Reviews for Pokemon: Try it again Ash! Kanto
WhiteEagle1985 chapter 63 . 5/24
Awesome story here so far!
Riley chapter 30 . 4/12
I only have one question... Will there be palletshipping? Pls?
Guest chapter 63 . 3/30
WOW WHAT AN AMAZING STORY I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMG! keep up the good work you are a great writer! hope you go big one day and become an author!
Guest chapter 47 . 3/21
Bianca retarded
Neros Urameshi chapter 63 . 3/21
Another good chapter. I do hope Ash gets more Pokemon. And I am still enjoying this story more and more.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

P.S. Did you see my Pokemon GX plans on DeviantART? I'm DisneyBrony2012 on DA, you know.
God of the Challenge chapter 63 . 3/20
Ok, the release date makes me think your a smart ass, then again, I'm no better.
thor94 chapter 63 . 3/20
good chapter.
ash finally travel alone and meet the legendary gold (the one succeded at first try to do what ash failed numerous times)
SetsunaRay chapter 40 . 3/11
I knew that Unova Bianca have a crush on Ash. As much as I'm an Amourshipper, Serena bigger watch out.
ankit.jindal.522 chapter 62 . 3/6
Hey bro or sis (since I don't know ur true identity) so looooooooooooooooong since u updated plz update soon
alex chapter 1 . 2/28
Update for chap 63
Froakie345 chapter 62 . 2/2
This story is definitely getting somewhere good. But might I point out that you are having a lack of commas? There are plenty of times in your story where commas would be useful but they aren't there.
thor94 chapter 62 . 12/4/2014
good chapter.
finally ash will know more about his father
Neros Urameshi chapter 62 . 12/4/2014
So that's it? Neither Dawn nor Zoey get the Contest Ribbon? What a ripoff.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to keep watching until perhaps Ash could maybe get a new Pokemon, or two, or more.

Merry Christmas!
Neros Urameshi chapter 61 . 10/14/2014
Excellent chapter. Come on, Dawn, you can win this!

But wait, what did Ash, Georgia and Pikachu hear? We'll soon find out in the next chapter.

Keep on going!
Guest chapter 33 . 10/13/2014
how dare you, this is grade A blasphemy!

It was latias who kissed him! #AltoshippingFTW
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