Reviews for It's All in the Details
Nyx Ro chapter 52 . 7/28
Yay, another update! ;-D
Selias chapter 2 . 7/28
216 million dollars in lost change, every year. Yeah, 500k is a REALLY conservative amount. I don't know, maybe he donated the rest, or something.
angeleyenc chapter 52 . 7/28
plz update! Interesting! Yay! Henry is with the boys!
darkeyesgirl chapter 52 . 7/28
yay new chapter
MaxLovesYugiYami chapter 52 . 7/28
Ohhhh. What's going to happen! I hope Cas gets better soon. And is Ellen And Joe going to show up soon?

GoldenRat chapter 52 . 7/28
An update! Bit filler, but so relieved to know this fic hasn't been abandoned.
Thank you.
jennytork chapter 52 . 7/28
I have loved this story from the beginning.

I love it even more now.
Crowley'sMooseSquirrel'sAngel chapter 52 . 7/28
Yay, an update! :D
OfTheErised chapter 52 . 7/28
Thanks for the update! I almost can't believe that after everything they still have to worry about the apocalypse. Oh well. How much longer will the story be? Whatever you do, keep writing.
Riddle7777 chapter 52 . 7/28
Oh no...looks like the apocalypse might just occur. Or not...considering that Dean isn't about to go to hell. Still it's a pity. I would really like to see what you do with Michael as well. Should be damn interesting.
jazzy2may chapter 52 . 7/28
so happy to see an update! I adore this story. :D
Patty1965 chapter 52 . 7/28
I love this story! I have read it about 5 times! Thank you for the update!
Guest chapter 52 . 7/28
Ooooo! Christmas in July! This is one of my favorite stories!
Hocapontas chapter 52 . 7/28
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to fear you weren't going to update again. I'm worried though. The final seal is reforming as Abadon, which means they can't kill her, but they have to kill her. there's no other choice. Which to me, means that Time is trying to reset again. Which means that Lucifer will be freed. I am so glad they have the colt and Gabriel to help with Abadon, so that Dean doesn't have to take the mark of Cain. Also, the way your writing this story, it will not be a Destiel story? Here's hoping your updates will be more frequent now you've started updating again. :)
kasey123 chapter 51 . 7/16
Need more please
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