Reviews for Paper Hearts and Promises
TearsoftheFallen chapter 13 . 8/7/2013
This was such a beautiful story...I don't review much anymore, but I thought that thi fanfiction deserved it. It was so well thought out, so well edited...that poem was beautiful...I hope you don't mind me printing it out to put on my wall.
While reading this, it brought back so many feelings I get when I read fanfictions with feelings of love and sadness incorporated into the chapters and it makes me swell with that I've finished, I almost don't want to leave it. Thank you for making such a beautiful story.
bitterbeauty813 chapter 13 . 9/19/2012
I loved the story! It was amazing! It also was really cute!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/16/2012
hnngh it's over..; 3 ; I hate it when awesome stories end..this was just down-right touching and a wonderful read all in all you did a really good job here. Q 7 Q just sad that it ended and I only started reading this yesterday. XDD
well it shows that I enjoyed it too much to stop myself from reading. XD
Awkwardly Twisted Rainbows chapter 13 . 3/2/2012
This story is amazing! Your characterizations are great and although it's not necesarily the best story i've ever read it's still pretty damn good. So YAY YOU! I wish i could write like this...

Anyway keep being awesome!
The Inept Parade chapter 2 . 3/1/2012
haii! I love your story so far but i thought i'd point something out... if there is a 'me' in teamwork there is a 'we'. Both 'w' and 'e' are in that word so... Yea... don't mean to seem all OCD bu it irked me -badly. So yea :) 'Till the next reveiw!

*THE INEPT PARADE approves this message.
Rei Rising chapter 13 . 1/19/2012
That was simply breathtaking.

The perfect ending to the perfect story. I honestly can't gush enough at how amazing this is. It's so well written and the plot is fantastic, and consistant throughout the entire thing. I find that's very hard to come by with multi-chapter fics.

Also, nearly everyone was in character! God I can't even put into words how much I adore this fic. Keep writing, you've got so much talent. I look forward to seeing more from you. Until then, thanks for this. It's a gem, and I'll definitely reread it.
xox.heart chapter 13 . 12/23/2011
91 reviews?

That's bullshit. Complete bullshit. You deserve, 200, no 300. This is a mater piece of a story, and I hate when gem's like this get under appreciated. This is a work of art in every way. So beautiful, meaningful, touching, bitter sweet and happy, just so real. Your characters had personalities that were consistent and deep. You had mystery, you kept somethings surprises. It was spontaneous with a helping of drama. It was amazing, a real experience to read.

You Axel was brilliant, his confessions at random made my skin tingle.
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 13 . 11/17/2011
Alex :P That reminds me, today I accidently called one of my friends, named alex, axel because i had been reading your stories XD I absolutely loved this, it definitely makes the favourites list. Great plot line. Thanks so much for writing it. I hope you'll update picture perfect soon :D Phenominal job.
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 12 . 11/17/2011
YAY graduation XD omfg I loved his speech, it was axel like XD of course the letters were from him xD YES! THE JOURNAL! Weirdest compliment? Who cares it's EPIC XD omfg i love this XD aaah no sleeping for a week or your mommy is gonna find that! XD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 11 . 11/17/2011
OMFG XD I'm a wonderful student, I'm in careers class reading and writing this. So short review, ROXAS, YOU DA MAN XD I can't believe he did that XD I want them to make up already _ them get into a fight? awww :( I can't wait to see how Romeo and Juliet turns out, I've seen the movie and read the book but at first I didn't realize what this implied. I can't wait to see how they deal with the

-cough- sharp point objects. Great chapter XD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 10 . 11/16/2011
SHIT FUCK DAMN IT *breaths to control cussing* I went to click the review button to read as I go.. the only thing I saw was "Larxene's pregnant" darn it _ I'LL KILL HEEEEEEEEEER _... speaking of which, not really, how did you write this with your family in the room? LMFAO, Roxas does have dirty lines in his brain. Makes my day XD Room alone? ;D I want to see Olette's, Pence's and heyner's reactions to axel, along with icecream and the clock tower XD Holy shit fuck yay, (i'm swearing a lot right now) how the hell did you manage to write this with family in the room? Still reading the dirty part and dear lord HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I want your secret! XD Die dragon die XD I hope that it isn't with axel.. please let it be marluxia PLEAAAAAASE
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 9 . 11/16/2011
Interesting chapter but funny too, I hope he starts to trust him more soon. I couldn't reply the last chapter because of some error on the site which is why this isn't a read as you go review as well because the error popped up again at first, I just tried again now (30 mins later) to say it was awesome and we've hit two months XD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
Let me guess, Roxas is thinking OMFG but Axel wants to climb onto the bed for one of two reasons. To apologize, or to confess. But only to the asleep Roxas because he's afraid. Oh look I'm right XD Poor little confused Roxy XD Holy shit is an understatement! Talk about confusing nightmares! It reminds me of my own nightmares to be honest. O.o Freaky as hell XD yay axel saves the day XD Haha giant french fries taking over the world? OMFG real game quote XD makes my day XD LMFAO XD "I find that an acceptable answer, I'll stay awake" burst into laughter XD awesome roxy line XD Don't feel bad Roxas, I don't get the random letters either. Maybe it's spelling something? one with an "L" two with an "H" three with an "R" hmmm. LMFAO devil fits Axel so well XD his attitude, sarcasm and bright red hair? Then little roxas with his blonde hair and wings XD dear lord, gotta love demy's ideas XD Retorted? wtf was that Roxas? You can call your roomate sexy without being awkward? How are neither of them taken aback by that? Even zexy and demy are! O.o Make up? XD BLUSH? XDDDDD AWWWW that's the best gift ever XD so thoughtful and aawwwwww! Wait.. was that just an excuse for Axel to find a way to figure out what Roxas is thinking? lol you sly fox you XD Sticking what where when when? LMFAO xD and god I hate namine right now.. -.- SO HE WAS THERE? But how? O.o... HAHAHAHA babe XD they're totally gonna be dating sooner than later XD Ugh that joy of freestyle -.- I agree choreo is the best axel XD and the idea of that in my head totally makes my day XD EVERYONE IS IMAGINING THE ROOM SCENARIO AXEL! Dance with the devil.. *bows to your genius* nice mention there XD Caveman roxas! dun, dun dun, duuuuuuuuuun! Giddy? XD he sounds like he's a school girl or something XD *reads up* i just realized my reviews make no sense what so ever XD sorry! You had to research love? OH SHIT! O.o whaaa- so confused!Admit you were in the closet? Embarrassing.. I think I'd die if my friend was in the closet when I... ugh. Awkward red-head and innocent blonde? hurm.. what a birthday XD Great chapter!
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 6 . 11/16/2011
Ew namine, damn you axel for not telling Roxas. omg looool kitty, that's kinda evil of axel. Talk about best birthday present ever XD I can't believe Roxas can sew XD that's just awesome. *not imagining him in maids costume* - cough - I wanna know wtf that bitch did to Axel! _ wow.. you're actually making me mad at one character i normally love. lol. there's no tag XD bad topics axel, one blowjob from namine endless puking at mention of it or vanilla/cherry XD Lol XD imagining them acting like "two blubbering girls at some sappy chick flick" makes my day XD YES! ACCEPT IT ROXAS XD ACCEPT YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH AXEL XD MWAHAHAHAHAHA XD *cough* great chapter? XD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 5 . 11/15/2011
Not held responsible for dying of laughter? If that warning only appeared now I'm a little afraid to be honest O.o I wonder what that note was about, sounded weird. For a second I thought it was implying that someone had stolen his back pack lol. OH SHIT. Larxene? And i'm speechless for this kitty bedroom scene XD EPIC. Green was expected and lol hurt himself? XD Dear lord Roxas even I know who they are! Finally someone who explains the teardrops XD I really liked your explanation along with the mood lightener of "magic" at the end XD FUCK THAT BITCH I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL HER! .. why do i have an odd feeling that got recorded.. o.o... HOLY fuCKInG SHIT THAT'S WORSE O.o dear lord Roxas what are you doing? omfg... He may say no but he means yes XD and if not I'm game axel! XD and proof.. Axel likes Roxas.. he was trying to confess o.o... YES XD oh my yes XD pose XD Sweet dreams XD d'aw that was adorable. Great chappy XD I'm not dead xD lol
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