Reviews for Mistake
Jinx chapter 1 . 6/7/2015
It was pretty good
Allegiant76 chapter 2 . 12/30/2014
Vee don't-a be so sad. I did cheat on doitsu once but I still love him. Lots of people line-up you write this
hahahaharlequin chapter 5 . 11/1/2013
Well ... that was unexpected ..

kinda like my head-canon ..

Good thing you, author-san, voiced out every PruMano shippers' head-canon

thank you for that lovely fic :3
Sam-Chan and Jason-Kun chapter 3 . 3/15/2013
He's going to die He's going to die Cause Spain and Lovi are going to kill him
Sam-Chan and Jason-Kun chapter 2 . 3/15/2013
I can picture France's words right now:
France: ohohoho, I knew they where just like Rome, but now i see their the mini versions of him * perv face* e7e
Sam-Chan and Jason-Kun chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
I know a nice way: um, Romano i'm very, very, so very sorry at what happened last night :( I'm more sorry for this than anything i have every done, and i done a lot of stupid stuff. I'm telling the truth because i love you and its the right thing to you want me to leave than i will leave. You don't ever have to speak to me again, i will understand. Just know that i'm sorry and i love you forever. And that's how it done, (ps i know he probably won't take my advice)
DemonCapt.AdrienKirkland chapter 5 . 1/20/2013
O/O *brain dead from the awesomeness*
RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets chapter 5 . 7/19/2012
This was amzing! I love it!
Cookie L3n L3n chapter 1 . 12/26/2011

SOOOO cuuute3 instant fave!
Iyosana-Hari chapter 5 . 9/25/2011
3 I love this~! 3
Iyosana-Hari chapter 2 . 9/25/2011
But~ Prussia has ask Italy out, and finds him cute, not annoying...

But I like bipolar Italy, so~ still good I guess.
Catastrophic Tomato chapter 5 . 9/10/2011
Ahh~ This was so sexy. And Uke Prussia... I couldn't help but squeal after reading it twice! You did a very, very great job on this. I loved every second. Awesome, for a first timer. I know I'd never be able to do this. I do hope you one day get the inspiration to write more Prumano! Definitely my OTP. Anyways, LOVED this and thank you for writing it!
Regis Filia chapter 5 . 7/24/2011
I'm glad that I found this fanfic.

Seme!Italys..? Uke!Prussia...?

The world is so very beautiful!


Great fanfic!~
essjayf chapter 5 . 6/30/2011
Ahhhh, bottom!Prussia is my favorite kind of Prussia.

I was frowning a little on the inside at first, since Romano didn't seem to care that he was uncomfortable/in pain, but when it eased out of that it was splendid.

"Prussia would never admit to anyone that he rather enjoyed not being on top."

Awh yeah, that's right. You bottom and you LOVE IT, BITCH.
What'sMyName'sBusiness chapter 5 . 6/29/2011
That was /really/ good for a first try.

At first I was a little uncomfortable because Prussia was uncomfortable (and in pain which Romano ignored), but then when I learned it was like that because Romano was inexperienced I was pretty much OK and got pretty into it.

"Prussia would never admit to anyone that he rather enjoyed not being on top." - THIS. I love this. xD It's in my headcannon that Prussia actually likes being bottomed. And the fact that he was bottomed by ROMANO of all people. *hearts*

I really enjoyed reading this fic, and hope you'll do more PruMano (or...RomaPru) in the future~ Even if you don't write stuff like this epilogue again. xD
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