Reviews for Ho oku i
bswindle20 chapter 106 . 9/23
Glad to see an update from you. Short, sweet, and to the point. Can't wait for more.
delia cerrano chapter 106 . 9/23
That's the set up. Where's the payoff? You left us hanging out on just our imagination! I guess that was the idea I guess.
stefrosacarnevale chapter 106 . 9/23
Amazing chapter update
Lidil chapter 104 . 9/2

Danny loves Steve so much.

The song really adds to the power of Danny's passion.
TheDogo chapter 105 . 9/2
Beautifully written. So nicely done :)
Steve Merchant chapter 105 . 8/31
This is probably the best Bride-before-the-ceremony scene I've ever read, and the Barbie was a great touch that Gracie can laugh at years later when she's older.
bswindle20 chapter 105 . 8/31
Really good as always. Even though it is really sweet, it fits and is kinda needed at this point with everything that they have gone threw to get to this point. I hope you cover some of their honeymoon as well, and I can't wait for more.
Snowbeardolphin chapter 105 . 8/31
I like how you wrote this story and thanks for using a song that I suggested. The song is just a beautiful song to listen to.
stefrosacarnevale chapter 105 . 8/30
Amazing chapter update
Lidil chapter 105 . 8/30
The love is so very clear.

Listened to the song while reading.

Story and song fit so well together.

Just like Danny and Steve.
bswindle20 chapter 104 . 8/28
Really good as always. Can't wait for more.
TheDogo chapter 104 . 8/28
That was so well done. I loved the baseball analogy. Absolutely loved that :)
stefrosacarnevale chapter 104 . 8/28
Another wonderful chapter update
Jnturner96 chapter 103 . 8/24
This chapter was cute and hot all at once! Just amazing!
delia cerrano chapter 103 . 8/24
What a comfortable way to spend a Sunday!
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