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Cindy M 19 chapter 4 . 3/20
Dr. Umlauf have a sailor mouth when angry, I bet Dr. Willy could pee on himself if he hear that swearing. XD
Cindy M 19 chapter 9 . 3/20
You know that? If Roll ever get a cannon like mega man hers enemies could be history XD
SapphireLibra3 chapter 3 . 2/2
Wow, this was really good. The puns were on point, and although it was similar to the Ruby Spears version, it was different enough where I was really interested.

I see you're making the Mega Man/Proto Man story a lot more serious in this version. I like that. And I hope Met is a reoccurring character.
Dragonraptyr chapter 43 . 1/31
That makes complete sense. I can't believe I didn't remember that part of Proto's in-game back story before. Very clever of you to bring that up. That is a part that is very distinctly Proto.
Inuyashagirl7692 chapter 43 . 1/31
I've only read(ish)- skimmed? - two fan fictions for Mega Man, and it's weird how different the brothers regard each other. In the other story, Mega Man was all about family (not that he isn't here) and much more open emotionally. Here, it's Proto who keeps reminding Mega that they're brothers. Anyway, from what I read, it was cool and well written. I always like Proto when he's snarky, but I love Mega when he's snarky and genre savvy
DestinyZX chapter 40 . 1/25
I don't care if it is late. I really enjoyed this chapter. I really miss Recut and I'm sorry if I didn't review sooner but now is as good a time as ever.

I have to say that this is truly amazing. Wow. What a heck of a chapter that was. I loved it a lot and I look forward to more. Why not. I may as well.

Great job as always.
MegaManV chapter 43 . 1/22
Thanks for mentioning me, Black Russian. Anyway, I really like what you are doing to the series and look forward to Season 2.
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 43 . 1/22
"I like Stone Man, he's a nice robot," said Wood Man. "When we get back to Skull Fortress, you should play Candy Land with us."
...Why does this make me feel guilty?
Probably because at some point he's going to get smashed up and say something stupid while it's happening, and I'm going to laugh.

"True, pushing the boundaries of science has its risks, but risk is needed to be a great visionary. Alas, the neutronater is a prototype, and you know how unpredictable prototypes can be, even ones built from a great scientist like you."
I hear lunch bells ringing -Wily served him big time!

Aww, Proto Man cares for his sister! I'll bet Gravity Man isn't too old for Roll - *buster'd*

(I know what the answer will be, but sometimes I almost wish Mega would say yes and go with his evil brother.)

Dr. Light is a gambler? Tsk tsk.

Guts Man is being very ungrateful today.

Oh dear, those things have gotten a lot smarter. The whole environment feels like a boss is going to appear and try to maul them before forcing them to flee back to the top. Not even Proto likes it, so it must be bad. I wonder if they used to throw sacrifices down there?

...yeah, it's as bad as I thought. Worse, even. (But if Ra Thor is with the cops, has that been part of an elaborate trap years in the making?)

Then I was relieved a little, then back to the OH NOES

Dr. Wily, this was your worst idea ever, Lion Men included.

I'm glad Mega is loyal to his family above all else. I want to make a wisecrack about birthdays, but can't think of anything.

...I guess I shouldn't have blamed Sunstar after all.

I look forward to the next season! :D
Gancena chapter 43 . 1/21
Wow. An entire fanfic is under your belt now. How does it feeeeeeeeeeeeel? :DDDD

Dr. Light and Wily argue eerily similar to the way that Mega and Proto do. Like... geez.

And Wood Man is still the best. I made an odd Gancenan noise pretty much whenever he spoke to Mega, but the Candy Land invitation and "Good luck!" took the cake. I'm legitimately a little sad that he's in a conflict he clearly doesn't understand, but I also admire his dimwitted innocence. agh Wood Man

I only realized that the "Great One" was Ra Moon when that slice of him awoke. And I did think about Ra Thor when it happened, so it's nice to know that there is indeed a connection, even if it did cause quite the unpleasant jolt...

Thanks for warning us beforehand not to read too much into the line from Bro Bots, lol. And when Proto Man pointed out it'd been a year since Rock and Roll's activations, I had to stop and stare for a moment. You clever girl. You sly scribe.

(Also, you are welcome for pointing you to tumblr. :3)

[tiny Gancenan noise]
Rabid-Cheetah chapter 43 . 1/21
Halfway there! You can make it!
BlueStar Sapphire - ProtoZero chapter 43 . 1/21
Yeah an update, you made my sick in bed day much happier. I look forward to season 2

tourise chapter 43 . 1/21
Nice interactions between the brothers, and a surpriseing "Happy birthday" from Proto. I am really enjoying your story, I will be waiting for season 2 to unleash.
RedemptionWarrior chapter 43 . 1/20
It's nice to know I helped you out. I have quite liked your interpretation of the series and am looking forward to the next season. You've made a nice blend of believable and fantastic while including Robot Masters that hadn't gotten a chance to appear because it was cancelled. Perhaps I'm merely repeating stuff I've already said? Well, whatever. See you later.
Little Kunai chapter 43 . 1/20
what a fantastic end to the first season! 8D I loved the alliance (poor woodman he's just trying to make friends mega coulda been a little nicer I'd love to see an image of wood stone and mega sitting down to a cheerful game of candyland at skull fortress) and I love how you wrote in some of the more mysterious elements like the well in the volcano and the purple flame. careful wily, mega and light may have a problem bloodying your nose and tossing you overboard but roll sure wouldn't mind. can't wait for the mini episode fic and ooh dying to see what's going on between duo and ra thor X3

see ya next time black russian
Teribane chapter 43 . 1/20
So, Ra Moon was the Actual Perfect explanation for this episode and that was glorious. That's all I'm gonna say on that.

Mega not listening to Proto about the Syndicate is gonna come back to bite him in the butt. That's how it always works. ;; Also I liked the little bit of foreshadowing to Brobots. I really did.

I'm afraid I can't think of anything extra super detailed about this fic that I haven't already gushed about in a previous review somewhere, but... congrats! You managed to finish this fic, this ridiculously glorious fic, something about the length of one third of the entire Harry Potter series. And you did it in just two and a half years. And it still turned out /amazing./ I can only applaud. ;u; (This is by far my favorite Mega Man fic ever by this point, by the way. Thought I'd mention.)

(I can't wait for the next season.)
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