Reviews for Pasta in the Desert
QueenOfBeasts chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
Hah! I really REALLY liked this! Actually, I just like animalized characters in general, but that's beside the point! I think you placed the characters into their roles in the desert ecosystem very well (because I just HAVE to take a scientific view on this). The only problem I have is Fradder. Specificly, when he got FREAKIN EATEN by Russawk! I was hoping for some animal-cross-species FrUK fluff, but how will that be possible is France is DEAD! Unless... OMG! Is he going to ressurect? Is he Jesus? Wait... he can't be Jesus, he's too much of a perv. ANYWAY! I was also wondering is I could POSSIBLY borrow this idea (turning the nations into animals in a specific ecosystem) and write my own story about it? Instead of the desert, it would be the African plains! Sound cool?