Reviews for Tragedy 02: Tragedy On The Landing Pad
FutureOscarWinner94 chapter 7 . 5/28/2011
The day you dissapoint me with your writing, will be the day pigs fly LOL You've got me in love with this story and pairing! Excellent job!
M.Uchman chapter 7 . 5/28/2011
This is a really good story. You have me hooked pretty good. I do look forward to reading the rest of the story!
sachariah chapter 7 . 5/28/2011
Great chapter, again. Love both Anakin and Shimni's concern for Barriss - the tension is growing very well.

Barriss's selflessness through the entire ordeal is heartwarming, and I'm feeling much like Anakin right now. She is a healer (or training as one), so I hope for the best.

Curious as to why Shmi sees Barriss as "lost" - very curious. Also, how Barriss sees her future entwined with Anakin's - I'm hoping she is what Anakin needs to resist the lure of the Dark side; she's certainly capable of that kind of influence. And again, I really want to see them come together.

The section of Barriss within her trance was beautifully done - mystical, a little creepy, and promising much to come. I'm enjoying this immensely.

Update soon!
sachariah chapter 6 . 5/28/2011
Amazing action - thrilling and vivid. I'm loving your characterization of Barriss here. It's admittedly different from mine (though not by much, and these are unique circumstances), but I'm loving it more and more.

Barriss's... "unorthodox" healing attempt from last chapter was almost amusing, though the dire setting kept it from sounding anything like silly. Very well done. I hope she's okay - I love this pairing, as AU it is.

Anakin's restraint despite his pain and anger bodes well for him. He realizes that simply charging in and recklessly attacking won't do his loved ones good, so he checks himself, waiting till the time is right. Admittedly, "waiting" doesn't excuse everything (Sidious is a patient man, after all), but it shows that he's not succumbing like he did in AoTC. I hope for the best, but look forward to wherever you take this!
sachariah chapter 5 . 5/28/2011
Great job with Anakin's vision - it's vague and abstract enough not to give away everything, but it still gets the danger across, and it's eerily beautiful.

Also, love how you actually *use* Barriss's presence in this story, rather than making her basically a sidekick that tags along as all the canon events proceed normally, making small talk or observations that are either inconsequential, or, if they are important, ignored. I have no idea where this is going, but the fact that Anakin is being given a fellow Jedi with a sympathetic ear has tremendous potential - I've always felt that a huge factor in Anakin's fall was how he was cut off from his fellow Jedi in his fears. Barriss is a strong character, and an ideal companion to both sympathize with Anakin and to temper his rashness.
Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay chapter 7 . 5/28/2011
I have previously written this story off and I just wanted to say great story and I hope to read more of it!
FutureOscarWinner94 chapter 4 . 5/19/2011
This is like the best Anakin/Bariss story ever! I seriously can't wait to read more!
sachariah chapter 4 . 5/19/2011
Wow - this is impressive. I'm a fan of Barriss, though this appears to be the "novel" spin of her (from "The Approaching Storm") rather than the TCW portrayal that I use - they're similar, but I think this version is little less formal than the TCW characterization.

Still, I like it, and I like this story alot. Even though I generally don't appreciate AUs. I've always thought a major factor in Anakin's downfall was that he faced all his fears virtually alone - he hid his attachments and therefore was deprived of any assistance from his fellow Jedi. Barriss is a natural fit for him, and it's like her to want to help him.

Though I wonder what Palps will have to say when he realizes that Anakin has found someone else to lean on.

I'll try to review the previous chapters later. This is again the first AU fic I've enjoyed - I hope you continue it. Your style and characterizations are excellent, even if this portrayal of Barriss is a bit unlike what I'm used to (I don't read much EU writing). Anakin and Barriss make a great pair, and its nice to find well written examples of it.
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