Reviews for Clouds on the Horizon 2: Countdown to Armageddon
GwenDarkstone chapter 46 . 6/29
so engrossed, I can't wait for another update! you have so much that would make sense it's fantastic!
Wicked Lovely 17 chapter 45 . 4/28
Love it!
guest chapter 45 . 4/27
You are like a, a genious or something thisis amazing story! I had to read it twise already to catch some of your hints and crossing points. Like : someone is gona be sooo dead when the chairman guy learns about the poisoned food, cause he was very insistent that Jake and Augustine must be captured ALIVE! Bit hard to do that if they eat poisoned food and die ) And it took me ages to notice that RDA are makeing "a zoo" where they want to put Jake and his family and at the same time the scientists on Pandora wonder if they could bring some Pandoran animals to earth. Really you are awsome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
rlrct chapter 45 . 4/24
Short but sweet!
rlrct chapter 44 . 4/16
Hah - wonderful update! You've got "Momma M'oat" portrayed perfectly. Norm's caught in her sights, and it'll be interesting to see how you unfold your plans for the Norm/Tanhi relationship that you've been building for so long.
BuckeyeBelle chapter 44 . 4/3
I'm so glad to see another chapter! Norm definitely needs Mo'at to watch out for him. :)
vsrp chapter 43 . 2/28
Very nicely done for Norman. But oh, the work ahead of him now!
rlrct chapter 43 . 2/28
Lovely update! Where did you come up with the idea of Pohtey's identifying Norm as a Singer? Great twist .. and Tahni's reaction .. wonderful.
Tisrusewa Karyu chapter 42 . 2/22
Welcome back!
This is an interesting extrapolation on the cord concept from way back (not mentioned in movie, but ASG I think). Can't wait to see where you take it. You are one of the top Avatar FF writers, and I'm glad you can contribute again. Health is everything. Take care of yourself, and keep on writing.
Guest chapter 42 . 2/18
Loved it! I've been following your stories forever and I'm so glad you have continued with this! I hope you post again soon. Thanks!
Commissar Critical chapter 42 . 2/17
Does anybody really care about this alien crap? Get to the xeno killing already
What Lies Beyond chapter 42 . 2/17

Seriously, the song-chords are a really cool concept. I'm looking forwards to finding out more about the secrets they contain.

Glad to know you're feeling better! And thank you for the new chapter!
vsrp chapter 42 . 2/16
Thank you for the update. I'm so glad to see this story continue.
rlrct chapter 42 . 2/16
Jerathai - it's great to see you back writing again and what a wonderful update to CotH2! Your song cords idea is terrific and opens up so many possibliities for your story line. Wow!
BuckeyeBelle chapter 42 . 2/16
I'm thrilled to see you updating again, and so thankful that you're on the mend.
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