Reviews for Ho oku i
Lister4eva chapter 119 . 4/26
OMG that was actually amazing, thank you so much, I swear you will get sick of me sending you songs haha so i will apologize now, but I love this so much and would love for you to continue. xx
Guest chapter 119 . 4/20
Your writing is like poetry. Gold! Incredible!
bswindle20 chapter 119 . 4/20
I like this a lot. We don't get a lot of stuff from Steve's POV usually, and this was a nice change. Can't wait for more.

I would like to see Danny waking up and realize Steve is home though, if possible.
Snowbeardolphin chapter 119 . 4/20
I like how you wrote this chapter. I like that you had Steve buy Danny flowers.
WofOZ chapter 119 . 4/20
/takes a deep breath...
AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Lol. Very cute chapter filled with so much love.

Well done!
steve.merchant.3 chapter 111 . 4/20
steve.merchant.3 chapter 113 . 4/20
How beautiful! Danny needn't have worried about Charlie, tho'. Kids don't hate unless they are taught to.
steve.merchant.3 chapter 114 . 4/20
The hyphen is optional, but the apostrophe isn't: each-other's. Beautiful sentiment, though.
steve.merchant.3 chapter 115 . 4/20
This is sweet, but Steve's right to be concerned. If Danny's got a fever and feels like shit, it's the flu, NOT just a cold.
swifters chapter 119 . 4/19
Oh, that's just beautiful! Love it! Wonderful thing for ME to wake up to :)
Jebeth chapter 119 . 4/19
That was beautiful.
Lister4eva chapter 117 . 4/18
Just wondering if you would maybe listen ti Bon Jovi - Bed of roses and see if inspiration hits? Haha xx
Lister4eva chapter 118 . 4/17
These are amazing, please write more xx
Irene Claire chapter 118 . 4/8
Lovely stuff. *happy sighing*
Guest chapter 6 . 4/6
This is a totally unexpected and totally great twist ! Thanks !
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