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Guest chapter 20 . 2/23/2017
hope you come back to this story one day i would love too see how Edward tells jasper he loves
tanseynz chapter 20 . 10/18/2014
A real puty you've never returned to this because your characters are so original, your story engrossing. Ty for including such a lot of wisdom too, it kept me thinking even when not reading and I suspect, will hang around for quite a while.
WhatIf96 chapter 1 . 2/3/2014
on my third time reading this story. love love love it! youre amazing, youre batman
silverpieces chapter 20 . 9/20/2013
I think this story is so much fun!
Mych0ice chapter 20 . 9/3/2013
I really like that the characters are not perfect!
aidabye chapter 20 . 6/19/2013
LOve Love the story. Bex is a hoot, and Emmett in a Robin costume too funny. I love the relationship between Edward and Jasper. I really hope you continue the story.
aidabye chapter 5 . 6/18/2013
I love Bex. The guys are adorable. Jasper's Parent's are DICKS. Just saying. lol
Robsblueeyes chapter 20 . 6/6/2013
Lol, Emmett finally has something to use on Jasper when he starts going on about his and Edward's sex life. I'm with Jasper though I couldn't bare anything like spiders in my hair, urgh! I'm glad Edward was able to sort through some of his thoughts and feelings with the help of Jasper. I thought the analogy Jasper came up with was brilliant and it did make sense and I also think that the key for Edward, in all of this, is time. I loved Jasper's realisation about his parents and how what they did ultimately led to him meeting Edward.

Please tell me this isn't the end. It's exactly 12 months since this chapter was posted and you haven't pressed the complete button so I'm living in hope that there's more to come. I love Batman, Alfred, Robin and Bex and I would love to read more of their journey together.

Jane x
Robsblueeyes chapter 19 . 6/6/2013
Well a trip to the hardware store will never be the same again, my mind will be full of Jasper and Edward porn, lol. Jason got a bit deep there didn't he. I knew Edward had thought about if Jasper hadn't talked to him in that bar but I really didn't think he was freaking out about in the sense that Jasper freaks out about things. I thought he was okay with his life and didn't dwell on things like that too much. Jason was definitely right about Edward not realising he has Jasper, Emmett and Bex, he's always at the edge of the group looking in like a constant voyeur. I suppose if you're always at the edge looking in if it disappears you've not really lost anything because you didn't include yourself as part of it.

On a lighter note, I loved it when Edward was telling Jasper he didn't like his Camels shirt, lol, there was just no winning with Jasper and clothes, he gets attached to them and he's more than a little OCD about them, hahahaha! They are complete opposites but they go so well together.

Jane x
Robsblueeyes chapter 18 . 6/6/2013
I should have guessed that he'd have to dress as Robin for the day, lol, I have to say I'd love to hang out with Robin he's so much fun and so are the rest of them, that poor tour guide just didn't know what to make of them, hahaha! Jasper does have a thick skin but I can see why he doesn't think he has when people calling him names really hurts him. Edward was right to get them all away from those dickheads, you have to pick your battles and sometimes it's just best to walk away and stay safe.

Jane x
Robsblueeyes chapter 17 . 6/6/2013
Bwahahahaha! Poor Emmett, he's so confused and who can blame him really? It's like a minefield to the uneducated or should I say oblivious or even both? I don't know, but I do know that every time Emmett opened his mouth I was thinking shut up Emmett you're digging a bigger hole for yourself, lol. I'm dying to find out what he has to do to get his Robin status back.

Jane x
Beautiful27Tragedy chapter 20 . 6/5/2013
Please, please, please give us another update )
Robsblueeyes chapter 16 . 5/27/2013
Damn, these two are so hot and horny I'm surprised my laptop hasn't gone up in flames yet, I know I need a cold shower, lol. So Edward's not quite in the same place as Jasper at the moment in the 'I love you' stakes. I think Jasper's right, out of the two of them Edward has been the loneliest. He worked all day, saw his family briefly at dinners and spent some of his time at the club indulging in his kink of voyeurism. It's a good job Edward went to that bar and Jasper turned up when he did. They've saved each other and are now making their own little family. Jasper's right, 'yet' is a good word, Edward will get there and it will be worth the wait.

How funny was Bex talking about Walter and his rough hands, his tongue and the cock that he certainly knew how to use. Lol, I think Emmett will need industrial strength brain bleach.

Jane x
Robsblueeyes chapter 15 . 5/27/2013
Awww, Jasper. He so wants to be loved and he is even if the three people he's with haven't told him they do love him in their own ways, even Emmett who is now part of the family. I agree with everything Emmett said about Jasper's parents and Jasper living his life for himself now. Why did Emmett end up in the foster system in the first place? It's really sad that he spent all that time moving from family to family because he wouldn't let any of them love him and be his parents. At least now, as an adult, he realises what he did and that it led go him getting into trouble. Emmett will make a fantastic dad one day.

Lol, is Bex about to get herself some cock? Does Walter have any clue what Bex is after?

Jane x
Robsblueeyes chapter 14 . 5/27/2013
Bwahahahahaha! I want a night out with Jasper, he's hilarious when he's drunk, absolutely no verbal filter whatsoever. His arm stuck up in the air "Edward, my arm hurts." Hahahaha! Let's not forget "Edward, I'm paralyzed." And wondering aloud whether Emmett could see Edward's cock if he pictured it in his head. Oh God, he's too funny.

Jasper's parents are definitely dicks. I can't believe him mum said all that to him, there's nothing maternal about that woman at all. If she had turned around at any point during that phone conversation and told Jasper he was adopted then everything would make sense, but she didn't and it would seem that she is actually Jasper's natural mother. It's going to take him time to get over his parents total rejection of him but he really is better off without them, they have done nothing but control him since the day he was born now he can start to become the person he's supposed to be with the people who really love and care for him.

Jane x
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