Reviews for Ho oku i
Scorp' Blues chapter 115 . 8/12
oh it's sweet!
Jebeth chapter 115 . 8/9
So cute. Love the peek into everyday life.
JazzieG chapter 115 . 8/8
I wish I had someone to look after me when I'm sick! As it is, I manage all by myself. Then again, men... need I say more?!
bswindle20 chapter 115 . 8/8
Love a little sick Danny with nurse Steve. Maybe the next chapter could be Danny returning the favor? Looking forward to more.
stefrosacarnevale chapter 115 . 8/8
Another wonderful chapter
delia cerrano chapter 115 . 8/8
Snowbeardolphin chapter 115 . 8/8
I like how you wrote this chapter.
Outsider21 chapter 114 . 7/3
So I really enjoy reading what you write, makes me wish I could actually write like that, but these overly short chapters are driving me mad. It's not that I don't enjoy them, cause I do they are easy fast reads for me, but could we do something a little longer...please?
Julie Hollands chapter 49 . 6/19
Beautiful especially the words "I've got you".
melissa.maier.902 chapter 114 . 6/15
Honestly, this is just about the best thing I've ever read. I haven't cried, laughed, and just plain enjoyed something as much in a long time. Fantastic job!
bbybyrd chapter 114 . 6/9
I love all of these chapters! Keep up with the great job!
Jebeth chapter 114 . 6/4
stefrosacarnevale chapter 114 . 6/3
Amazing chapter
bswindle20 chapter 114 . 6/3
Love this and the sentiment behind it. Can't wait for more.
KatieTaylor chapter 114 . 6/3
Love this. :) Even if that's 'just another' love. :)
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