Reviews for Dreams and Darkness Collide
STVamp chapter 30 . 9/11
This story was fucking amazing! I stayed up reading it so i could finish it so now its almost 7 in the morning and I go to class at 9. So i screwed myself over So plz come back, its been a year since ypu updated. The way ypu wrote the characters was literally executed so fucking well, loved it so much.
YaGirlMo chapter 30 . 8/31
Please update. This story is my latest obsession.
NEMISIS.VICTORY chapter 1 . 8/25
This must have taken time to write, a lot of thought has gone into this. I love it.
RandomThingz123 chapter 7 . 8/19
Oh no Harry, be on your guard!
zamik chapter 2 . 8/10
How can you finish like that and not update for a year? Come on, there are thousands of people awaiting next chapter! Write, write, write!
zamik chapter 30 . 7/31
The next chapter cannot be here soon enough. Děkuji za skvělou povídku.
erikabalaclava chapter 30 . 7/25
I like that Harry has a strong personality and is independent, I hate when they put him as a fool who has not a shred of cunning. I can not believe that everyone will always kill Sirius, I love him and always make me suffer! Excellent plot.
tunasalad chapter 12 . 7/17
Hey, about chapter 12... you said "The 'uncle' had been a whole different man when he led his nephew by the hand." It's sounds a lot more like the uncle had a split personality disorder ( though don't take my word for it) it's just that bi polar disorder doesn't actually cause people's emotions to change at a drop of a hat. In order for it to be considered a manic episode it has to persist for 1& 1/2- 2 weeks at least, and a depressive episode has to withstand the period of over a month. In between this shifts the person 'normalizes' for several weeks if not months. Mood shifts can occur during manic episodes, however that occurs over the course of several hours if not several days. People could be hyper and happy, but morph into an angry and explosive mood over a certain time span but certainly not something so short as a few minutes. It's a HUGE misconception.
Rusty Knight chapter 11 . 7/16
For all that this story is a good and tense one, I think I am getting closer and closer to homicide with each pseudo paychological hierarchical remark made in Latin numerals.
Agatka3 chapter 1 . 7/2
Wtf I love this
baobabB612 chapter 30 . 6/19
delicious story
MissA8752 chapter 30 . 6/17
I love this fic, it's just perfect 3 really, I wouldn't change a single thing. If you ever decide to update, I'll be there, promise :,)
Ana-chan86 chapter 30 . 6/16
Hello and thank you for sharing this brilliant story.
I wish I had the wits and words to leave the review you deserve, but I'll leave it to all the other reviewers before me who must have done a brilliant job already. The sheer number speaks for itself.
I've read your note on your profile and I am rather surprised you wrote that because it's been a long time since you updated, people have stopped appreciating your stories and your writing style. With all due respect, may I say "bollocks"?
While I humbly admit that I'm too lazy to go back and read all of the reviews you've received just for this story *cough*sheer NUMBER*cough* I'm pretty sure that no matter how much time elapsed between each review, one of the recurring patterns in those messages is "PLS PLS PLS WRITE SOME MOAR PLS WITH CHERRIES ON TOP AND COOKIES AND I'LL GIVE YOU MY DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER TOO PLS" with various kinds of appeals, silly pleas and demands quite happily bordering on psychotic at times. What I mean here, you guessed it: any self-respecting fanfiction reader is faithful - obsessive is such an ugly word, really.
People love your story and will wait however long it takes, because it's awfully well-written and because dammit, they need to know how it ends. Some of the fanfics I'm still following were started back when dinosaurs were still around. Now I can hear your scepticism from here, but who's to say dinosaurs didn't write fanfictions? We've only dug up the bones so far, I'm confident we'll soon find the squiggly scratches on the walls of long-forgotten caves. Because hey, claws are made for fanfiction-writing. As George Clooney said, "what else?" I may or may not have lost you there, so I'll get back to the topic at hand.
If you're a fanfic reader yourself, you know how nice it is to receive an update from a story you enjoyed even eons earlier; I don't know about you, but I'm a chicken-for-brains so I've usually utterly forgotten the story and enjoy reading it once more to see how far it's progressed.
So here I am, writing this ridiculous essay to you - I'm quite proud of the dinosaurs, thank you - as I cannot stress enough the importance of updating and finishing a story, no matter how long it takes, lest you find yourself with a pack of wild, silly and quite verbose stalkers.
Best of luck with real life, with your side project and with everything else. In case it hadn't been obvious so far I look forward to reading more from you, fanfiction or not. Oh and hey, here's my cheeseburger. MOAR! \o/
Serpentine Heart chapter 29 . 5/29
I just want to say that I will never lose interest in this story, so if you some day decide to update it (no matter how many years that have passed) it will totally make my day :)
Pennieyoung chapter 30 . 5/16
Oh please please update soon, this is a fantastic story:)
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