Reviews for Tainted
SexyBitchesFromFiore chapter 45 . 9/6
Please post the last chapter! Im hooked!
Guest chapter 45 . 8/3
Aww please update. I really love ur story XD.
ParkYuujin chapter 45 . 7/20
Update soon Author-nim!
They are so cuteee!
Ciel's surprise kisses and teasing just make my heart flutter!

Hahaha I read this story before and I started reading it again from the start since 6am this morning!
Im so thankful im still on summer vacation! But it will end soon and I hope you update!
Im really excited on reading the next chapter/s!

Fighting Author-nim!
Guest chapter 45 . 7/14
;-; Update pwease? I wuv this story
Guest chapter 35 . 6/24
Guest chapter 45 . 6/23
DragonsCrescent13 chapter 45 . 5/7
I regret not finding this story sooner, but at least I caught it before it ended! :)

Throughout the story, I have come to realize that there are some grammar mistakes but I have to admit that your writing has greatly approved since you began this story.

The beginning chapters almost made me turn away from the story, but seeing the amount of reviews the story has convinced me to give this story a chance. I'm glad I continued to read your story. I would have missed out on an awesome idea.

Anyway, I am eagerly looking forward to the next, and maybe final, chapter. :)
Ciel'sxBlackxDiamond chapter 45 . 5/2
I haven't read this in some time so im glad I finally caught up to date! Oh my heart ;-; these Ciel x Estella feels hurt and I'm super excited for what's to come but also a little sad.
emsaduem chapter 45 . 4/12
I am so sad to see this great tale coming to a close... My favorite OC ship will have to sail on without me, I guess. Thank you again for such an amazing chapter. I'm loving the teasing behavior between the two. I can only hope, however, this dream isn't foreshadowing...
crazychessgurl chapter 46 . 4/10
I understand though it makes me sad, I can't find many stories like yours where ciel doesn't act ooc saying I love you in two chapters. I'll look forward to you updating, see you then!
Kynah chapter 46 . 4/9

Do whatever it is you have to do. Don't forget about us though! 3
trepidon chapter 45 . 3/30
I loooove this pairing! ! Kyaaa! So cuteee! Ciel! , you hormonal teen! Gah! Cuteness overload!
chibianimefan26 chapter 45 . 3/29
its nearing the end? nooo
ugh all these feels and cutesy moments
make me blush
hoho so forward Ciel
dun dun dun dun but will she die?
i dun know but i can't wait~
Fafalala chapter 44 . 3/24
This story was very enjoyable to read, I enjoyed reading about Ciels and Estellas emotional moments its nice to see a perspective where Ciel shows vulnerable moments reinforcing the human elements in him. I especially liked how Sebastians true identity was revealed that was quite refreshing. Looking forward to the next chapter yet sad that the end is near. Regardless keep on writing and I hope you had a wonderful and gained much experience in writing this kuro fanfic. May all the best be with you and good luck in your future writing endeavours.
Butler of Death chapter 44 . 3/20
the story is so awesome!
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