Reviews for You Hit Like a Girl
Jaely chapter 16 . 9/19
A really fun story! I just Love the fact that Sue is Rachel's Aunt! It's epic! I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this goes from here. I very much like how you built up Rachel's knowledge of Football. Most stories just have have her start the story already good at the game, but you built her up, by using her abilities in martial arts as the means in which she uses to give her the edge she needs to compete with the boys. I can't wait to see what happens when they get back to school! I just hope Finn doesn't get the spot back like he did in the show. I couldn't believe it! One game did not mean he should have taken over permanently. Anyway, The bromance between Rachel and Noah was beautifully done! Just like with Rachel's football game prowess, you built their relationship back up perfectly! It was so believable and well done, I really loved reading about them and their next foray into mischief or just what they had planned that day, because it was extremely fun to read about! I don't say this often, but even if there wasn't FaBerry in this story (as in no pairing at all) and it was just about Noah and Rachel's bromance I would read it, because it is so well written. I love Dorky Rachel and Noah and I really hope that Sam and maybe Mike can become friends with them too. Oh I'm looking forward to when the joke gets turned around onto the others about Noah and Rachel having sex, I mean if someone brings up that conversation all one of them has to say now is "My God, where the hell is your mind going? We were talking about football practice, Not having Sex! Damn Someone has Sex on the Brain!" While looking appropriately shocked. I mean they now had the proof that they were practicing football and that Kurt had just taken everything they had said in a sexual way because that was what he was looking for. Anyway However it turns out I can't wait to find out!
SpurBoy chapter 5 . 8/28
Woah-Puck was pretty chill with Rachel crushing on Quinn. That could have posed a major wrench in their brotp but you have already resolved the situation. Cool bananas! I love basass Rachel and I hope she gets the girl! Thanks.
SpurBoy chapter 13 . 8/28
Rachel is totally a nerdy dude! Quinn needs to step her game up, I get that she's dealing with a lot of changes but come's summer. Time to let loose!
SpurBoy chapter 8 . 8/28
I loved the way Rachel faced Quinn with fire and honesty calling her on her refusal to acknowledge a relationship and then trying to control Rachel's actions You go girl! But, I also loved how concerned and reactive Quinn was when she found them playing football again. Man, they need to get together:)
Guest chapter 16 . 8/23
Could you please write more of their story. I would really like to know what happens to now they know about Rachel's aunt and what happens at school
Guest chapter 16 . 7/21
Please please please please please please please please please please carry on with this story
Hermione LeStrange chapter 16 . 6/7
Please update this masterpiece!
Dark Den 123 chapter 16 . 5/29
Love this story! Please continue.
Faithfan2000 chapter 15 . 5/15
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 9 . 3/18
Hmmm...I'm on the fence about this one, although it was really good. I like the follow up with Kurt and him still thinking Rachel and Noah are dating. This was very interesting. Nice job. :)
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 8 . 3/18
:( This chapter started off so well. I was trying so hard not to choke on my pizza as I read "20 texts. All threats" and "You think? I'm afraid to look out my window." Is it bad that I hope Quinn ignores her if only for a few days? I really liked this chapter even though it ended the way it did. On to the next one. :)
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 7 . 3/18
Again, I couldn't stop laughing! Once I got over the face that SURE SYLVERSTER is Rachel's FREAKIN' AUNT, that is. I loved Quinn's protective side coming out again, but Kurt really should stop with the gossiping. it kinda gets on my nerves. Oh, well. On to the next chapter! :)
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 6 . 3/18
I couldn't stop laughing! Oh, my god, I loved this chapter! It's so great (and a little bit funny) to see Quinn not wanting to be friends with Rachel, yet she is soooo protective of her. Haha, I loved that she bitch slapped Noah and promised "they will never find a body" if he makes Rachel this way again lol. Loved it! Great job. :)
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 5 . 3/18
I really liked this chapter, and Noah and Rachel's conversation. It's nice that you've gone about a new way for Rachel to discover that she likes girls.
Faberrittana99-03 chapter 4 . 3/18
Haha, I loved this! Glad that Rachel's punishment wasn't too bad, although I'm sure it still suck to have to do all of those things. It was kind of intriguing to see Quinn so concerned about what happened to her, and that she mentioned the length of Rachel's texts. On to the next chapter! :)
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