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Anime-King15 chapter 5 . 8/11/2014
please continue
Steffi Star chapter 5 . 7/19/2011
Luke Dunphy is now the lovechild of Kurt and Blaine. It's now cemented in my mind. It's over, it's with, it's final. He is there lovechild.
mowki chapter 5 . 6/26/2011
I soooooooou love this :D :D ;D

I just can't wait for the next chapter :3

kurt is LOVE 3

this is Love 3

Firebreather339 chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
Hi there! I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to drop in and give some (what I hope is) helpful advice.

Now, I read up to about the middle of ch. 3 of your fic. Up until that point, I was mildly interested, the premise of your story seeming like it had a lot of potential to be interesting. I will however, not be reading any further.

What turned me off from your story was not any grammatical errors or sloppy prose- it was the lack of suspense. Secrecy. Realism in the minds of the characters. If someone like Kurt, who already felt outcast and estranged because of his sexuality, were to discover something in himself as mind-blowingly awesome as telekinesis, my guess is his reaction would be FAR more severe than what has happened here. In addition, I don't think he would be willing to tell ANYONE, even his father. Let alone some boy he had just met.

Moving on to the reveal itself, it was highly anti-climactic. Kurt just sort of... said it. There was no emotional turmoil to the buildup- you didn't give me any reason to actually CARE that Kurt was about to reveal what he (presumably) considers to be his biggest secret. And then to make matters worse, Blaine has absolutely no reaction to the admission. He just sort of says "Oh, yeah? Cool." You didn't give the story time to develop, to reach a point where Kurt's new-found ability actually mattered, to reach a point where we should care about any of the students, or what was happening to them.

Okay, I'm going to stop now, because I'll actually start feeling a little like I'm yelling at you if I keep going. Don't consider this a flame! You have good prose, and a good sense of how to keep your words flowing without much interruption. But the above is definitely something to consider, in my opinion. You don't have to listen to anything I say, but I hope you will at least think about it, and hopefully use it to make your writing better in the future. :)

Chasing Aspirations via PM chapter 5 . 6/17/2011
And the plot continues to thicken! What I love about this story is it's twists and turns (they're completely unpredictable making this a throughly enjoyable story to read!). I loved the twist that Emma was actually in the car when it crashed (and that Kurt's mom actually saved her life!) it was unexpected but explained a lot so great work! And I can sense a lot of drama with Rachel and Blaine 'dating'. Poor jealous Kurt (and I suppose poor naive Rachel). I loved your covnersation between Burt and Kurt (especially the part where Kurt mentioned how 'lonely' he felt as it really showed how his powers are starting to get to him and just how vulnerable Kurt really feels (despite the front of confidence he puts out to the world). Your portrayal of his character really shows a great amount of insight into the complexities and brilliance of his personality- it's a pleasure to read!

Great chapter! I eagerly await your next!

Keep Writing!

Chasing Aspirations xxx

Today, 9:37am
srakatsz221 chapter 5 . 6/17/2011
YYAAAAYYY! An Update! This is really good. I was surprised this time! And it looks like your starting to explain the dream thing with Mrs. Hummel. And Karovsky, Azimio like what? XDDD Great Work!
Orchestra-Eight chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
I'm going to be honest and say I was kind of bored until the last bit. Now I am extremely intrigued :)
Barefoot Blue-jeaned Girl chapter 4 . 6/1/2011
I like the story and I like where it's headed! The only thing is that you might want to try to keep Kurt a little more in character. He might have intuition about trusting Blaine, but he still wouldn't be that open to him. You might know what you want to happen, but it should be a little smoother transition. This is not a flame! Sorry, I hate flames. This was Morelos constructive criticism because it really is a good plot-line, it just needs to be a bit smoother. Chris Colfer has a great taste in mothers, I love Amy Adams. I've seen leap year about ten times and I watch enchanted so much I'm surprise the DVD isn't broken yet. She truly is an amazing actress. Keep up the good work though, this story is really interesting.
srakatsz221 chapter 4 . 5/30/2011
Yay! An update! Okay so I really liked it! The development with Blaine is going at a perfect pace. I noticed in a lot of fics they seem to jump right into relationships because they thought the show went too slow but they seem to forget that if they go too fast they ruin the sincerity of the relationship. So just keep going at this pace and you should be fine. I love me some oblivious Blaine :D Also be careful with the whole ghost!Mrs. Hummel. You might want to try explaining it a bit more so it doesn't turn out like what? Like either go with "this is a world where this is possible" or explain that Kurt is hallucinating or explain why its possible with their powers or something. (I might want to try probing into the whole genetics thing if you know what I mean.)

Thanks for updating so quickly!

~~Mari-chan 3 (I also just put up a Klaine fic! Shameless self promotion!)
CHcherrybombCH chapter 4 . 5/30/2011
This chapter was really surprising for me! I was not expecting it to go this way but I was quite pleased with how it did! I like having my assumptions about the way a plot will be developed be smashed! And they were! The whole thing with Kurt's mom was really cool. I enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to see where you take it from here! :)
JoshuaHisbert chapter 4 . 5/30/2011
great story! I love the idea, really original and yet soo good! Can't wait for more~
VickyValross chapter 4 . 5/30/2011
I usually don't go for the supernatural stories but this is just too good to stay away from! I love it and i can't wait for more chapters!
Chasing Aspirations chapter 4 . 5/30/2011
I continue to be impressed by your unique and brilliant writing style! You really seem to grasp your characters personalities perfectly, even with your slight adjustments to make them your own- I was interested to see a still-in-the-closet Blaine as I have a feeling this will only lead to an incredibly jealous Kurt and a LOT of drama... is it bad to say that I'm looking forward to seeing that? The appearance of Mrs Hummel in this chapter was both unexpected and genius! While she made Kurt's powers seem even more complex and confusing, it was great to see both the incredible bond between her and Kurt and to get a slight glimpse into what Kurt might be capable of once he learns to control his powers (as I'm assuming Kurt's mom wouldn't have been able to visit Kurt if she hadn't had powers like his).

Either way, a very interesting chapter- I eagerly await your next!

Keep Writing!

Chasing Aspirations xxx
srakatsz221 chapter 3 . 5/29/2011
Hello! I just got your message and I'd love to write a review for you!I'm an aspiring writer too (on the verge of re-writing all my current stories as my writing style has changed)and I know how important it is to review. I really love where this is going. Now I thought this was going to be really cracky when I first started reading it but when it morphed into something more serious (btw i loved the harry potter references throughout). Now I have some advice and a slight criticism. For the advice,I don't know what you have planned but it would be awesome if you would delve more into Klaine though right now I like the mysterious transfer student thing, just try not to lose sight that this is Klaine story. I've seen too many authors lose that balance and go more into one than the other or completely deviate into another pairing (i mean, like what?). Also, be careful to stay on the balance of cracky and serious. I'm starting on an AU Klaine story and it's hard to make it serious when it could never happen, so be careful with that. Now for the criticism. When he tells Burt about the telekinesis, it almost seems a little obvious it's going to be because of his mother. I think it's because it's a little fast but you did a good job in making it so it's not BLATANTLY obvious which would probably ruin the whole thing for me. Other than that amazing job! I can't wait to read more. Hope this helps!
CHcherrybombCH via PM chapter 3 . 5/29/2011
Hey Emcee!

I really do like your story so far. My favourite Klaine stories are usually supernatural-esque AU ones. I found it really in-character of Blaine to automatically accept Kurt's powers when he told him. Blaine has always been accepting of Kurt and his experiences without questioning him and I enjoyed seeing that stay true within your story. I would really like to see more of a focus on Klaine interactions in your upcoming chapters and see how their friendship and eventual romantic feelings develop. If you would be so kind to oblige this request? :P

Looking forward to reading more from you!

CB :)

Yesterday, 4:11pm
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