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Aelita17 chapter 4 . 5/9/2013
Well, of course this story is already finished and there's nothing to change in it, but maybe you will write another Doctor Who story and this little remark will make you think. Nevermind, I think you get the point ;)
Aelita17 chapter 3 . 5/9/2013
Catchphrases are good. Catchphrases are cool. But after some time they weary. Just think about it while writing next "Hello sweety" or next remark about bow ties, ok? :)
Besides this, another wonderful story! I'm sad Ginny is dead, of course but your plot ideas are marvellous.
nict chapter 11 . 4/10/2012
Rooory! nooooo! I knew he had to die, but still. he is one of my favourite companions. he's badass. I absolutly (did I spell that wrong?) LOVED all the emotion you gave the angel. it was heart breaking. even how it talked to harry, oh, I almost cried. I could just imagine Harry leaning, saddened, against the mirror, his face a blank of so many emotions. the angels small, childish voice, speaking softly. and river, oh, she's tricky as always. you do a fabulous job of writing her, the parts where she hasn't been yet. oh, and the maureders (i knew I spelt that one wrong) map, good thinking. I loved the mirror, oh and the bit where the angel got a name. I had my face practically pressed against the computer screen. This one was really really good. I liked how the DA accepted draco, he deserved it. I know that later on in the day/night I'll think of some other wonderful things I wanted to say in this review, i could probably write a whole page over the course of a couple of days. heck, I was itching to review in chapter 2 and onwards. but, you know me, I save it for last since once I start reading I can't stop. oh! I almost forgot to mention that I liked the part where they found luna. and I have one last parting remark for this review, cheese graters are cool. bye! see you soon on the next one! yay! bye!
Striders-Girl89 chapter 11 . 8/4/2011

I am going to go in the order that I wrote my notes (yes, I write notes when I read your stories.).

OKay, here it goes... what an ending..

I knew that Rory was going to get it. It didn't make it any easier though. In that scene I loved how the Doctor acted, how he couldn't bring himself to say that Rory was dead. I loved his reflections about him not being there for his companions when they needed someone the most. I thought it was a beautiful touch. I also think that you captured Bellatrix wonderfully. She was terrifying and everything that I love in her character was there. Perfect.

I really enjoyed the scene where the DA met the Death Eaters coming out of the vanishing cabinet. What Draco did was amazing and so brave. I loved when Harry turned around after everyone else had been stunned and realised what Draco was doing, and pretended to be stunned too. I thought that was all done really cleverly. What Michael Corner says to Harry in that scene is really nice too. I never liked his character much in the book, but this made me feel a bit more for him.

I love Rory so much. I thought that it was quite clever of you, how you saved Amy. It really makes sense for Rory to do that. I really, really loved that. It was still very sad though!

OH MY GOD DRACO DID NOT! *grips onto face with hands* I didn't see that coming, that's for sure. I wonder what Dumbledore said to him. It's obviously not all as it seems, 'cause lets face it, you're writing this and nothing is ever as it seems!

I thought the Doctor's eulogy was beautiful. I really got a bit emotional in that part.

But the ending is what got me. These were my exact words that I screamed out and everyone in my house came in to see what had happened;


Yep. I screamed that really loudly. Reallllllyyyyyy Loudly.

So many questions now, but I am going to have to wait and see. Was that a patronus that led him to them? If it was, whose was it? Don't tell me. :D

I absolutely loved it. Your writing is amazing!
Elizabeth.M.Kelli chapter 11 . 7/3/2011
Jerk! You made me cry!

I do however think it was amazing poetic justice that Rory giving his life for Amy took out the time-traveling Bellatrix.

Also, when you said lifeless in that last bit...please tell me they're not acctually dead, just laying so still they seem dead until to get close enough to see the rise and fall of their chests. Please?

Also, the fish...yeah, I guess that counts.

The way Ginny the Angel died was really beautiful too, she died in a last effort to be the good guy, it was amazing.

But you made me cry, and I'm rather irked with you about that.
Fedora Ferret chapter 11 . 7/3/2011
And I thought The Call had a downer ending.
Striders-Girl89 chapter 10 . 6/30/2011

*Clears throat* I am always a little concerned when you start off with saying that you're evil and to not hate you. Just saying :P

I am really enjoying the scenes with Harry and the Angel. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, but it is nice, the friendship of sorts that has formed. I like it.

I think I am in the half of the DA that is interested in seeing what Draco could to Zacharias Smith, so I am a little dissapointed that he didn't get to blast him across the room or something! I loved the comment "including Ron's, though he swore it was an accident!" Very cool.

I am really enjoying River in your stories.

I loved the sentence about the Doctor's eyes. It is so true. It was brilliant.

"What's a good name..." I admit that i gave a small *squee* in that part D I could help myself. I laughed though when I went on to read the "Peri - no, not that." So funny. The whole entire scene was so moving though, and the name that she chose for herself - it was all so beautiful! *wipes tears from eyes*

I am not going to lie, I am slightly terrified about what is going to happen...

Hehe "you're such an archaeologist".

Oh. My. God. Did you just kill Rory?
Striders-Girl89 chapter 9 . 6/30/2011
Ooohhh, I loved this chapter!

Harry's thoughts on the future that he'd seen were so... amazingly well written. I really felt the fear, the angst. It was perfect. And Draco's reactions to what Harry was saying, the disbelief was perfect too. the whole scene was pure brilliance!

I really feel for the Angel, even moreso than before now. I really do love the Doctor as a character, but sometimes he does some silly things! I think you summed it up wonderfully with River's thoughts.

It really was a wonderful chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next, even if I am a little bit scared :P
westwindhowl chapter 10 . 6/29/2011
...NOOOOOO! That's it! Doctor, go all Oncoming Storm on her ass and make her wish she was Madame Kavarian! No one gets to kill the last Centurion and get away with it! But bring him back first, THEN go all Oncoming Storm!
Kageriah chapter 10 . 6/29/2011
Oh, you evil, evil person.
Fedora Ferret chapter 10 . 6/29/2011
Oh Rory, why do you insist on taking instant-kills for Amy.
Elizabeth.M.Kelli chapter 10 . 6/29/2011
God Damnit!

Knew Rory dying was coming up at some point. But I wasn't expecting it to be this chapter.

I notice there are no fish. Why are you obsessing over fish in my story when you didn't write even one into yours? Okay, new rule. Whenever you obsess over something (either of us) we have to write it into the next chapter of our stories. Got it? This way the obsessing can be laughed over as an inside joke later.

Also, I love the name Nameless chose, it was a good one. I don't however, like how the DA reacted to Draco. I would hope they would be a little more open minded. I mean you have a fellow classmate (who, you truthfully don't like very much) tell you a bunch of bad guys are about to take over the school during a wartime. You would think they would at least go and set up a guard while leaving him unconcious so he won't fight along with said bad guys.

Much smarter solution.
Elizabeth.M.Kelli chapter 9 . 6/25/2011
Oh...poor angel. I knew it was the Weeping Angel! I said it was and you were trying to divert me. That's not very nice...

But I'm glad that Harry's finally told someone about what happened. And you don't even need to squint to see Draco/Harry relationship anymore.

But poor Harry, the very idea of all this is tormenting him..

I've realized, you're not very nice to your characters. I mean I have done mean things to Evie, but not quite on the level you've done to Harry...

Yeah, I think that's your evil showing through.

But I'm sorry I didn't review this earlier, I had orientation and I couldn't get onto the internet, so I just got the chance to read and review it now...But I'll be down to breakfast soon...Going with my suitmate, so it should be interesting...
Striders-Girl89 chapter 8 . 6/21/2011
Yay :D More Doctor Who/Harry Potter goodness!

So poor Rory is all the way back at Hogwarts in the Marauder's time? Interesting, but poor Rory. I really liked how you wrote River in that scene with him, just a subtle hint to the latest series. I also liked the line of River's about how Rory's 'spoiler' needed more pizzazz! That was quite funny!

I thought Amy's gush of possible passwords what very cool too. I think if I was pressed with that task I would have done the exact same thing.

I liked the line about the Ghost Rory got good at saying spoliers and the 'who da man' part was brilliant! I can just imagine him trying it out again, I had a really good mental image of him actually slapping himself in the face, it was great!

Nice reference to that woman with the eyepatch in series six. I thought you did really well with all the small references throughout the entire chapter. Ooohhh and the "who are you, my mother line" and River's response was perfect!

As always, it was such a pleasure to read, I can't wait for more!
Flying Fisher chapter 8 . 6/18/2011
Just wanted to say, that this series is brilliant - you capture both Doctor Who and Harry Potter and weave them together splendiferously. Keep up the good work!
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