Reviews for An Unending Struggle
Wood Dog chapter 74 . 4/9
Finally read it. And well, it was a great and extremely enjoyable chapter, I mean it. The first section with Tina and the Tree was great, the "Shin meets Purgatory" part was fantastic and the last few family bonding scenes were just as good. I think the story behind Terra's family is really good and we've discussed Purgatory already so you know what I think. Mostly.
Okay, one of the things that really intrigued me was that last detail on how "people can change" and redeem themselves no matter what crimes they may commit as long as they truly change and regret their sins. Now, I know this makes a lot of sense, in fact, I agree with it but I didn't expect you to believe it as well. Knowing you as I do, I can't tell if you are writing what you think God would do or if you are writing what you believe in.

Anyway, great chapter, one of my favourites from what I've seen.
Yui Moonlight chapter 74 . 4/9
After such a long time I finally got the chance to read and catch up! I'm quite honestly sorry about not being able to read and review due to being busy in real life. I'm finally physically healthy and I've started going to school again!(Though the pressure is heavy due to it being granted by scholarship) Anyway, on to the review!

First of all, this chapter was great! A lot of world building and delving into Madeline's past(who knew she was Emperor Gesthal's daughter? :in this story anyway) how she became an agent of the empire, her motivations and mindset. I find her an interesting addition to this story (the way she flipped Shin was funny and scary at the same time) not to mention how serious and cold she acts when compared to Maduin which reminds me a bit of Locke and Celes btw.

Second, mood whiplash much? Not that its a bad thing mind you, but I honestly found myself laughing one minute to being introspective and contemplative the next. Especially the part wherein Shin and Maduin get into the dreaded "Father's talk".

I'm feeling a great foreshadowing from the Next Chapter previews honestly... All in all Great Chapter! Hope to see another action filled one next I think.
Lenchkumaximus chapter 74 . 4/8
Oh my god this chapter had me in stitches XD I don't know it that was your intention, I know it was meant to be serious but I'm easily amused, but the way how Shin and Maduin started fighting and beating the shit out of each other had me laughing my ass off, see this is why I love this story so much, it hits all the right beats, its exciting, its funny, its heart-warming and it has awesome moments that make me wish I was actually happening on screen, why can't Square Enix do something like this!?

God bless you Herald, you magnificent bastard
Lucenthia chapter 74 . 4/8
Nice one. It was interesting how... economical the whole idea of heaven worked. It mirrors the human world a lot, but just the good bits.
Shin's speech was touching. It was a little corny, but it was understandable given that he was being beaten down by Maduin. Nice job relating it back to what he felt while being trapped for a thousand years. Also, it was pretty nice how Shin could really make Madeline feel better about herself. Guess he's quite the people's person.

Shin's flashback was a nice insight into Terra's past. But if he's seeing it because he's connected with Terra, then wouldn't that mean he should see it through Terra's eyes? Or maybe he's not seeing it because of Terra. Anyways, it was pretty dark stuff, but a bit of description of the surroundings or of Kefka himself would've really driven it home.

Good chapter. Keep it up.
The Dark Dragon Emperor chapter 74 . 4/8
I was expecting Shin's meeting with them to cause him to get hospitalized for a month. Oh well, not everything can be fatal.
Penguinlord352 chapter 74 . 4/7
Great world-building. Nice to know that stuff. It's pretty well thought out.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Maduin is hilarious and an epic dad! And I like how you did the manly bonding. Very appropriate. Perhaps the next session can be over a card game? Perhaps one played upon motorcycles?

And yes, I actually did see Madeline coming. I figured you couldn't resist. And plus, how else could she know Kefka than to have a sordid past? Sane he may have once been, but he was also KEFKA. The emperor relation I didn't see coming, and as I'm unfamiliar with canon about Terra I'll understand if people who are feel offended.

I already know who the top dog is, so I'm a bit biased about the last bit. I do want to know who the five GG's are though.
Michael Mario chapter 74 . 4/7
Wow. Talk about a monster grandfather. You have to go a pretty long way if you're going to match Gestahl at the cruelty game ;).

Madeline herself was a disturbing twist from what you'd expect from Terra's mother, but at the same time... It probably works. I'm not sure when the Empire began its conquest, but given its said Celes torched Maranda to the ground, I'd assume not all of it was conquered before the Empire marched into the Land of Espers.

All and all, it was done pretty well here, given the idea didn't have the time to be built up beforehand.

Well, I did the comedy approach myself, so taking a more serious one here is for the best... especially given the circumstances. Given this is Shin we have involved, there was so much cheese involved in the resolution- **. Not much of that from him in this chapter, actually. Maduin's more guilty of it, in fact, but given how outright obsessive he is over his daughter in this story, it's in character... Good chapter!

...Gee. I wonder who it is Lezard's facing down next chapter? My money's on Chuck Norris...
TheJadeDragon37 chapter 74 . 4/7
To start with I guess I'll point out that there's weird a few words missing here and there in the first half. Or a letter that completely changed the word.

Lezard, how long is it before you turn on Tina? Can't imagine that he's going to let her stick around to the end without trying to get rid of her somehow. How long is he going to play with others?

Shin fights pretty well for just getting out of the hospital. Wonder how the fight would have gone if he was at 100%.
SlainBladeHellStrike chapter 20 . 4/7
Well... after reading these first 20 chapters I must say that I'm intrigued! A good way to bring the knowledge of the conflict of the gods via Kuja, I like the battles so far and, hell, even Shin's relationship with everyone he's met at the moment and how he's becoming sort of like a best friend that Terra can rely on besides Celes... though I'll admit that amnesia isn't really my thing, I'm liking this so far! Hell I may even try to find a copy or a walkthrough of Chrono Trigger since I never actually knew about that game since I found the Chaos Theatre's Countdown Makers on Youtube, but your knowledge of the game and it's characters has me intrigued. Terra's mental conflict with her esper side is also a point in my book, I love interactions like those! The only things that made me a little upset was Lezard... without Terra's esper he's probably more OP than goddamn Yiazmat AND Ozma... (the memories... THE MEMORIES!) and Zack, because even though his personality here is, in my point of view, somewhat correct, since this is after Crisis Core AND Final Fantasy 7 in itself, I thought that he would be more mature and respectful of his companions, especially to Cissnei when I think back to all the trouble she must have gotten into just to help Zack and Cloud escape Shinra... maybe I'm just typing nonsense but that's just how I see it. All in all, part 1 had me hooked and for the LOVE OF FREAKIN GOD! May Kefka be his hero-annoying, narcissistic self for chapters to come! LONG LIVE THE CLOWN THAT NOBUO UEMATSU MADE DANCING MAD FOR!
Lenchkumaximus chapter 73 . 4/6
Damn! The action in this chapter was bloody bad ass! It so strange seeing how powerful Terra has become in this, Square Enix should be taking notes!

The thing I love about this story more than your other ones though is just how much more insane everything seems to keep getting, kinda like Gurren Lagaan in way, its pure hype
TorNathan chapter 18 . 3/7

Well, I didn't find anything here really interesting except for one thing:

Shin's power. I have a feeling Shinryu had a part to play there, but I could be wrong.

Also, the very last paragraph was the best paragraph in the chapter.

Titano Man XIII chapter 1 . 3/6
This is a pretty good start in this story so far. I found Shin's interactions with the Gold Chocobo funny. I wonder how his first meeting with Terra shall go? It might help with KHA.
TorNathan chapter 17 . 2/25

Anyway, your fight was okay enough. You write them long, but they're not done well. I do them well, but not long enough. Ugh, we continue to be two sides if the same coin, Herald.

Your bro,
TorNathan chapter 16 . 2/25
There's nothing for me to really say.

Yay, Lunarians! Cool to see them so early. I fear that the race is about to die and the CPU will be taken.

Oh god, is Terra about to fight Lord Lezard Valeth? I hope I'm right in it being him; the sword kinda gave it away.

TorNathan chapter 15 . 2/25
Okay. When it comes to the fight that is the namesake of the chapter, I found the dialogue between the two to be more moving than the action itself. 'Twas quite nice.

Aside from that, I like seeing the determination in the party. Not much else to say ab out the chapter except . . .

“Va-” . . . Lezard, perhaps? God-like complex. Glasses. Extreme power? Yeah, if I'm wrong then I allow you one time off your leash no matter what.

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