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Words within Worlds chapter 73 . 7/9/2013
Hi. I want to warn you I am new to reviewing (my third one ever!), and I am half English- half Spanish (currently living in Spain) so, on with the Review!
This fanfic was EPIC; I've read HJ and this and I can say these are the best fanfics EVER! And I Just want you update the Rewrite ASAP because otherwise I shall despair (trust me its not pretty!). I want you to know out of millions of adoring fans (don't deny it, this is AMAZING) you have one more ;) .
So please rewrite this QUICKLY!
So that concludes this review (sorry its so long!) so please take me into account and rewrite this fast :) .
Can't wait to read the rewrite, so until my next review;
- Forlorn Heart
BlackMysticalWolf chapter 72 . 11/24/2012
This is the best fanfic ever! I just read this and I was like "Oh, boy... I'd like to write as much as she does!"
'Cause really, you're a very good writer! I'm excited to read more! Hope it's coming out soon!
Reese S. Quill chapter 72 . 10/29/2012
Week 1: Snow day! :D You know, I stared at the screen for an entire minute when Pippin swore. What? This is /Ame/? I only persuaded myself to add in 'damn' in HJ because techinically, it's in some prayers (though I forgot which ones), so I'm technically allowed to use it. ;) Huh. Pippin's becoming very...obsessive. I take it this is what got Violet to change her mind about the wedding?

Week 2: Yep. Harry beat someone up. But in a good way! You're right, he does have a softie side, though it's obvious he doesn't want to (don't mind the pun) let his guard down to people other than his close friends. Ah...the tower. I think we know where Ivy's going. Are you going to mention the other people fighting over her soon?

Week 3: Awesome presents! Though I don't get the cookie part. Did Sam actually meet up with Masila at one point? Still, I honestly doubt that she's actually in jail. Ha. Probably some kind of agreement they follow that they would both pretend she was in prison. "Sure, Sammy. I'm locked up in a dark danp cell. Riiiight." You should've followed up the mistletoe incident! Might've been fun to see.

Week 4: Ebony upset Emmy, Ebony upset Emmy...though of course, she's going to upset him right back. In an evil manner. Bwahahaha! Ahem. That was a cute seem between them all. Looking forward to see more of Hawk. :D What happened to Hazel, though?
lanternheart chapter 72 . 10/29/2012
Crap. So HJ and BD "might be a while off". *flips table*

Brynn has Masila's cloak. Of course it had to be the cookies. :P

*suspicious glance* Are you hinting at Harry/Violet? If you are... THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! *jumps around*

Pippin, you bastard.

"You Adonai girls; all the fucking same!"

My prayers for unbleeped swearing have been answered. :D

"Ebony upset Emmy."? What the hell did he do now? :/
Kamryn The Wanderer chapter 72 . 10/29/2012
:) I think I missed the mistletoe incident... But still an awesome chapter!
lanternheart chapter 71 . 9/29/2012
...Apples. Fucking apples? o.O Well, I guess that's better than sandwich fillings.

Willow? Isn't she a meek- Oh. ...That bastard.
Reese S. Quill chapter 71 . 9/29/2012
Pre-written? Does that mean you write it ahead of time or you outline your ideas? Pleeeease answer. Sorry, I'm curious. I'm trying to find ways to write around my crazy schedule, and my usual method for HJ is make a calendar with all the important events on it for brainstorming, fill in the blanks, write a draft (or two, when I think it's horrible or lacking inspiration), proofread and publish.

You write for Hunger Games? :O Wow...I just published a new story in that fandom ("Canary's Call"). I think I remember you writing a oneshot about Maysilee's death last I checked your profile. The title "Running" sounds could be about anybody, really. I hope it's not a tragedy. I can't stand reading tragedies unless I really have to, though I remember skippin gthrough this really touching fic about that unnamed District 3 guy who started the landmines. I'll go check it out after this. :)

Week 1: You know, I'd never believe it to be possible, but am I detecting ship tease between Violet and Harry? You're actually pulling it off nicely, by the way, if that's your intention. Pippin is annoying, by the way. And rather creepy, too, staking Ivy as his own property even when they're not yet married. He seems kinda obsessed...I mean, he's insiting to see his future wife's torturer. :P

Week 2: I'm not sure if the Robin Hood reference was on purpose or not, but it was nice. Marian was awesome. I think Brynn's crush on him is showing more as she gets older (by the way, you should probably cross out '12' in the cover and add in age 13). I do wonder if she's going to date anyone else first. Hanso definitely will. I'm actually a little worried as they get older. I'm not good at the lovey-dovey stuff. One of my favourite things about BD when I first began reading it was that it wasn't really about Brynnso; it was about Brynn, exploring her own character.

Week 3: So it's her. Huh. Well, I'm not really surprised-I'll even bet that she stole her cousin's fire equipment herself. Good explanation, too, about the Guard Base, although to be honest it paints the Captain a little selfish. He cares if the Guard Base and civilians are destroyed, but doesn't care much if Uptown's the thing that burns to the ground. Maybe it's because they have their own guards there. Hey, wouldn't that be interesting? A rivalry between the two kinds of guards? It's a little surprising that Ebony hasn't gotten Ivy out of there already, though. Speaking of which, where is Neopia's greatest schmoozer? Still no explanation on his disappearance on the last chapter, either. This should be an interesting twist in his plotline, with one of his closest allies being unable to help, but I don't think it's gotten to that point yet.

Week 4: OH MY GOSH, THAT'S WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT WITH A WEDDING IN PRISON! I'm torn between begging you not to do it because Hawk seems awesome and encouraging you because I don't think every rich kid gets a happy ending and it'd be really cool to see a wedding in prison. If that happens, it'd be awesome if you let Hanso attend. Brynn could refuse to let him inside, so he steals something right in front of her and she has to let him watch. :) I'm betting that Sasha will break Ivy out, 's not with Masila anymore, that's for sure. She should return the favor, as it's all really her fault.

Awesome chapter! :D
Calico Yorki chapter 70 . 9/12/2012
It's taken me a few days, but I've read this fanfic through, so far. This story is really, really fun, but it also has made me really feel for the characters, made me think, and made me feel a lot of emotions. I can't wait to read more!
Kamryn chapter 70 . 8/27/2012
Oh my gosh I love this chapter! It's very sweet. :)
lanternheart chapter 70 . 8/25/2012
When I saw that this had been updated so soon again, I was preparing myself for an author's note. xD

Oh, Timmy is missing? He's screwed.

It took me a few seconds to remember the hug, and I felt my cheeks heating up.

Violet's been on enough patrols with me to figure out that I'd spotted Hanso without looking for him. "Brynn's seen Hanso." She announced gleefully. She looked at Harry. "She so fancies him."

"I do not!" I insisted.

"Denial!" My fighting-partner sang. I rested my hand on my sword's hilt and contemplated pulling it out of its scabbard.
Don't you just love Brynnso? *squeals*

I seriously want to know more about Brynn's father.

Jenny? *facepalm*
Reese S. Quill chapter 70 . 8/25/2012
Week 1: Cool. Mr. Draik man was there. (You know, we still don't know his real there a reason for this? He's not a thief...). Harry! Begging from Brynn and Violet's help! I'm curious to know what exactly gave him this face heel turn/change to the good side, at least temporarily. I'm guessing it's the hurting Ivy ting, because I kind of got the impression that rich kids were loyal to each other for the most part.

Week 2: Wow. That By far my favourite action scene in BD so far. The knocking-Jonas-out-with-a-helmet thing...extremely, awesomely ironic. And it explains why Brynn had to wear hers in TFR (at least until she lost it).

Ivy and Hawk...I sense another pairing coming up. I'm curious to know what happened, but from what you've let slip out they did something to this guy and he was permanently disfigured, leading them to not being allowed to see each other. Pippin Manzana...yeah, I don't really see his family's theme. I get the 'Aves' thing, though- I like what you did there. ;)


Brynn's meeting with Hanso was so sweet. The 'Jenny' thing was funny, too.

I'm curious, though; where exactly /was/ Ebony? He doesn't seem the type to let his favourite cousin get beaten up.

Week 3: "It's amazing how unrecognisable you are with a change in hairstyle." Ironic echo from HJ Ch. 46? I like it. Highlights how alike Grace/Honey and Violet are. Bonus points for both of them saying it to their best friend(s).

That Theresa wanted to see her brother was nice. I wonder what's going to happen to him, and if he's going to have to wait eight months and go to Darigan Citadel? Gave me a slightly higher opinion, too. I never saw Sammy try to visit his aunt in jail...

Or was he clever enough to evade the guards that Brynn never found out? Hmm. Interlude idea. :D If that were true, then Sam would know how to get past the guards and let Theresa talk to - or say goodbye to - her brother. That would be fascinating, and it'd be hilarious to see how he could explain that. "How would you know how to get past the guards, Sam? And why?" " steal cookies?"

Depending if she could convince him to help her. He doesn't seem to like Jonas very much.

Week 4: I'm a little curious to know who Brynn's father is. Lost at sea, huh? I never believe that unless I see the body, or if the person fell off a cliff (If a person fell of a cliff, it's a Disney villain death and is therefore believable and pretty much certain that the person dies). :D Besides that, Brynn's birthday was sweet. The makeover was awesome. (Bwa ha ha ha ha).

Wow. Brynn's 13, so you're more than half-way through.
Reese S. Quill chapter 69 . 8/16/2012
I squealed when I checked my email and found out you updated early in the morning. Went on to have a horrible time at Math class, feeling absolutely miserable, checked my email again in the library, remembered you updated, and instantly felt that life was worth living again. :D Then I began reading it in secret intervals while I was suppose to be doing a Math exercise in the computer lab.

Week 1 (I'm guessing I'll do my reviews in this format from now on): Boys in one tent and girls in the other isn't really sexist. It's sensible, and avoids a lot of...awkward situations, especially if they're sleeping on the floor. J. K. Rowling did that in the "Goblet of Fire," didn't she, when they were camping out for that Quidditch tournament? Mr. Clair has been poisoned. Hm...I wonder if Razor was the one who told Sophia about the symptoms?

Theresa's found! Yay!

By the way, the "Spyderman" thing make be burst out laughing. I /loved/ the Amazing Spiderman (especially Gwen, she was /so/ much better than Mary Jane).

Week 2: I was actually expecting that Theresa wouldn't come back, to be honest. She seemed so set in helping Jonas. I still don't know what that guy's doing; he's a bit unpredictable now. I wonder if he really cares about Theresa. For now, I kinda picture him as Cesare from that Borgias family show. The guy who, when his sister confessed being scared to get married promised that if her husband abused her he would cut the guy's heart out with a dinner knife. And he actually did...

Week 3: That was sweet of Brynn, to be concerned about the Captain. I wonder if she'll ever ask about the Draik man again...after all, he was Summer's best friend.

Week 4: Harry's moving out! Yay! You know, he's changed a lot. I actually don't see him as much of a bully anymore. He doesn't even /act/ like one. He asks a bunch of guard girls to help him carry his bags, and he doesn't mind when Violet called him a nickname. Hey, you remembered! Adonai! I was wonderign when you'd put that in. :D

Cherry. Interesting character, although it has neither been confirmed nor denied that she is Ebony's girlfriend. I doubt it, at this point; I got the impression that he was ignoring her-he wasn't responding at all when she put a hand on his arm. Why do I have a feeling that Em and he aren't talking at this point of the story?

Awesome chapter. Hopefully I can write an official Hanso one soon. :)
lanternheart chapter 69 . 8/15/2012
Harry moved out? o.O Never thought that I'd see the day.

Huh. Ebony would actually be enjoyable to be around if he wasn't an asshole. :D

The fuck is 'the slipper'?

Hanso would be having a little laughing fit if he heard that; me, good little Guard Brynneth, not doing as she's told. Wait… Why am I thinking of Hanso? Bad Brynn.

*raises eyebrows* *fangirl squeal*
wormholes chapter 68 . 6/19/2012
/blink I actually forgot they were Neopets at one point.

I like how your story is playing out, it's pretty interesting c: Your grammar and spelling are good, so this is actually a pretty good story.

The only thing I think is weird about this is that Brynn's diary is so detailed. Most diaries aren't. But then again, this is for story telling purposes.

I laughed at the rich kid naming themes, but I couldn't get Violet's cousin's family's theme. At first I thought it was Batman lol. But there's no person called Cerise in Batman, so I have no idea. Then I realized it was still colours, but Ivy isn't a colour so... :P

I like how you characterise the many OCs in your story. They're pretty interesting, but Harry seems slightly one-dimensional. Or maybe that's just me. :P

NOT ENOUGH HANSO. xP Lol, I don't think you put enough of him in the story, I guess. Maybe that's just me again. xD

Well done :)
wormholes chapter 66 . 6/19/2012

I broke your code in the last chapter, by the way. It's: bz, ay, cw, dx and so on, right? /making wild guess

I'm going to review the latest chapter properly later. :)
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