Reviews for Demigods Take Alpha Island
vanillabliss chapter 4 . 12/20/2011
Flawless. Absolutely flawless. I can not wait for the next chapter!
MarianWellingsDemigod4life chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
New Charecter Choice!

NAME:Marian Wellings

AGE:12 Born on May 18 1999


LOOKS:Short About 5'2"

Long darkish blond hair to mid-back usually tied back in a nerdy ponytail.

Big wide gray eyes

likes to wear blue jeans and is never seen wihout her favorite Navy Blue sweater. likes ballet flats but normally wears converse scar to the side her left eye that she will never tell anyone about.

PERSONALITY: loud! she can be so hyper fatal flaw is pride. you knock her reputaion down she crumbles.

she has alot of pet peeves and is not at all shy being diagnosed with A.D.D. she can't sit still for long periods of time so she lisens to audio books while biking or running daily marian is very emotional and crys easily.

LIKES:History,reading,textbooks,funny people,the National geographic channel,Halloween, Good books,School,lady gaga, iphones,Steve Jobs,and J.K Rowling Harry Potter!;)

DISLIKES:Math,disney channel,poorly written books,tabloid magazines,Valentines day(mushy/lovey stuff)


MORTAL PARENT:Christopher Wellings,Yale University Revalotionary War in love with Athena when she came to lecture at Yale.


WEAPON OF CHOICE-bow and arrow (and dagger just in case)

RELATIONSHIP WIH MORTAL PARENT-They love each other but she had to leave home at age nine because to many monsers attacked their house

RELATIONSHIP WITH GODLY PARENT-probably Athena's favorite child after Annabeth Chase

POWERS-remembers Everthing she has ever seen, smelled,tasted,felt,or heard EVERYTHING! exreme stratigist and an extremely accurate marksman(or would it be markswoman?)

FRIENDS:Annabeth,Piper,Juniper and most dryads,athena cabin ,and Demeter cabin.

ENEMIES:ares cabin

CLAIMED...HOW? :right when she arrived at camp...after tripping over a comment
43dfglkhsdfn gbjklsdadfgf chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
" I'm just the daughter of Hades " I LOLed at that!


Just wondering, wouldon't visiting her dad have made her STRONGER, and opposed to weaker? I guess it could go either way, is there another side to that story too, then? hmmn..

* "You're boyfriend saw us," should be YOUR- it's a posessive, not a

*" sudden pained ripped " should be PAIN- it's a noun, not an adjective.

Hearted it otherwise, can't wait for the rest!