon and his friends, by both repeating previously revealed information and the inclusion of new information while acting as if they had been there for a while now.
That was annoying for the characters and us readers are lucky enough to share that miserable experience. But that was part of that point.

Almost reaching the second half of the second chapter, I thought this story to be somewhat less ambitious than something I would expect from you but I would soon see how wrong I was.

I thought Haruhi's speculation that maybe Kyon would "prefer not knowing" anything was a home-run. And then, of course, there's the part where Kyon gives his notepad to Haruhi.
Kyon's amnesia, it's true significance was to give Kyon freedom.
Freedom from having to be some kind of mediator between Haruhi, reality, and the supernatural factions.

Everyone pitching in to attempt to bring his memories back, you had a few interesting choices there, especially Nagato's.

I thought that his memory coming back the way it did was a little too predictable but it really was the only way MoSH would go. The only faithful ending I can think of.

So, all in all, a stunning work, as long as one has the patience to allow all the pieces fall into place. And also very faithful to the light novels.
Anmynous chapter 2 . 3/30
It was wonderful!
And the reminders to Kyon worked great on me as a reader who had forgotten the first chapter, funnily enough.
I did feel that Haruhis wording was awkward at times, but it also seemed like something right oui of the novels, so I suppose it's fine anyway.
flairina chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
Truly surprised at the lack of reviews; deserves more to be sure. Very well written and I was quite invested right through the end. Well done!
Steven P. P chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
This was an incredibly well written story, well-deserving to be placed among the TvTropes fic recommendations. ;) You did a fantastic job with Kyon's narration and also with his amnesia - I loved how you were able restart a scene over and over without sounding the least bit repetitive. Thank you for this great read! :D
Lily chapter 1 . 11/9/2012
Wow, you really do deserve more reviews. I've come across quite a few amnesia-fanfics in my day, and I have to say this one is by far the best! You should really give yourself a pat on the back for writing this.

I just love the fact that he kept forgetting all the time, and all the repeating defenitly fits this fandom somehow. And Kyon's character (and everybody else's to) were really spot on. And I really liked the ending with the costumes. And yeah... Sleeping beauty indeed. ;)
Woobie chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
Haruhi hitting Kyon when he was already hurt was very scary and mean of her. It is good that she was nice to him afterward and he will not ever know she did it.
Anonymous chapter 1 . 4/4/2012
This was a great story I loved it! The characters were written perfectly and the grammar was actually good! The concept was awesome and the story and narrative were amazing! Definitely one of the best haruhi fics I've read.
Thyrokio chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
Nicely done, amnesiac Kyon's P.O.V was well done.
The Hidden Lostar chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
"Time for plan nine! Take Kyon out while we change! On second thought, never mind. He'll just forget about it anyways. Come on, Mikuru!"

"W-what? Noooo-!"

It would take one drastic Haruhi to try and repeat 'that' scene of the movie with the sake. Interesting fragment...

Just when I suspect that Kyon is playing Touhou, Haruhi bursts in and cries "You-hou!" Coincidence? Most likely...

The above random comments were made before completing the story. These ones are made after:

I was inspired to read this story for two reasons: For one, this is the only one of your's I didn't finish with the exception of your latest M-Rated endeavor. Also, I was interested in seeing some more of your interpretation for the character Haruhi - and this story's description heavily hinted that Haruhi would play a major role in this piece.

The fragmented development for Haruhi made this very much worth finishing. It also helped that your style also kept a firm grip on my interest from start to finish!

Although now that I just finished the story, I have to wonder is this really a 'humor' category story? From my perspective, I just cleared a story where the plot was a long, agonizing process of recovering Kyon's mental state (Which did not come off as clear to me as to whether or not the problem was 'completely' resolved). Of course there was its funny moments, but it did not seem to hold a dominant factor overall.

Even with Haruhi's brash nature, I still find it hard for Haruhi to 'Do the Peanut-Butter Jelly with a baseball bat' at Kyon's expense, let alone have the recipient condone it.

Even though this isn't my absolute favorite of your works (which is presently Shadows), I most definitely remain a fan of your writing style. The happy endings in your stories are not achieved without a lot of hard work and endurance for the characters involved. At times this method can come off as merciless, but that is what makes your style unique and refreshing. That is quite the advantage you've established
Not Telling chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
I've read this before, but I didn't review on it.

This is excellent. When I reviewed on your latest story I didn't realize that this was yours too.

I can only hope that one day I too will be able to think up things as intriguing and fucked up as the things you do.

Consider us (woefully unequal) rivals.

The fact that you don't even know who I am gives me an edge! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
dongaro chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
This is a wonderful story that really felt like it was from th e light novel. The style was great and Kyon was perfectly handled. I was surprised to read in your author notes that english is not your first language, I would have never guessed as the grammar was so perfect.

It's a nice light flavored story that fits nicely with canon but was still very entertaining. I liked how Kyon kept having to reminded of everything. It could have gotten tiresome quickly or over done, but the narrative was done very well and it always brought a smile to my face.

Very enjoyable story.
Raineh Daze chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
If I can find one flaw with this, it's your dialogue; specifically, it's the inconsistent use of abbreviations and formal language, sometimes with both in the same sentence. The fact that your grammar is several times better than most of the stories written by those who speak English as a first language.

You should thank Durandall for bringing this to my attention.
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