Reviews for Gold, Silver, and Copper
blasterdog chapter 42 . 7/25
Great fic. There should be more stories with naruto being brothers with the gold and silver brothers
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 6/7
that was good keep the chapters coming
Grim24 chapter 10 . 5/20
*Sigh* Give up i really give up in this fic i reach 10 it make no sense anymore maybe next time ill read it. Anyway please continue updating the story!
Grim24 chapter 9 . 5/20
The story proceeding so fast and the author is stunting naruto the author should let naruto travel around more or you after gin and kin die you should let naruto head straight to konoha to make the story more interesting
Grim24 chapter 7 . 5/20
Seriously come on man you already remove gin and kin in the story so early so isn't a little bit early for naruto to meet those two monster!
Grim24 chapter 5 . 5/20
It iritates me how naruto doesn't even learn a single in his time with the gin and kin

You know not trust a ninja easily but no he did the thing that no ninja should do he reveal his identity to kakashi it will be exciting if the author make naruto a little more mature
Guest chapter 29 . 3/23
It shows that Sasuke has a heart that he doesn't just leave sakura were she falls
Frozen Fox 95 chapter 42 . 2/18
marquis.shax chapter 39 . 2/9
ugh you're pissing me off you've got Kumo chasing after Naruto trying to kill him for supposedly having the tools of the Rikudo Sennin and yet apparently Naruto doesn't have them and you've made no mention of where they could possibly be at. Then there's the fact that you're clearly not going to have Itachi give up Danzo for having Shisui's eye
marquis.shax chapter 28 . 2/8
hmm so will you be revealing what actually happened to the treasures anytime soon or will that continue to be a mystery?
marquis.shax chapter 16 . 2/8
yea I call bullshit if Naruto had control of the Asura shroud (yea I know that's not it's name but it's better than 9 tail mode or w/e it's called in canon) he'd absolutely destroy Sasuke in his lvl 1 curse seal state and there's no way Sasuke's body can keep up with Naruto's speed which in that shroud is at least as fast as Lee with probably 1 or 2 gates open
marquis.shax chapter 12 . 2/8
I find it funny that Naruto and Haku are at the VERY least Chunin level but Jiraiya only says their only genin. Also the Kurama's chakra would overwhelm a simple fire seal Jiraiya had to design a seal specifically to cut the connection between Naruto and Kurama as even if it's fire and wind natured chakra (anime only) it's still DEMONIC chakra. Seriously if it were that easy to cut the connection between the Kyubi and it's host nobody would be worried about facing one in a war
marquis.shax chapter 9 . 2/8
hmm so without Kurama's chakra it seems like Naruto is around maybe low to at most mid jonin level but with Kurama's chakra he's high jonin to probably low Kage
marquis.shax chapter 6 . 2/8
I think you made a minor mistake with Kurenai and her team. Kurenai while not exactly a great sensei would have immediately taught her team chakra control especially due to the fact that she's a genjutsu mistress she understands the need for control better than anybody but a medic. I'm also willing to be that Kakashi is the only sensei who didn't bother teaching chakra control even though Asuma focused more on strategy i'm sure he taught his team control before they got on any missions higher than a D rank. Kakashi is just a lazy bastard i'm honestly wondering how exactly he got the promotion to Hokage before Naruto considering Tsunade could've named him Hokage and stayed on for a year or two before completely retiring to be his advisor
marquis.shax chapter 4 . 2/8
ok so this makes no sense so far since there's been absolutely NO mention of Jiraya not even a veiled reference to him and if someone really ever did come into Konoha an managed to get out with Naruto there's absolutely no way that Sarutobi wouldn't have Jiraiya use his spy network to try tracking Naruto. Then there's the fact that there seems to have been zero training for Naruto. You've also failed to explain how the Gold and Silver brothers are still alive or why Kumo wants them dead so badly especially when I believe that they never served under the Yondaime A but under his father the Sandaime
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