Reviews for Emancipation
angeles20808 chapter 38 . 9/10
BenLoVesLV chapter 28 . 9/9
It is such a joyous pleasure to read this story! Well done.
10thwhovian chapter 43 . 8/15
Lmao! That ending was perfect!
K1P1 chapter 43 . 8/15
Loved this story!
KassieJean chapter 43 . 7/14
bad ending, should've told us more about the others
amberlee042 chapter 8 . 7/8
dead feather chapter 43 . 6/30
This was fun. Good. I was super surprised submissive Severus would work. Only minus was I though the umpf and backbone of Harry sort of mellowed out, Albus and Tom got off way too easy. Then again sometimes its nice to read things were a convoluted plot isnt in the main role. Despite here being so many pairings I think you got them to work
nightpurr1 chapter 40 . 6/14
This is a great story!
nightpurr1 chapter 16 . 6/12
EXCELLENT! .Don't. Have any complaints about what you wrote at all. The only thing I would of added is instead of it being just for potions mention I would of mention wand makers lining up to go to the auction. Plus I always thought it would be neat to have something in the chambers other then the snakes den.
All in all still a wonderful story.
TyjeaE chapter 43 . 6/1
is there a sequel
Jaylynn5 chapter 43 . 5/30
Why did I do this to myself. It's five am and I knew I shouldn't have started this when it was already time for me to sleep and I saw it had 43 chapters, but I did and enjoyed reading enough that I didn't want to stop until the end. So yeah, today is probably going to suck but at least I can sort of sleep in since I am off. So thanks for sharing and I really need to make better choices like not starting long completed stories at 9pm and thinking I will stop reading in an hour and finish it later.
ClonetrooperDJ chapter 5 . 5/21
daithi4377 chapter 43 . 5/20
Okay Molly and Arthur have waaaaay more patience than I would ever have to put up with Ron that long. I wish we could have read that news article and actually seen the reaction if certain people when it became known just what bonding ritual Harry and Severus had used. Though really how could no one really have guessed which they used...very cool story!
daithi4377 chapter 42 . 5/20
There will be quite a few new marriage quarters due to be used this coming school year. Hermione not going ballistic because Harry us taking his NEWTS early and she can't...uncharacteristic .
daithi4377 chapter 41 . 5/20
So no horcruxes this time around eh? It's bound to be an enlightening few days after this eventful night...I think I am of the same mind as Albus it would have been awesome to see what Dumbledore would gave done and said after seeing what Harry and his side did in just one night...let alone the past year..actually less than a year really.
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