Reviews for Depths of the Heart
Ellewolf13 chapter 38 . 8/6
You can't just end it right there! Please tell me an update will come soon!
ShadowHunterOfTheTardis chapter 38 . 7/22
Are you planning on finishing this?
Becky chapter 23 . 7/17
All i wanna know is how do ppl not here them? If they are screaming and yellin and such?
Unbridled-Dolly chapter 38 . 7/4
Please, please, please don't stop here. I don't think I'll be able to survive such a cliffhanger. This story is nothing short of incredible, and it would really be a shame if you didn't pick it back up. Looking forward to the rest of it!

3- Dolly
Emma1221 chapter 38 . 5/26
Please tell me this is not the end! Your an amazing writer. I have read the mortal instruments and they are good and all but I love the smut!
Speedreader533 chapter 38 . 5/25
Nooooooooooooooo! Poor Alec! Port Magnas! Noooooo! Please have Izzy busy some ninja-ass moves with a whip full of mermaid magic and rescue them! Will Alec's scales grow back?
ThereMayBeDragons chapter 38 . 5/22
This is really, truly good. I know you've taken a long time to update in the past, that's fine; life gets in the way. But if you ever read this review, know that no matter how long it takes, you have a following, and people would be happy to read whatever you turn out.

Ignore the crazed fangirls convinced that you're dead, the ones making bargains and threats to try and wrangle an update, this is a genuinely complex and well delivered story and my congratulations to you for making it this far.

Update if you ever feel like it, don't be put off by how many people are reading or how long it's been since the last update or how the plot's reached a climax, you're a good writer and anything you say from here would be received with open arms.
But yeah, seriously good, dude, props to you on this.
Karinaxx chapter 38 . 5/11
omg. Update please!
Ashley r chapter 38 . 5/3
Please tell me this isn't it. You're going to keep going right?
AlwaysWalkInTheLight chapter 38 . 4/3
OMG why haven't you updated yet? This story is amazing! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
queeraleciscanon chapter 38 . 3/10
Guest chapter 38 . 3/5
Are you going to continue this story? Pls do xx
Calea chapter 38 . 2/24
Would it be true to say that this is abandoned?
Guest chapter 38 . 2/22
This story is amazing! Please update!
Guest chapter 38 . 2/13
Are u dead? Because that might be one of the only excuses u have for not updating this fic during its climax, just know that updating anything would make a lot of people happy as this has come to be one of my favorite stories and I hate that I cant read what happends to malec, please find it in your heart to bless us with another chapter, sorry about the bipolar ness
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