Reviews for Legend of the Defiers
skyfall007 chapter 40 . 11/23
No offense man but have you given up on this or are you on a hiatus? I'm just curious since this is one of my favorite crossover stories and I NEED to know what happens next.
Leonard chapter 8 . 11/4
You did a great job with the story and right like what you did with Naruto. You stay true to naruto character so thank you
Guest chapter 40 . 10/15
pleaaaaaase upate
Guest chapter 6 . 10/11
Your making naruto too soft from the start. Remember that the training that they received from ninja acedamy training has already already taught them to kill. And rememberthat throughout the naruto movies , Naruto has killed poeple n he should know that frrom an early age. Also his over enthusiasm is okay but
you giving his over optimistic nature is kind is off putting and slightly out of character.
Guest chapter 39 . 9/26
Continue the story it's good now you have to finish it please
Reasonable man chapter 1 . 8/26
Your story, is the most interesting crossover that I had read. Character development and their interractions are written well, just like in real life. There are some pervy moments that you have added in order to make some funny situations.

It is bad that you have abandoned your fics and they may be forgotten and drowned by other authors new stories.
syndorias cinders chapter 1 . 8/18
magnusthered1999 chapter 40 . 8/5
Please update
naruto and ff13 chapter 40 . 7/26
When are you updateding this fanfiction please upated Legend of definer
Guest chapter 4 . 7/21
It's not a bad story, but it leaves a lot to be desired. My main concern would be run on/redundant sentences that reiterate what we just read. Another mistake is the pretense and past tense being in the same paragraph and sometimes even in the same line, it's really irritating to read something that doesn't know if it's happening or already happened. All in all grammar is the only real problem this story has.

Plot wise I've read the chidori/rasengan attack at the valley of the end dozens of times, it's like the wave arc, if you've read it once, you've read it a hundred times. I've also read other stories where Naruto pretends to be "normal" with no Chakra and those have always been boring with the rare exception of a few where he's still kick add and Chakra would just be pushing it.

First story I've seen Sasuke "the sauce" Uchiha agree to partner up with him and live life in the new world, usually it's just him chasing Naruto for some perceived transgression against the "almighty" uchiha, like holding back or playing the idiot. Though I doubt they would be that hospitable to each other.

Over all not a bad story for the chapters I read, needs some elbow grease to smooth it for the reader, but not a story I will finish reading.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/20
Please don't delay ! Your story is so amazing ! Makes me feel so many emotions haha great job btw :)
Guest chapter 40 . 7/7
Dude continue please...finish the story dude
Rush chapter 40 . 6/29
Hey Grave. I know I already reviewed this chapter and that you won't be continuing any of your Naruto crossover fics(this one included) but if it's alright with you, would you be able to leave this one and The Ultimate Tournament up? These two have to be my favorites to reread. They helped me start drafting my own ideas for fics. I know you can't really respond to a guest but just thought I'd ask. Can't wait to read your new RWBY stories. Love that show!
Battlesny chapter 16 . 6/16
if the Fal'Cie stole Sasuke's Sharingan from him does that mean all he needs to do is kill it to get it back?
actually I'm surprised the Emo-Avenger hasn't already started plotted something like that.
Battlesny chapter 15 . 6/15
if their magic abilities are based on their chakra abilities, does Naruto's medic role specialize in powerful regen spells. haven't played far enough yet to know if there's blue-mage type ability in FF13 but that would fit Sasuke perfectly.
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