Reviews for Sadness
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Oh...this is moving. I love Jeremy, even though I am not old enough to have ever seen him alive. Thank you so much for writing this. Indeed, we shall never forget you, Jeremy. (sniffle)

-A Stranger to this World
Frenchaccro chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
I'm very touched by your nice story. I love Jeremy too, and I express my feelings by campaining for his posthumous Bafta petition, since the only thing we can do is to get his memory honoured.

And now, it's dear Edward Hardwicke who has died May 18th! Such a good actor and kind man...He was a true and faithfull friend to Jeremy, the first actor to sign our petition for Jeremy's posthumous Bafta. Edward will be deeply missed, and remembered with great respect and love...
AssassinOfRome chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
Moonspun, don't stop! I need more! Please? *puppy eyes*

Aleine Skyfire chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
Darling, this was beautiful.

I'll address your author's note first and say that, for myself, I actually learned of Jeremy's death weeks before I ever checked out any Granada episodes. Ironically, it was from a fanfic, in which Holmes also tortures himself over it. (You should read it; I know you'd like it. "Holmes from Home" - it's under My Favorites.)

I've never been able to mourn properly, either, but I did cry a little bit over that one fic... and I almost cried over this one. (I would have, only I couldn't let myself - I would've been doing in front of practically everybody.) My eyes still misted.

I also understand why you've waited. From the very beginning of "Stardom," I knew that I'd eventually have to end it with Jeremy's death, and that was quite an emotional time for me, those early planning days. I came up with... I think it was two different endings, and one of them was much more vague than the other, though it would also be the better way to go. I've never yet typed out anything for that part of the story, though, even though entire scenes have formed themselves in my head. It WOULD be like saying goodbye. I can't do that, not until I reach that point in the story. It would be like playing the finale of a piece of music before playing the rest. It wouldn't be right, and it would probably seriously cripple my ability to write all the many stories between the beginning and the end.

Was this at all precipitated by Edward Hardwicke's death? Or did you simply put it up, and the timing coincided? Just wondering.

This was not OOC. Not a bit. Holmes was... lovely. Don't forget, hon, he's probably about the same age as Jeremy in this crossover-verse. I'd imagine that he's rather... mellowed... with age, that his natural emotions reveal themselves more now...

The guilt, certainly, is very natural, and very Holmes (but then, you already knew I leaned that way *weak smile*).

Watson was also lovely. And the last line was perfect. It was simple, short, and even a tad abrupt, which is the kind of ending a story like this needs.

The whole story was very feeling and touching. Absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of your very best.

*hugs* Five stars, dear. All of your Granada stories are so wonderful; I love them dearly - so I hope that it won't be very long before you can return to this crossover-verse. (Btw, can you choose something other than an MFL crossover or an ATtH update as your gift-fic? The latter I'm actually working on, but it'll be quite a long time before it's finished. And MFL just isn't flowing out of my head to my keyboard like it should be. Just wondering.) *hugs and kisses*