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Higure Hokousha chapter 20 . 5/7
An excellent fic, and a fascinating take on an alternate timeline for the events of WoT.

Curious as to how Saidin was cleansed, in terms of metaphysics, but very pleased with the associated developments.

Your characterization is excellent, although I am deeply amused by the dynamics between Siuan and's IC, don't get me wrong, but it's a situation I never dreamt of seeing. Very interesting.

I hope you are well, and look forward to seeing future updates, if you choose to continue this fine work of yours.
Balthanon chapter 10 . 4/11
I'm a bit disappointed that you turned away from having Rand go straight to the Tower- I think it would have been a bit more interesting to start deviating from the books more here. The plans that Moraine and Tigraine were making were interesting and I would have liked to have seen a story where Rand is more open to working with them (given his mother's influence and participation).
Red Wings chapter 20 . 3/29
Yay! Tuon is coming.

However, with Mat going with Rand to Rhuidean, his meeting with his future wife won't happen until way later. I can't wait.

Rand is terribly omniscient, what with his memories, ability to channel, and having everyone around him kneel to him, nobles and Aes Sedai. If I didn't know better, I'd say you're making him into a Gary Stu. Yet, there are still a lot of things Rand has to do, and he still doesn't seem to understand why Aviendha acts the way she does around him. Other than that, he's almost mostly perfect. Please don't make him invincible. You'll kill his character.

One of the things that Rand hasn't been able to do, is get the Amyrlin to stop hunting men who can channel. Rand told her the taint of saidin has been cleansed, but she doesn't quite believe it. How can she? Siuan only has Rand's word to go by. It's understandable. Rand is going to have to find Logain and all the other channelers himself, then.

I find that this is a good thing. Rand isn't all-powerful, even if he is the Dragon Reborn, the strongest ta'veren and person in the world, nor is he faultless. This is proof that Rand isn't perfect, and I like that. He can't do everything, despite all his memories and abilities. He is what he is now because of all the support he's had from his mother, who is still alive, and his friends. When will Mat's and Perrin's stories diverge from Rand's? Soon?

The conversation between Rand and the Amyrlin Seat is quite civil. His knowledge thanks to his past life (lives) gives him an edge over the other characters (save maybe the Forsaken). It would be nice if Rand and Siuan could respectively learn to fish and spin yarn. That Rand is at least cooperating with others than scheming in secret yields him a lot more than in canon.

Oh ho! Galad is appointed the Steward of Tear, eh? Awesome. This way, none of the nobles try anything funny, and Mayene is protected - meaning, Galad and Berelain get to spend more time together. Even though it's merely business, I'm sure Berelain couldn't be more pleased with this outcome. She has more than adequate protection from the Tairen nobles and others.

I've noticed, but it's been two years since you last updated. Are you having writer's block? The WoT series is chalk-full of loads and loads of characters, both major and minor - lots of minor characters with their own stories and plot. It is hard to keep track of all of them.

Do know that this is the best AU WoT fanfic I've read, and I hope you will continue it.
Red Wings chapter 19 . 3/29
Elayne's test to become Accepted sounds just as bad as Nynaeve's. Jordan never wrote what Elayne went through to end up on her knees, crying on Nynaeve's lap, but it is very telling what she tells Egwene and Nynaeve: "I couldn't be that bad." Your version of what Elayne went through sounds even worse than what Egwene and Nynaeve must have went through. Good job.

The relationship between Rand and Elayne is picking up. Of course they love each other, but there will be tough times ahead. They're going to need all the love and support they can get.

The way you write the sparring scenes is just as poetic as Robert Jordan's prose. It's beautiful to read. Both Rand and Galad have gotten a lot stronger. Now they can show off to the Aiel and Tairen nobles that they aren't boys, but men, and very strong ones. Elan/Ishmael came to pay Rand a visit, and with a gift. How very generous of Lews Therin's former friend. What's more, he even kindly warned Rand not to be such a show-off that he forgot about other Forsaken watching other than Elan, as well as cautioning Rand about Lanfear knowing about Elayne. Rand should have someone guarding her while he's gone. Don't know what a woman scorned like Lanfear will do to one of Rand's loved ones, especially his wife, who looks similar to Illyena.

Can Rand sense that Verin is Black Ajah? He ought to tell Elayne, Egwene and Nynaeve to be wary. Maybe they can save Verin and her Warder before Tarmon Gaidon.

It's a good thing you have Elayne married to Rand. Besides Min, she's the only one who really appreciate Rand for all that he is, and encourages him to be all that he can be. She accepts him as Rand, and not just the Dragon Reborn, Lews Therin. He can talk to her easily, and she can talk to him just as well. It's a very beneficial relationship.

Now, what will you do with Aviendha and Min? It's clear Rand likes them too, even if he doesn't love them yet. Elayne doesn't know her very well, but she already feels alright around the Maiden of the Spear. I can't wait to see what you do with these two.
Red Wings chapter 18 . 3/29
Loved the way Rand handled the situation with the White Tower. However, don't make him some sort of Invincible Hero. He'll be too boring, then.

Egwene really grates on my nerves. At the beginning of the chapter, she was talking to Elayne and Nynaeve about what the Aes Sedai plan to do. It seemed at first she was on Rand's side, but then quickly switched to being on the side of the Amyrlin and the White Tower. Annoying, but then their conversation proves that while they don't think Rand wouldn't hurt people intentionally, they know him to be very stubborn. Still, it was really confusing. Egwene doesn't want Rand to be gentled, does she? If she was really his friend, she would be the first to go to Siuan and ask her politely to allow her to talk to Rand first. At least then, Egwene would have something to buy Rand time, and make it look like she was letting the Aes Sedai get ready to form a circle around him.

Elayne and Nynaeve weren't any better. But then, they are the Accepted, and they were chosen because of their connections to the Dragon Reborn. Why didn't the Amyrlin let one of the three girls do the talking? That would have been more reasonable.

I know Egwene is irritating, but she isn't a sell-out. She's not a status-climber, either. Enough with the character bashing.

The scene between Rand and Mat was quite endearing. At least, Mat will have Rand on his side when he asks the Wise Ones to get access into Rhuidean.

Ah, Galad and Berelain. My new favorite couple. In canon, there was really nothing (save Tarmon Gaidon) barring their way. Now, with Galad as the brother of the Dragon Reborn, there are a few setbacks. I loved the dialogue between them:

Berelain: I would be lying to say that a betrothal between us would not benefit Mayene greatly, but that is not why I am walking with you tonight.

Galad: I would be lying to say that a betrothal between us would not benefit myself.

:: swoon::

I loved the whole scene. Poor Berelain. Poor Galad. Who would have ever thought that these noble, beautiful people would have such drama so early? And it's not even Tarmon Gaidon! With Galad a nobody in the eyes of the Damodreds and the thrones of Andor and Cairhien, what hope does he have to court the First of Mayene? But hey, there's still hope. Galad is the half-brother of Elayne Trakand, as well as the Dragon Reborn. That has to count for something, right?

...wait. Galad is a male channeler.

Berelain does not yet know.


I hope these two get their happy ending.
Red Wings chapter 17 . 3/28
It's rather cute that Berelain is trying to use her usual tactics on Rand. As Rand hasn't fallen into madness thanks to saidin having been cleansed earlier, he's being really kind to her, even when her advances can get tiring. At least he hasn't snapped at her. Though...his past lives' memories coming into his mind, he laughed at a rather surprising moment, catching her off guard, scaring her. This is much creepier than in canon, and I must say, a lot better. Berelain isn't a channeler, so the only thing she can do is use her beauty and wits to protect herself and her country from stronger forces. At least she's helping Rand out, and he's grateful and appreciative of her assistance. This is really good.

I find it silly that Berelain should feel so threatened by Rand being with Elayne. She knows that Rand is a married man, and the Dragon Reborn. He is meant for better things, and Mayene is really not big on his list of things to conquer. Thus, why she swore fealty to him, hoping that by doing this, she can save her country. Admirable, and noble, really. She's a lot better than the Tairen nobles, hoping to gain Rand's favor by following him around, offering their help.

Good to see Galad learning how to use saidin. What about the other two boys, Mat and Perrin? It would be cool if you could write a training montage or even do a chapter dedicated to them. They may not be as strong as Rand, but they are both ta'veren, able to pull and influence people as well.

Smart of Rand to keep Callandor where it is. This way he can protect it from the Forsaken without having to keep it on his person the whole time, as well as ensuring he has the Tairen nobles' loyalty.

It's obvious that Rand likes Aviendha as well. When his women get together, what will happen? Will you have them learn to cooperate and have Elayne give the other two her blessing to 'share' Rand? Will Elayne get to make Aviendha her 'sister-wife'? Or better yet, Aviendha agree to making Elayne and Min her adopted sister-wives and share the Dragon Reborn? I don't know how else Rand will bind the Aiel to him save for marrying to keep them as allies. Do the Aiel even see political alliances like the way the Wetlanders do?

Ah, Moiraine and co. make it to Tear. I was waiting for the moment when the next couple met and fell in love at first sight. Galad and Berelain had their moment. It feels like you took it out from canon and wove it to your own pattern here in your fic. These two kids are such saps. Berelain may play it cool and say that she must marry for the benefit of her country, it's so clear she's fallen for Galad, and he for her. Though, with Galad, he isn't with the Whitecloaks. It should be better for them to get together without too much drama that the other couples in the story will have.

...right. As if that will happen. With Tarmon Gaidon approaching, and the way you've made Galad here, the romance will have to wait until Rand defeats the Dark One. I can't wait to see how you write the Last Battle.

I liked the way Berelain spotted out Faile so easily. At least now, Faile doesn't have anyone to bar her way for Perrin.

Moiraine is going to have a fine time with Rand, now that he's told her that he's no one's fool or pet. It's a good thing, because at least she won't have to force Rand or use underhanded methods to get him to save the world.

Berelain's Aes Sedai advisor has not been telling her everything. I take it by the First of Mayene's words, Annoura has been fired. Oh well.

I liked the ending. Rand should get to spend time with his half-brother and friends. There are dark days ahead, so it's good to take a breather now and then. Rand needs to show his friends that he hasn't changed...much. He should get to know how they're doing, too.
Red Wings chapter 16 . 3/28
Ah-ha, I knew we'd see Faile come up soon. I was right. Though, I do forget the exact circumstances on when and how she and Perrin meet.

The White Tower seeks to 'guide' Rand, the Dragon Reborn. Phaw. They all mean to gentle him, rather, bring him to heel. It seems that everyone with power (channelers, especially the Aes Sedai) lose their common sense. Rather than sending a White Sister or a Gray sister (were they the diplomats, I wonder?) to speak with Rand's group, Siuan wants to bring a whole circle against him. Instead of controlling others, they ought to be cooperating with those they need as allies against the war with the Shadow. Especially when it comes to the Dragon Reborn.

Since saidin had been cleansed, Galad can use it without feeling filthy and becoming mad. However, in the Ways, the Black Wind is still something to contend with. Is it possible for Rand to fix that too, or even the Aes Sedai and Asha'man? Just a thought.

If Rand was able to link with Moiraine, then so can Galad. Or did he already do that when Rand was wielding Callandor? Well, the two Damodreds would be a force to reckon with.
Red Wings chapter 15 . 3/28
There are a few spelling errors. Egwene's last name is spelled "al'Vere", not "al'Vera". "Shanier" is meant to be "Shienar", right?

Min is one of the better (female) characters. I know she doesn't have much dislike towards Egwene. Here, it's as if you're bashing Egwene and having all the other characters not like her. I know Egwene can be annoying, but she deserves justice for her character as well.

So Galad took the dagger meant for Mat? No wonder Mat and Perrin are more willing and loyal to Rand. In canon, Mat just wanted to get away from him, and Perrin...while the more friendlier and accepting of the two, Perrin was just as fearful of Rand as all the others. I rather like this change from canon. This time, Rand will have a more understanding and supportive cast of friends and allies.

I'm surprised that Galad has taken all this in stride, so far. That he isn't bitter or resentful of his situation is a mark of his character. Then again, he was a child who had been abandoned by his mother, his father having been assassinated, and then his stepmother has two legitimate children of her own to supplant him with. Like Gawyn, Galad is rather used to being overshadowed, looked over, ignored. His Damodred relatives, I know, could not have helped him during his formative years. Jerks. Thank the Light for Queen Morgase, who treated him as if he were her own child.

Totally forgot about Hurin. He can smell evil? Huh. Maybe he can teach Perrin how to use his wolf-senses better, hone it, refine it. Then Perrin won't feel so alone in his unique ability to speak with wolves. The Horn of Valere...I forget where they find it. But I do know this is a turning point, because the group will soon meet Faile aka Zarine Bashere.

I don't care much for Siuan and the other White Tower Aes Sedai. They're being their usual, meddling, busybody selves. Of course, they mean to use Elayne to get to Rand to submit to being 'handled'. Are they in for a surprise...
Red Wings chapter 14 . 3/27
There's a spelling error in the scene where Tigraine and Morgase meet. When Morgase compliments Tigraine for her savvy political move in getting Rand and Elayne to marry, you wrote 'There was a definite not of respect in it'. Surely you meant to say 'There was a definite note of respect in it'. Just saying. These two women are friends, and even family now. Their political scheming is going to end with them ruling the world through their own children, as well as their children's circle of friends.

The thoughts and dialogue with the Aiel are indistinguishable from that of the canon characters. You really understand them well, as well as their concepts of 'jih' and 'toh'.

So Rand, Moiraine and Galad fought off the two Forsaken. They make a swell team. While Rand utterly rejected his birth father, Janduin still seems to care for his the Aielman's eyes. That he expresses a measure of confidence in Rand while he speaks to Aviendha says so. Too bad we never did get to see Janduin in the canon, but you bring him to life here. I must thank you for that.

Rand meets Berelain, the First of Mayene. Nice to see that she isn't throwing himself at him as much as she was in canon. While definitely a sexy, clever lady, Berelain does do what is best for her small country. I like what she and Rand have going. She helps him, and he helps her. That Rand is not as hardened as he was in canon, what with having his mother and half-brother on his side, helps a lot. This way, Rand will put in a good word to his brother for her, seeing the way this is going.

The White Tower were able to feel saidin from that far away? Interesting.

A few spelling errors. 'Callondor' ought to be spelled 'Callandor'.
Red Wings chapter 13 . 3/27
I wonder if Mat's equestrian skill is one he earned from all those memories he earned from the Aelfinn or Eelfinn.

I've noticed that when you transition between Rand and Galad, there isn't a break between the scenes. It gets really confusing if you don't put a break between the character's different journeys and experiences. It is much better if there was a break here to indicate if you are switching from Rand to Galad to Moiraine or the Emond's Field boys.

So Rand woke up to seeing Aviendha. Pleasant. And now, he's met Selene (Lanfear). The one Rand killed was the Forsaken named Bel'al? I thought it was Ishmael that Rand was chasing. Ah well.

The Green Man! It seems that he's happy to see both nature siblings, Loial (Treebrother) and Perrin (Wolf-brother). Rand was meant to be there instead of Galad? Talk about irony. If only Rand was there, then he could lay Perrin's fears and unease to rest. But that will be for later, hopefully. With Galad a male channeler, there's still a lot of good he can do even if he's not the Dragon Reborn. Now, to the Eye of the World...
Red Wings chapter 12 . 3/27
Oho. So here we get to see how Galad gets the Heron-marked blade. I think that the test to becoming a blademaster is just as sacred and fricking' AWESOME as the test to become an Accepted to the White Tower, even if it is cruel and rather terrible. The whole scene with Galad during his test was wonderful. You do Robert Jordan justice. You definitely know how to use his language.

It's so sweet that Mat and Perrin are worried about Rand. With Mat not having that Hate Plague that Fain had given him in canon, he's at least thinking straight. That Perrin defends Rand while he's not with them is the mark of a true and loyal friend. Mat, of course, is worried in his own way about Rand. I can't wait to see all three boys split up and have their own storylines, become their own heroes and main characters of their stories, and finally meet up after Tarmon Gaidon and just have a drink in a bar as friends, still. If you don't have Rand on that bier like in canon, that is.

So Mat has met with the Aelfinn or the Eelfinn. He can speak the Old Tongue, and isn't conscious of himself speaking or understanding it, but we know that he's gotten those old memories. Oh, Mat. Rand's not the only one who will end up married to a royal. Karma can be a real pain in the rear.

It's nice of Galad to tell Perrin that he's a good man. Despite not knowing exactly what is up with Rand's blacksmith friend, Galad is discreet enough to let Perrin know that he doesn't think of him as anything but a good guy. If only Perrin felt the same way...

Ah, Fal Dara. Everyone learns the importance of Lan, Malkier, and Battle Lords who guard against the Blight. This chapter serves me in that it reminds me that the Ogier were builders, really important beings who are able to sing, are incredibly long-lived, and are not the types you want to make angry. Maybe you ought to have Loial meet some of the Brown and White Sisters of the White Tower, and the Asha'man, once Rand puts together the Black Tower.

Galad was able to feel Rand and Ishmael channel? Cool. Can't wait to see more of what Galad can do without Rand overshadowing him.
thehaxthatisrico chapter 20 . 3/27
This story is amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter please update soon!
Red Wings chapter 11 . 3/26
Rand meets his father, Janduin, who's still alive? I had thought that only Tigraine (Shaiel) would be the only one in this Want-For-A-Nail fic. Now Rand has all blood relatives alive. Why allow Janduin to live?

I feel for Nynaeve, having to go through that harsh testing to become an Accepted of the White Tower. It would make for a very satisfying end if the White Tower had Nynaeve, a wilder, an older woman out of some little village on the outskirts of Andor, become Amyrlin. But then, I'm sure that you still have Egwene pegged for that. Just make sure that Nynaeve makes the Aes Sedai pay her price, as she promised Egwene and Elayne in canon.

Ah, Min. She definitely deserves a lot better than to be used by Siuan as a spy or informant. That she hasn't fainted from all the visions she sees around her is a sign of her resilience and strength. She's one of the better characters in the series.

So Rand somehow opened a portal, being lured in by Elan/Ishmael. I got confused at that part when he woke up. I expected he'd be with Loial and the others, but of course, as he's the Dragon Reborn, he's bound to sense something amiss. Now he has Callandor, and he's in Tear. That is quite a way to travel.

And whoa, he's already met Aviendha and the Maidens of the Spear, as well as the other Aiel, including his own father. Ouch. Getting beaten by his own father...Rand has guts.

Can't wait to see what you'll do with Min and Aviendha, what with Rand being married to Elayne. Will you give him the other two women, following the canon couplings, or with this being a different Wheel and pattern, have them go to other people?

It's your call.
Red Wings chapter 10 . 3/26
I forget which book it is that Rand first gets marked.

So Rand now has the soldier's respect. That's what happens when you kill a bunch of monsters.

Egwene is being really annoying, not taking Rand seriously, even when Elayne told her that she and Rand are indeed married. I feel bad for Rand, having to suffer the brunt of huffy women like these two. Being the Dragon Reborn - the man who will destroy the world and eventually go mad because of a taint that male channelers get afflicted with - is difficult enough without the bruised egos of a few discontented women.

Elayne and Egwene should apologize to Rand, but seeing as they don't have time, they'll get away their actions.

It's very satisfying to see Moiraine confirm the truth to Egwene. At least now she knows, and she and Elayne will be carted off to the White Tower, where they can be out of the way with their annoying nagging.

Now Mat and Perrin learn the truth about Rand and his mother. At least, Perrin shouldn't feel so alone. He's with a man who can channel, the Dragon Reborn, the son of one of the most powerful Houses this side of the Spine of the World, and husband to the future Queen of Andor. All they need now is for Mat to see the Eelfinn (or Aelfinn?) and get his three wishes answered. His banter with Moiraine is amusing. Just proves how awesome my favorite character is.

Loial is going to lead them through the Ways into where the Green Man is? I forget what the Ogiers can do. Just that they're gentle giants.
Red Wings chapter 9 . 3/26
Gotta love the loyalty Galad has for Rand. I feel bad for Gawyn, though.

The fight scene where Galad and Rand are fighting the Shadowspawn definitely is something I'd see out of the Wheel of Time. You remember a lot of the sword forms named in canon...or are some of them made up? If so, hats off to you for artistic license and poetry.

When Gawyn and Elayne are talking about Rand, he says "I don't care who he is?" Surely, you meant for Gawyn to ask his sister "You don't care who he is?". Poor Gawyn. He was slugged in the face by his older half-brother, and now his sister slaps him in the face. While I don't like him and Egwene much, there's no need for character bashing.

Caught the look that Gawyn gave Egwene when he first saw her. Looks like it's love at first sight, again.

Interesting how Rand says the same thing he did to Moiraine in canon before Rhuidean "Ask, Moiraine".
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