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redsandman99 chapter 6 . 11/17/2011
Shiiit, Punk's so dead when Jeff gets his hands on him.
M.j's place chapter 6 . 11/17/2011
M.j's place chapter 5 . 9/13/2011
cant wait 4 more great chapter again!
ilzehs chapter 3 . 9/13/2011
I am gonna keep it short baby...I have to get to my Redge spanking, lol. & speaking of that...Man...So...fucking...hawt...

Hey, I love you ;)

*giggles* Yeah Gee, deal with it. I am warming up to them. Chemistry is building. & what I love the most about Jeff here is you have let him have his vulnerabilities. He suffers & its explored well. & Gee is allowed to comfort him. I wish more people would open up to letting tops enjoy something besides usual dominance. There's so much more.

Gawd...I have to much as I am not used to Jeff fucking anyone's but Adam's ass...that was hot. I mean, really hot.

OMG...that Redge scene was SOOOOO freakin' adorable! I LOVE my Redge like this. Simply. They are the sweetest thing in my mind...& you have just made them so insanely adorable here...I just love it so much!

*Giggles* Being a sleeping beauty is something nothing can destroy about you dear Adam ;)

Hehe..Randy's whipped, even though he doesn't let Adam know that. So precious.

Lulz...Adam always have to tell Jay. & Oh Randy...the teases & were always so good w/ them ;P

Why can't have my boys more often like this? Just playing around & having fun? Randy being gorgeous & Adam being, well, Adam? They are so cute like this...& I just love you for giving me them this way.

Haha...I'll always call Adam's chops Cinderella chops from now on ;P That made me laugh so hard...little abusive wifey he is.

Trust Adam to not let you forget about your accidents w/ his accessories. Princess Adam, let it go ;P

I am sorry...But I am just loving Redge so much in this! I am totally whipped by them.
redsandman99 chapter 5 . 9/13/2011
Ooooh shit. Can't wait to see what happens next.
LadyDragonsblood chapter 5 . 9/13/2011
"So wrestling is porn and S&M?" Randy pondered thoughtfully. One of the best lines I have ever read...and when you think about's true!

Loving this story and sorry I am behind in my reviewing..., surprise, I didnt think it would be Gerard who would be kidnapped to be honest!

That was a GREAT bratty Adam spanking...didnt need a big sex secene after that...the spanking alone was enough to make me take a cold shower...I seem to live in the cold showers when it comes to your stories...

Can't wait to see what happens next!
M.j's place chapter 4 . 9/11/2011
great story update soon.
redsandman99 chapter 4 . 9/10/2011
Very awesome *gives you a giant cookie*
Rhiannamator chapter 3 . 8/30/2011
I already love this Gerard for keeping our Jeffy clean. Goes a long way w/ me. They're obviously good for each other, even if Jeff does feel like a fuck up. Jeff here is vulnerable, sensitive & hurting, & Gerard knows how to reassure & make him feel better.. & yet their roles were not compromised at all. See, ppl? This is how you do it. Tops & bottoms can be human, & male, & loving & beautiful in equal amounts.

"Can you breathe?" Jeff asked, still holding tight. "A little." "Deal with it." Jeff lay his head on top of Gerard's." That made me giggle so hard.

I just loved their relationship. For some reason sharing the cigarette was exceptionally cute to me. & it's nice that Gerard is realistic & understands the difference between getting drunk & being a drunk & isn't one of those obnoxious teetotalers.

Aw, & Gerard's so in love w/ him. It's beautiful.

*cackles madly* OMG, poor Adam. He is a naughty kitten. Loved this whole scene. Randy was such a playful dick, & Adam's bitchiness was highly amusing.

"Ow, you dirty bitch. I don't abuse you like that." Randy said, rubbing it. Oh, he was okay and used to be chopped and hit, but it still stung. Adam was still strong, even if he did look like Cinderella." *dying* I just love their interactions. Damn you for making me like Redge so much! xD It was sweet he wanted to check up on his boys.

As far as Matt, eh, he brought it on himself. He's always been a drinker, that's no secret, and it fit for the story. It didn't strike me as a personal attack.

In all, i love this & hope you keep going on it. *snuggles*
redsandman99 chapter 3 . 8/29/2011
Awww I love the cuteness in this chapter. And I can't wait for the next one
ilzehs chapter 2 . 8/29/2011
Well, in your defense, your rant 80% matched the truth. It was very much a true light to the actual events that took place btw Matt, Amy & Adam. Except of Adam being gay part. Lol. & that is exactly how I feel bout the whole situation. How Adam was trashed beyond limits & Adam/Amy were pretty much doing things afterall in a way to tell fans, 'Well, if you wanna things that way, be that way...We are happy'. I hate that about general fans. They act like they know the whole story. When they haven't even heard every side.

Hehe...Jeff keeping a hold on Gerard like he would flew any chance he got...I chuckled. & I am really liking this relationship btw Adam & Jeff. Adam gets to be on 'friendly' for once.

'The crowd had fun and my baby didn't get hurt."

*Giggles* I am such a sucker for my Redge being sweet w/ each other.

Lulz...Way to take advantage of the situation Jeffery ;P Haha, I love how Jeff said 'this bitch'...they are friendly, teasing yet not over the top.

The current image I have in my head of Adam running through the hallways & Daddy Jay chasing w/ fury written all over his face...LOL I love this memory!

How absolutely cute are Adam & Randy? Their little teasy back & forth...*huggles* Thank you AGAIN for giving me some of my love!
ilzehs chapter 1 . 8/29/2011
Okay love...Just read the 3rd chapter & I couldn't resist. I am simply loving Redge in this story. So I'm pulling myself to shortly cover this story in a row today. I just wanna tell you how much I am always delighted to read you writing my Randy/Adam. You just know how to make them beautiful & perfect.

I'll be honest w/ you. I was completely uninterested in MCR's music or Gerard when you posted this. I have searched through his profile & some pics, but I still don't know him enough. So bear w/ me if I take time in getting to him. Also, it is just so strange reading Jeff w/ anyone but Adam. Lol. & I talk about Jeff letting Adam be w/ other guys. Now I feel for the guy. LMAO...Adam throwing a bitch fit is like...totally understandable. You'll find it amusing that my mind was playing your muse world w/ Adam in this mode earlier. He's getting too spoiled...He's in for a spanking. I am sure Daddy Jay has done his job ;P

Now, I am VERY interested in this concept. I also am looking forward to see 'Punk' in this. I am glad you have kept Phil aside. Punk was very...vicious & dangerous. & I am liking the theme so far.

"No. Adam loves Randy anyway and Jay on the fucking weekends."

LMAO! That made me giggle...Adam...Our pretty little whore! & Aww...Jeff at least gotta have a crush on the blondie...Afterall, Adam is simply crushable. I love how sweet Gerard & Jeff sound. & Jeff & Adam being friends or on the same page in a fic is highly underdone.

Oh fuck...that sex scene...Gawd...You knew how to get me hooked. I just LOVE this shade of your Adam & take on Redge. I love them when they are sweet & just in love. Adam was so slutty, so precious. & Randy...I love how you make your tops so damn gorgeous. You write him true to his sexy self!

Damn...*Pants* That fingering...Man...this is just so freakin' hawt...

Their position is simply SMEXY! I love when you let Adam be so sexy & needy...& he's a precious precious slut Randy...Insatiable or teasing ;P

Thank you SOOO much for Redgness! I am so thankful here. & this is definitely the plus point of Jeff being w/ someone else...I get my Redge dose. Lol.
Rhiannamator chapter 2 . 8/27/2011
You know me girl, I revel in stories where you venture out of your zone and try new things, bc you excel & grow & i'm so proud of you. I'm intrigued to see where this is going, & it's a very good start.

Suck a goose. *snicker*

I LOVE the Edge & Matt explanation. It completely fits. The idea of Adam & Amy acting like a sex-crazed couple just to shove the silliness of it in Matt's face & piss him off makes me smile.

I also like how you separate Edge & Adam, how he needs to get into Edge mode before the show & turns a little more snarky. Oh, you tease me with the thought of Edge & Jeff beating each other. :P

Beware the cookies.

Oh Jeff, ask for help. Why do i get the feeling he'll hold out until it's too late?

And now i have the image of Adam doing a strip-tease with a lampshade on his head. Thanks for that. :P Aw, Daddy Jay rises again. *giggles*

I can't wait to get to know Gerard better. I'm pretty worried for him, tho. Punk's plans cannot be good for him. & something tells me Matt won't be absent from this picture either... Of course, i'm loving the Redge, too. I like Randy do much better in fanfiction than on my tv, & you're the author that always makes me like him most. Loving it, baby.
redsandman99 chapter 2 . 8/27/2011
Ohhh Jeff...I've got this feeling you should have gone ahead and asked for that help already.
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
This looks like a good story I will be looking for the next part.
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