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Irrevocably-a-TimeLady chapter 1 . 5/17/2011 um you're a bit a of a bigot I see. A heterosexist homophobic bigot, oh how just love people like you.

"How can you go gay after being with McSteamy?"

Well first of all, Callie is not a lesbian. Callie is bisexual, not that it matters. She didn't "go gay". No one "goes gay". Gay (or anywhere else on the spectrum for that matter) is not a choice. Callie did not choose to be attracted to Arizona. Arizona did not "lead her into temptation". Callie was attracted to at least two other women in the span of the show (Erica and Sadie, though Sadie not as much). Callie has a huge, open and loving heart. We have seen that over the past few years. She has the ability to love anyone, which is why she was able to accept herself falling in love with a woman.

Sexuality is not confined to black and white terms. It is fluid, it changes. As humans we are capable of loving any person if our minds are open to it. It is only within fairly recent history that relationships with someone of the same sex is frowned upon.

You have such a narrow minded view of what love is. Who are you to say who someone can and cannot love. And don't go pulling Bible verses at me. Jesus never said anything against homosexuality. Only the rich white old men who decided what would be included in the Bible had a problem with it. God is not the one against homosexuality, the old men who wanted to control a society were and still are. It is up to you to chose what you believe, not what a book that written to control the masses tells you.

And even then the original verses did not include the word homosexual. That was added in the early 1900s. The word homosexuality wasn't even a concept until the 1800s so how could it have been in the original scriptures? The first recorded use of the word homosexual was in 1886.

Sexuality is not confined to the rigid standards that a rigid society has set. It is not a matter of straight or gay or bisexual or any other self-identifier on the spectrum. It is a matter of attraction, a matter of love. Sexuality is not chosen. I did not wake up this morning and think "ya know what? I'm going to be gay today." I did not decide to be more attracted to women that I am to men. I did not choose to be a member of a group that is cast aside by our society, by my government, by the religion that I belonged to. No member of the LGBTQIA community chose to be that way any more than you chose to be straight. The only thing we chose was to no longer hide who we are.

Somewhere you must have missed the message that not only Grey's gives, but the messages of the Bible you so willingly quote. Universal theme is here is acceptance and love. It is people like you who cause LGBTQIA youth to commit suicide because they see no other way. Hate that you are continuing is what causes them to think that there is something wrong with them. Sexuality is not taught, it is something ingrained into who we are. Hate on the other hand is learned. It is passed down from parents, from peers. We are not born hating anyone.

It does not matter what you write, what Bible verses you quote. You will not change the fact that the LGBTQIA community exists. You will not change the fact that we are being represented in the media more and more. What you can do is educate yourself. Learn the history behind the words of the religion you cling to. Try to form an opinion that is purely your own, not one that has been handed to you by your mommy.

And always remember: You can't pray away the gay.
Lelila Solo chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
Okay honey, I'm not sure how old you are, but gives us the anonymity so I'm going to treat you like anyone else on here.

Your story is rushed, sudden, and unbelievable. There is no set up and the plot line is ill-conceived.

It seems like you are trying to stick to the characters that Shonda has created, and you just didn't like what happened to them. In that case, your characterization needs serious reconsideration and work.

Your narration is shallow and your dialogue is cliche. You need to expand your narration to set up the scene that you are trying to create.

Callie's sudden outburst is unbelievable in the fact that you don't know who she is talking to or why she even says it.

It may be a tiny bit more credible if there was any way to believe it.

Their attitudes clash with the actual characters. Callie's sudden "I'll never speak another word to her as long as I live." line and subsequent dialogue is completely unrealistic and out of place.

I love Mallie too, but I also love Calzona because they love each other. I certainly hope that your mother is not closing your eyes to the beauty of love. I don't ship Calzona because they are lesbians, I ship them because they are in love. Love is love is love sweetheart and this fic is preaching a message of hate. The world has too much hate in it already.

Mark has always supported Callie, and he is happy that she is in love and is loved back. There are many more tasteful ways that you could have expressed your opinion.

As an author, you need some work. I suggest looking into books on writing fiction. They are easily accessable at the library or online. There arne't too many redeeming qualities to this, without its offensive nature.
funkyshaz57 chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
You are one narrow minded fucken biggot! You clearly aren't a fan of Mallie at all because even most Mallie fans are biggots they may not like Callie with Arizona who by the way is ten times the person Callie or Mark are they just want them to be together they don't think OH YUCK she's gay! Don't write fics again because you suck to be quite plain! And if you like Callie and Mark so much you did a shit job of portraying it because you just made Callie out to be a cheating slapper and Mark to be someone with no morals...Seriously its people like you that this world would be a better place without
piper maru duchovny chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
I accidentally hit the favorite button instead of review. Believe me, it was an ACCIDENT because I could never enjoy something so spiteful. I don't want to attack your beliefs but I vehemently disagree with your treatment of the characters. You want to write Mark and Callie, that's fantastic! I find Callie and Mark to be quite enjoyable myself but to attack the Calzona fans and then have Callie jump from marrying to Arizona to Mark... that's just so not true to the characters. I hope you understand how you've offended people with this story and how you've blatantly disrespected characters you claim to love.

Please... just consider that much.
permeated-words chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
LOL YOU SICK ARSEFACE. You are twisted and mean.
emmer23 chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
It's really unfortunate that you felt the need to spread a message of hate. Mallie vs. Calzona doesn't need to be about whether or not homosexuality is a sin.
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