Reviews for Nameless Chipmunks
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Oh! *giggles forever* This made me smile. I love when Rhi & I inspire people xD

Oh, poor Jeff. I actually sympathize with him. It's annoying to be interrupted from inspiration when it's been dry... but, Jeffy, you should know that you do not ignore the princess in need.

Jay? Uh-oh... "Jay wasn't around...was he? No if he was then Matt would be there and he wouldn't be getting any peace which meant..." Adam called to whine to Jay. LOL Wait... what were Matt & Jay doing? xP

Jay & Judy are scary when protective. Jeff, watch out. & aweh, she does seem like the type to be welcoming of Adam's friends. & I like when people are protective over Adam. I can believe her not being intimidated of Jeff for a second.

D'aww *gushes* Adam misses his Jeffy. Adam needs love and attention, Jeff. & that's so sweet! My favorite Jedam position of all; Adam laying w/ his head on Jeff's tummy as they lounge on the couch. I adore it better than any sex scene or anything. They just fit like this.

Nameless! XD! *cackles* & it fits b/c Jeff doesn't have to get what Adam's talking about. It was cute. Sorry, Nameless, Jeff's tummy is better than talking to you. Poor little critter ;D

& I did not mind a bit. I'm very flattered. This was so adorable. My boys just the way I love them. Love this!

ilzehs chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Very adorable. Love Jay snapping. Adam is very spoiled, & I love a spoiled Adam. I love Adam & Jeff characterized like this. All you need is little improvement in your writing, but else, I adore the way you write Adam. Just be careful with the proper spacing next time.