Reviews for Troublemaker
Rainbow35 chapter 1 . 6/3/2014
Aww! This is so cute, I love it! I really like how you showed mostly Jen's parents' perspectives, 'cause usually stories are about the Tamers themselves, but I think it's done so well and I like it a lot. And I think it fits into canon perfectly if that makes sense. Seven year old Jenrya is adorable too, and so are his siblings. I just love this story a lot, I think it's really great!
tamer of the zero unit chapter 1 . 5/21/2011
this was good awsome indepth backstory of them
stitchfan93 chapter 1 . 5/21/2011
Hey man! Just wanted to say that I loved this story! This is my first time reading this story and I love it a lot! Technically, this is my first time reading your work and I can say you really know how to write well!

I mean I love the way how you make Janyu as the main character in this story as he tries to get to the root of why Jenrya is always getting into trouble like that, I mean, in Digimon Tamers I kinda always like Jenrya and his family and well I kinda liked his father too as Janyu seems and acts like a responsible and loving father to his own family. I really like how they were so close and loving together as a family in the series and you managed to make the overall same thing in this story and I really love it!

Seriously, it's great that in the end Jenya manages to overcome Jenrya's problem of always being in trouble and it shows again how he is a great father! No offense, but I always liked these close family situations although this is really weird coming from msince I am not very close to my own family...Ha ha! I also loved the way how you potrayed the other characters from Jenrya's family as well that includes his mother and brother and sister as well to make the story more interesting!

Overall, thist is a good story and I hope to see more of your work in the future then! I I will also read your other stories that you have written as well then and hopefully they will be as good as this story!

Well I gotta go man so take care! See ya!

P.S: Do you have an email address? I hope I can have it so that maybe we can chat online and get to know each other better then all right? I mostly use MSN instant messanger all the time so please reply then!

From: stitchfan93