Reviews for Ometochtli
LittleBiscuit chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
Can't believe I haven't read this before! This one is the best one yet in the series, I love it. Drunk Eddie and Selina, haha, that's just a great mental image.

I just adored the whole philosophical edge Eddie had in the car, and his drunk shenanigans on Batman were hilarious! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing the rogues imitate batman behind his back and can laugh with each other.

I am incredibly amazed by how you switch from hilarious anecdotes to very serious conversations in a blink of an eye. The whole "this is it' line from Eddie, being a rogue till the end, made me shiver! I was almost afraid he was going to do something stupid and I also thought it was really well done how Selina picked up on the serious undertones in the conversation whenever Eddie presented them. It makes you wonder what happened that made Eddie decide to get drunk in the first place. Such mysteries...

And oh god, the pedestrian scene! Hahahaha, that made me laugh out loud because of this conversation on tumblr: post/13880819058/gorefish-amhil-gorefish-amhil That guy is canon to me and it made me ridiculously happy to find him in this story!

But yes. Selina and Eddie. These two are just perfect together. The dance scene, good looooord, I want to just hug them both. I adore their friendship but I also adore that this can be so easily shipped. *pushes them together* AND NOW KISS.

Actually, I don't mind at all if it can be read as romance or just friendship; both are great to me. Here are two individuals who can just spend time together, who function at the same level of logic. Both have quite sharp tongues and I bet they could have endless conversations, always softly poking fun of each other's personalities, ego's and costumes.

I'd just love to read more in this series! Or even a multiple chaptered story. So if you ever plan on doing one I'm sure to read it :D


-LittleBiscuit (AKA Amhil on tumblr... I might have to draw drunk Selina and Eddie now.)
Professor J. L. Nemo chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
*standing ovation*

Please, please, please please please publish.
thirteen riot chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
Loved it. Loved everything about it. Not enough Selina/Eddie love in this world. Also, I enjoyed your writing style. It wasn't like wading through swamp like some stories out there.
olivia chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
you have yet again put me in awe,bravo!but now i must know what the riddler thought what god batman would be!
horsewhisper3 chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
Another amazing story from you with these two! Your unbelievable! God! I LOVE Eddie when he's drunk LMFAO! Though I am envyous of selina for dancing with him! If its not too much to ask, do you think you could do a romance one shot with this?
The Illegible chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
I absolutely LOVED reading this. XD And I've been a lazy reviewer for way too long, so lets see if I can give you some thorough feedback like you deserve. You awesome writer you. :)

-The opening paragraph was a little mixed for me. On the one hand, you succeeded in creating a very clear picture of what was going on while infusing Selina's opinions of her current robbery throughout. I like it that you not only captured the lavishness of the setting, but also made clear that it's not all that impressive to Miss Kitty. Stylistically it felt slightly adjective heavy at times-"shadowy figure", "open safe", "large painting", "quick succession", etc. It's interesting, because on the one hand these do create a clear image of what is happening, and that shouldn't be sacrificed for something that lacks the same impact. On the other, I think it might flow more smoothly if descriptions were presented in more varied ways-the occasional simple statement, simile, metaphor, even switching order or spacing between adjectives and nouns. I was also thrown off for a sec by the pairing of "dull" and "richly furnished" in describing the office because I initially interpreted "dull" as visually dull rather than boring, which made the gaudiness of the setting somewhat tricky to envision.

-Another bit of critique (I swear I'll get to the unambiguously "YAY" bits soon ;P) for the "useless little security system" and "sad little safe". I LOVE the disdain dripping from Selina's inner monologue in both parts, but the repetitive phrasing between them read a bit awkwardly to me.

-I really, really liked it that Eddie is introduced with a mystery both in Selina's inner monologue ("What street gang would use non-lethal means for a simple home invasion?") and his unseen challenge to the property owners.

-I also smiled at how serious and intimidating Eddie is upon first observation...right before popping some gum into his mouth. XD Gotta love that man. And I felt so proud of myself for guessing the answer correctly, though my logic wound up uncharacteristically scientific and much less fun. Particles moving faster etc. etc.

-I was absolutely APPALLED to spot a tense inconsistency with "He steps inside". Really sir, you are supposed to be the all-powerful god of writing-incapable of such errs as we lesser mortals commit. What are the children supposed to think?

-It amuses me terribly that Eddie and Selina not only wind up crossing paths in museums, but the homes of hapless civilians on relatively quiet nights.

-"Although it's not very hard to remain unnoticed when there's a green elephant with a gun in the room." XD I loved this line. Oh, Lina...right on the mark as always.

-"But you say you are here to kill some time? What a wonderful coincidence! I am spending time here because someone was killed!" Loved this line too. Very poetic, enthusiastic, funny wordplay.

-"Do you often break into people's homes and ask riddles when you're drunk?" So many mental images came to mind entertaining this possibility. Dear god.

-You write the most beautiful drunken Eddie. Ever. Just thinking about him makes me laugh.

-No specific citations this time, just want to say (possibly repeating past reviews...but YOU DESERVE IT) that your dialogue is so kickass. Truly. Deeply. Seriously. Kickass.

-The entire toast bit made me chuckle. And only further cements that special place in my heart for your Riddler. Because he is glorious.

-Although I was able to figure it out, the single-line-of-dialogue to single-line-of-action alternations could require a bit of guesswork at times. Having either actions associated with the particular speaker or a bit of "he said/she said" going on helps signal who is saying what in my experience.

-:D I got so excited when the Iceberg came up. And Eddie's card made me grin.

-The repetition of "mobs" and "people" from the "She took another look around," paragraph to "flamboyant new elements" felt a mite heavy to me. No biggie though.

-"Did you just call someone smart?" "Almost." I laughed. Selina's double take was pretty lovely.

-Pulling back slightly for a broader declaration, it's a lot of fun seeing Lina being introduced to the rogue community as a whole. I like the idea of her being skilled, but new.

-"He has a taste for expensive art, along with theatricality and the absurd." I found this line very interesting, as well as Selina's skepticism regarding Ozzy's qualifications for the title rogue. The exclusive, semi-definite line between "us" and "them" was neat to see.

-Utterly loved Eddie's rant on authority figures and, specifically, Harvey as an authority figure...followed by Selina's little observation "Yes, don't you just hate narcissists?" Made me snicker.

-And then I outright cracked up when I reached the end of this section, earning odd looks from a witness. Man, seems Jonathan keeps passing Eddie in the most ridiculous conversations. ;P

-The section in which our duo is more obviously smashed was so spot on. You get major snaps from me. It's funny, and insightful, and once again the dialogue is marvelous and the characterization shines so perfectly.

-It was especially interesting comparing Selina's plans for retirement to Eddie's. Hers made me smile yet again (it'll be all your fault when I get sore cheeks) while his was an effective use of mood whiplash for pointing out that this is a very likely lethal lifestyle generally undertaken by people who can't be satisfied with anything else. And then another interesting bit of mood whiplash with the lucky pedestrian. On the one hand, that entire exchange was hilarious. On the other, it was a rather abrupt (and dramatic) attempt to take Selina away from a potentially heavy subject. And it was nice to see her point that out too.

-Eddie's explanation for why he loves villainy is pure genius, and you should be extremely proud of it. :) I also read it as a bit of a statement regarding writing or art in general, and what mark such artistes might hope to leave through their work.

-Liked the title tie in with "what god would you be?", and the forsaking of obvious associations. And that section gave me a severe case of warm fuzzies.

-...which only increased in severity during the following section, with great amusement. Selina really should learn to bask more.

-...and by the dancing section I've hit the point of feeling like this great, warm, fuzzy mass of something...incredibly warm and fuzzy. Maybe a stampede of cotton balls. It's possible I'm getting punch drunk due to sleepiness now, lol. Anyway. You have me mighty confused with this section not because of any crit-spots or goofs, but because I got a conscious realization of "Ye gods, Eddie and Selina are so wonderfully cute and fantastic together." :P I'm not sure whether that's an "I LOVE THEM AS FRIENDS" or "SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP" sense, but either way it is a very fun dynamic and entirely good and shiny and delicious and beautiful. Although my shipping goggles did key in on the line "She shuddered inwardly at the thought of Batman catching her in this condition." I voiced an appropriately sinister "ohoho".

-Selina's Batman imitation just cracked me up. I don't know what's better-picturing Batman saying it, or picturing Selina mimicking Batman saying it.

-And the ending was perfect. :3 Not-jerk, sense-of-humor Batsy is always so nice to read. I'm also intrigued by the fact that Eddie was able to prepare for his meeting with Batman, which makes me assume that a clue or trail of clues was left in advance. Which in turn makes me wonder a little what Eddie had in mind for the encounter had he not met up with Lina for a night of shenanigans.

:P So yes. Thoroughly enjoyed this, you are mad skilled, give yourself a pat on the back for another awesome piece.
Batmanluvr chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
Beautiful story as always! Love your stories with Eddie and Selina. Hope to see more from you soon!